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So, I’ve been working on this video for weeks. Super Art Fight is having their Art Fight Idol competition, and I always make a ridiculous video for my application. And this is what I came up with.

Big props to my brother Chris for going all out with helping me, even staying up all night to edit it so we could meet the deadline … that I realized about twenty minutes ago got pushed back a couple of days. Whoops.

Also, huge thanks to my friends for playing everyone in Super Art Fight. Especially Kurt for agreeing to play Mecha Impact and then insisting we shoot the entire bar scene from T2, shot for shot. (That video is coming soon.)

I’ll probably be posting more about this over the next few days, as I need to get up in about four hours for work. Enjoy!


Nightmare Shark Episode 320: Super Art Fight Idol Special Edition Overture Unlimited

Super Art Fight Idol is this weekend.  So is Judgment Day.  Coinkydink?  I think not…  Caldy gives Henry Alexander some tips on how to decimate the competition.  

Also they call out the competition… The competition being…

@ccshinobi, @thecowcomic, @raintessman, @joehunter, @mark985, @peetsketches, @insideoutofmind, and a special appology to @thethirdrlm for somehow missing you during the cast.  But don’t worry. You’ll get called out soon enough in person…

enjoy the show, and follow #SAFidol on twitter.


The video can be found here.

I’ve been promising some behind-the-scenes stuff, some better credit for folks and just a generall all around post about my Super Art Fight Idol video, and here it is!

The Cast
(most of the cast pictured above)
Brandon Chalmers – Aaron Lindenmuth
The Baron – Chris Donohue
El Russo Rojo – Ethan Schell \ Brian Pearl
The Dudeler – Sean Pearl
The Commando – Jay Jordan
Mekonga – Chris Donohue
Peet \ Krod – Brian Pearl
Mike Donohue – Mike Donohue
Jamie Noguchi – Inpone Steven Sonthana
Mecha Impact – Kurt Behrendt
The Doctor – Patrick _____
Ross…? - Chris Donohue

Written by Mike Donohue, Chris Donohue with additional material by Kurt Behrendt

Ad-libs by Aaron Lindenmuth, Chris Donohue, Ethan Schell, Brian Pearl, Sean Pearl, Jay Jordan, Mike Donohue, Steven Sonthana and Kurt Behrendt.

