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Go-To founder and beauty queen Zoe Foster is one of the people I most admire so it should come as no surprise that I’m a big fan of her skincare line, especially the lip balm. You’ve heard it all before and you’re going to hear it again, I’m prone to the driest lips on the planet so when something can cure my dry lips it’s usually a winner. Go-To Lips A Super Balm is easily one of, if not my favourite lip balms of all time. Unlike many lip balms which simply sit on top of the lips and protect them from harsh elements, Go-To’s Lip Balm actually works and does something to the lips. Each time I use this lip balm it instantly soothes my poor dry lips and helps soften and get rid of any flakiness. Not only is it super hydrating and packed full of great ingredients like Shea Butter but it doesn’t feel heavy or greasy, instead it just leaves lips feeling perfectly moisturised. The product is packaged in my favourite type of packaging for lip products, it’s a squeeze tube which means you don’t have to stick your fingers into a pot and it’s much more hygienic than stick lip balms. The smell/taste is perhaps a little too intense at times but you eventually get used to it. Overall I really love this lip balm it’s natural, free of chemicals and has great packaging but most importantly, it works.

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Are you all tired of me talking about make up yet ?? Because I can’t stop lmao ANYWAYS I’ve been looking through all my cosmetics and especially at things I’ve had for years and forgot about and this super silky body balm from Benefit is one of them. It’s so soft and light and gives you such a subtle glow on your arms, legs, etc. I feel like not enough people use this and they NEED TO

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hello!! I was wondering what a good quick makeup routine is for school? I'm fine with really any amount of makeup but do you do anything specific when you need to get ready fast? I also have naturally very bad under eye bags , would you know of any good concealers for that? thanks!!

• bb cream- you can slap this on with your fingers, so quick! i recommend: urban decay naked beauty balm (super natural, but smooths out skin)

• concealer- for the under eye circles i recommend tarte under eye cc concealer. it works wonders and you dont even have to use another concealer on top

• powder- use any pressed powder for super quick application. i would use a tinted one for extra coverage makeup forever pro finish powder is super full coverage, and MAC msf natural is more sheer

• bronzer- im sure you dont wanna do the whole contour/highlight if you want a quick look for school so for the cheeks i recommend a bronzer that isnt matte and isnt too cool. the sheen of the bronzer will give a glow (so you wont need highlighter) and the warmth will double as a blush. i recommend kat von d shady business bronzer (there are 2 shades), mac refined golden bronzer

• brows- brows is usually a habit thing so do what you usually do because thats the quickest and easiest for you. but i think powder products would be the fastest formula to use! try something like anastasia b. hills brow duo

• mascara- you can also do eyeliner if you want, but for eyemakeup i also recommend applying bronzer you used through the crease for some definition!

• lipgloss- i totally recommend YSL glossy stains. it’s much easier and quicker to apply than a liquid lipstick but it still gives an opaque color pay off, and lasts as long on the lips!