super awesome chick

I’m definitely glad this poster came out cause we got more of the personalities of the ninja through it.

Nya: can def tell she’s a super pumped awesome chick. She’s ready to kick butt 24/7
Jay: we already knew he was a nerd but LOOK AT THE SMILE
Lloyd: finally, not dark and brooding. He honestly looks kind of laid back, maybe sassy. Seems like a good spin on him cause that’s how I actually pictured him before watching the show.
Zane: ok we can definitely tell he is NOTHING LIKE THE SHOW. But we now have solid proof that he’s probably pretending to be human but is obviously not. Amazing. Not humans trying to be humans is my favorite story trope and although I still prefer usual Zane, this one looks great.
Kai: I was so afraid based on the trailer that Kai was gonna be an angry egotistical teen. Now we can see he looks like one of those party animal teens. Good.
Cole: I don’t have a comment for him really. He honestly just looks like normal cole with a manbun.

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