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Jumin Han X MC Domestic Headcanons

no one asked yet here they are lmao <3

i really had to write some cute hc’s for jumin x mc that don’t focus on jumin’s possessiveness or supposed hypersexuality because there is so much more softness to his character and feelings for mc canonically, so here are my imagines for jumin and mc being fun and cultured af domestic partners

[This is POST-ROUTE. theres not any spoilers, but i am following the direction of the character-development in the story]

he LOVES classic jazz. Especially Duke Ellington and John Coltrane. He has a fair collection of jazz records, and you often stir from your sleep to the sound of them playing in the other room in the early morning as he has coffee and gets ready for his day.  One night, you find them and put them on as you prepare dinner…

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