Directed by Chris Donohue

Edited by Chris Donohue

Digital Effects by Mike Donohue

Practical Effects by Aaron Lindenmuth, Kathleen “Mom” Donohue and Mike Donohue


  • The abandoned art fight canvas at the beginning of the trailer was shot in Mike’s garage. That’s why there’s all that patio furniture and a snow blower and whatnot. And spiders. Can’t forget the giant number of spiders.
  • The exterior shots of Mike’s house were actually Mike’s house. It’s a nice house.
  • The glowing effect when Mike opens the scroll was achieved by Brian lying on the ground with a light, an oven mitt and a cookie sheet.
  • The interior shots of Mike’s house are also actually Mike’s house.
  • The outdoor scenes were mostly shot in Ellison Park in Rochester, NY, near Mike’s house.
  • The Art Fight canvas kept falling over during outdoor filming, which is why it appears and disappears in different shots.
  • Also, the field where the outdoor scenes were mostly shot was 1.5 miles into the park, and we stupidly carried a lot of equipment so after the first day the canvas was not brought along.
  • We desperately tried to convince Brian to shave his head for the role of Peet. He refused. We’ll shave him bald. When he least expects it… .
  • The “potion” Peet drinks is Wegmans brand lemon lime soda with green food coloring.
  • The Godzilla mask was created by Aaron.
  • Krod’s transformation looks kinda like he’s in front of a green screen. He’s not. It’s just that we shot in a very green, bright area.
  • When discussing who would appear in this trailer, Mike joked “if we had a gorilla suit, we could add Mekonga.” Chris pointed out that he works at an ice cream store that has a gorilla suit (and banana suit) for National Ice Cream Sundae day (July 25.) Chris’s boss was kind enough to lend it to us for the production.
  • Chris insisted on directing in the gorilla suit at all times.
  • People walking through Ellison Park were giving us a lot of weird looks.
  • People walking their dogs through Ellison Park were giving us a lot of weird looks, and the dogs were freaking out about the gorilla man.
  • Those two spheres were supposed to be two Death Stars. Not boobs.
  • There is an extended sequence of Brian in the Krod costume “Zoidberging” into the distance after uppercutting El Russo Rojo.
  • Kurt’s tattoo actually scans and is for 50 lbs. of beef sirloin.
  • Kurt was approached for the role of Mecha Impact with the idea of just using him for the “chasing down the hallway” scene. He proposed doing the entire Terminator 2 bar scene and came up with the “deedle-eedle-eedle-eeldee” bit himself.
  • Kurt is a fan of the Terminator.
  • I mean a HUGE fan of the Terminator.
  • Mike and Kurt work together, and Kurt will start hitting metal garbage cans and recreate the T2 theme.
  • Kurt also does Arnold impressions a lot.
  • The “bar” scene with Mecha Impact was shot in Mike’s basement.
  • The older man sitting with Brandon Chalmers is Jay’s dad.
  • Ethan was unavailable for filming the day of the “bar” scene, so Rojo is played by Brian Pearl. You can tell when he is playing Rojo because of the beard.
  • The “waitress… .?” was played by Ethan because he couldn’t make it the day of filming and we couldn’t round up an actual woman to play the role.
  • Ethan once played Yuffie from Final Fantasy 7 in a skit at Connecticon. He had a huge “Lemmy” mustache at the time. It was comedy genius. We only lost because of a belly-dancing Princess Leia. Bah! No, I’m not still bitter … . Well, maybe a little …
  • When preparing for the “bar” scene, Mike handed markers to the rest of the cast and asked them to “fill in the canvas” while he changed into costume. When he returned, there were SO MANY PICTURES OF DICKS, YOU GUYS. And half of them haven’t even seen Super Art Fight before.
  • Mike’s subconscious apparently defaults to Batman, as the entirely random doodle he made on Kurt’s chest looks pretty much like a Batman symbol.
  • The hallway Mecha Impact chases Mike in are the tunnels under RIT in Rochester, NY.
  • The robotic squid tentacle that grabs Jamie was made by Mike and Chris’s mom. She also made the light-up Chris Jericho jacket from Mike’s previous Art Fight Idol video. And almost any costume you may have seen Mike in at any convention ever.
  • El Russo Rojo’s voice was originally going to be obviously dubbed over in a reference to dubbed luchadore movies, but his “Christian Bale’s Batman” delivery was too good to remove.
  • Brandon Chalmers loses his referee shirt halfway through because we legit lost the shirt and have no idea where it could be.
  • Background items in The Baron’s hq: three sexy photos of the Baron, schematics for a robot squid, schematics for the creation of a Nega-art fighter like Nega-Mike, a Michael Bracco robot t-shirt and random footage from the trailer.
  • Mike backed Michael Bracco’s Kickstarter for children’s clothes and got an adult sized and child sized red t-shirt with a robot on it. While trying to create the wardrobe for The Baron, Mike pulled out these shirts. Chris tried them on. He went with the child sized shirt. Yeah. That’s a kids shirt he’s wearing.
  • The cashier at Goodwill gave Mike and Chris a very strange look when that jacket The Baron wears was purchased.
  • Chris had trouble staying in the proper accent for The Baron. He kept slipping into French and Italian accents.
  • Chris had no trouble staying in character as The Baron. He just chewed the scenery like no one’s business.
  • The Baron scenes were shot in front of green screen in Chris’s friend’s basement. His friend is named Patrick, but I don’t have his last name. I feel bad about that. But he’s cool. Lots of lighting equipment.
  • Chris, Mike and Patrick blew out the lights several times trying to light the green screen properly.
  • What was meant to be “just a couple of photos for photoshopping purposes” became a full fledged hour long photo shoot with Chris as The Baron. He just kept posing with different props and they were all amazingly funny.
  • All the night scenes towards the end of the video were a nightmare, as Mike, Chris and Brian all got eaten alive by mosquitoes. They also dodged frisbee golf players that came really close to hitting them several times. And had to wait for a group of fifty or so joggers come through while setting up a shot.
  • The Stompadon release button is a Staples “Easy” button.
  • The Doctor was initially a reference to Mark “Dr. Brostein” Tomczak.
  • The Doctor was played by Chris’s friend Patrick I-can’t-remember-his-last-name.
  • The Stompadon effect was the most expensive effect in the entire film.*
  • *No it wasn’t.
  • The music used in the character intros is Adam WarRock’s “Super Pro K.O.,” a good song and a good comic book.
  • The crew thought they saw Ross Nover wandering through the park, but was only able to get some really blurry video. This is the best evidence so far that Ross actually exists. #Rosswatch
  • Mike is really unhappy with some of the green screen effects… . The Baron had a sparkly hat and that makes it a little wonky, but most people don’t notice because it’s so sparkly and multi colored. It’s just one of those things that bugs him personally.
  • The “turning to see the Wheel of Death” scene took forever to shoot. The memory card was full by that point and the camera kept shutting off and it was like, the last thing we needed to shoot … Totally worth it though.

What’s Next: I’ve got to edit the Terminator 2 Bar scene. We did it entirely shot for shot, and only a little ended up in the trailer. There’s also a random gag reel\behind the scenes type of thing I’d like to throw together.

There’s also about 90 photos of Chris as The Baron that I need to post. They’re too funny not to.

My brother Chris and his friends make a new video every week. He was instrumental in getting this video done, so if you liked it, check out his stuff at A Broken Productions. My brother in law does the videos too.

There’s also the little matter of going to Baltimore, MD on October 24 for Super Art Fight Idol. It’s gonna be fun!