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Brain: What is it you love so much about Night in the Woods

Me: Well, let’s see.
1. It shows the harsh realities of living in the lower middle class
2. Accurately portrays the struggles of a starving urban town
3. Puts a lot of value into the bonds between family and friends
4. Shows the inconsistencies and sometimes unhealthy realities concerning religion and what happens when you put too much anchorage in your beliefs
5. Gives a very logical perspective to religion and ethereal entities as a whole
6. Has a mentally ill character that is not romanticized, is not evil, and is not magically ‘cured’ by the end
7. Shows that suppressing anger is not always the best option.
8. Has very relatable and realistic characters
9. Shows the struggles of ordinary folks just trying to make due and make the best out of their shitty lives
10. Doesn’t spoon feed you the idea of happily ever after and shows that a lot of the time life sucks and there is no real reason for it and you just have to roll with the punches and get hurt and it’s okay because when it hurts to lose something, that something meant something to you.

Brain: And the gay couple

Me: Well, yes, they were a very nice touch


Commission for @slowmovingsloth of her Asteria Shepard with Thane <3 finally they got to go on a goddamn shore leave. (needless to say that a commission like this is something that completes me entirely hahaha c:)

my commission info ;u; 

Hello everyone! My name’s Erica, and I’m currently a Senior in Highschool. In order to graduate, we have to complete a Senior Research project. I decided to do my project on autism since it’s one of my top special interests!

As a part of my project, I thought it would be really cool to actually gather information from a slew of people on the autistic spectrum since autism is different for everyone who has it! 

In order to do that, I created a survey through google forms! The survey has several questions that will ask you about your life experiences of being autistic! 

I would like to get as many responses as possible, so it would be super awesome if you guys could reblog this post, and if you have a chance, fill out the questions on the form!

EDIT: Allistic people can definitely reblog this if they wish to help spread it around!

EDIT #2: Self diagnosed people can fill out the survey as well!

Click here to fill out the survey!

Thank you in advance to those who reblog & fill out the survey! 

Life Update!

Hey dudes! First of all, I wanna give a huge welcome to all the new followers I’ve gotten since… well jeeze, forever ago it seems! 

For any of you wondering what’s with this massive inactivity surge recently, I’ve been inundated at work, and the PRT is up and coming, so most of my free time has been spent hitting the gym HARD with @djkvesper immediately after work. Good news is it’s paying dividends! Bad news is, the little free time I have at the end of the day has been going to working on my Scaramouche cosplay and spending time with @djkvesper and as such I have had pretty much zero time to get on my main computer, let alone work on comics and art.

It’s looking like another two weeks of this pace in my life at the very least, but I will continue trying to schedule art streams when I can spare the sleep, and am working especially hard to try to finish out my Gaster Origins fancomic, Seems Very Interesting

Funny bit? I stayed up late tonight attempting to finish panels that I thought would complete the next update! Turns out I actually needed to draw some gap-fillers from the previous update to lead to the panels that I finished completely… TLDR: I have part 54 finished, but not part 53. Here are a couple of panels from 54 as a consolation!

Anyhoo, thanks again for sticking around and hope to see you guys at a few streams! 


For those of you who were interested, the companion fic to Red’s angst fest is below the cut, in Liz’s perspective. *pulls blanket over head*

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reasonfortreason  asked:

V3 localized by 4Kids

“Hi, my name is Katie Achewood, and other than being the Super Awesome Pianist, I was just your normal high school girl.


*rapidfire spoiler scenes set to pop song by recently discovered Disney/Nickelodeon tween singer*

“We were captured by the evil Nochromobear and his devious Kidz and forced to lie and kill destroy each other to survive!”

Josh Sahara, Super Awesome Gumshoe!
Randy Armstrong, Super Awesome ???
Kyle Peachfield, Super Awesome Rocket Man!
Maggie Springer, Super Awesome Babysitter!
Gurk Grunkingston, Super Awesome Bug Scientist!
Oliver Cooper, Super Awesome Bad Guy!
Bunny Innsville, Super Awesome Tinkerer!
Angie Noir, Super Awesome Artist!
Ryan Starr, Super Awesome Tennis Pro!
Kitty Easton, Super Awesome Maid!
Helen Dreemly, Super Awesome Witch!
Tina Chambers, Super Awesome Karate Girl!
Susan Silver, Super Awesome Fangirl!
Hoppo, Super Awesome Robo Boy!

and Gerard Way as Kevin Sheffield, Super Awesome Storyteller!

The Lie Games
Coming this fall to the WB!

Casual Reminder: this blog is 18+/contains NSFW

I just :’-))) A few of you guys are letting me know how young you are and it makes me a bit uncomfortable mostly because idk how to respond to that or idk what you want me to say? :’-( I don’t think I could’ve done a better job of warning everyone tbh,,,,, I literally spammed my embarrassment and even left a note for morning people LOL my blog description also says 18+

I can’t control your decision to read it but I do my best to warn. So please please please if you’re uncomfortable in any way unfollow me or block #nsfw. I want to be able to post as freely and guiltlessly as I can on this blog as I want to share as much art as possible aaaand that’s going to include some sexy times since I want to be more open about that area.

But yeah! I’ll be separating my main storyline tag and NSFW tag on my description when I get home! Thank you for reading and freaking out w me!!! ILY ALL 💖💘💯💗💖💘👌💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥

News on the TASC

I promised I’d let you guys know how I did on my tests and I’m pleased to say I have passed the reading, social studies, science, and math!!! Currently waiting on my score for writing (it takes longer because they have to grade an essay)

Thank you all for the sweet messages and a big hug and kiss to my awesome friend @the-kittens-of-voltron for telling everyone to send me luck. I’m lucky to have a person as awesome as them in my life!!!

Btw I did treat myself to a Twix bar purchased from a vending machine and watched so Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (if you haven’t watched it you should because it’s adorable and funny and the 3rd season is coming out soon!!!) Oh and my niece was born on Friday and just came home on Wednesday too, I just had to tell you guys xD

Lots of love!!! 😘😘😘😘😘



As Halloween comes ever closer, here’s Laurens’ and Peggy’s costumes! And might as well make it part of inktober.
Peggy’s costume was made by Hercules’ parents! It’s really good material. Lauren’s made the nunchucks and mask himself. He’s very proud of it. He also jumped off a table for that pose. Mr Washington was not very happy.