super alcoholic

Superarte, costó. Costó mil lágrimas, costó cien noches sin dormir, y cien días sin ver la luz del sol. Superarte costó lunas y soles. Costó silencios y gritos. Costó besos ajenos de bocas desconocidas y abrazos fríos de personas que jamás amé. Superarte costó letras y poesía amarga. Superarte costó café cada día y alcohol cada fin de semana. Costó horas de distracción barata haciendo cosas que una persona con el corazón sano no haría. Superarte costó lectura y escritura. Superarte costó sufrir profundamente cada vez que algo me hacía recordarte. Superarte me costó media vida.

ok here’s a list of random ass things I love about Rick Sanchez:

- he’s pansexual. like, holy shit the creators aren’t even annoyingly vague or some shit, they literally said “pansexual”.

- he’s Hispanic (and I fucking hope he speaks or curses in Spanish at some point I need that)

- manic depressive piece of shit

- he’s ambidextrous. also he sticks his pinky up a lot when he’s holding things which is cute what the hell??

- his love of pirate themed places & things.

- he drinks good old fashioned vodka or whiskey from his flask instead of some super weird alien alcohol like you’d expect

- he just wants to drink and have fun at blips & chitz all day and god so would I

- “let’s go get ice cream!”

- he played poker with Snowball once (I refuse to believe that was just a crazy parasite false memory)

- The Flesh Curtains! god gimme young punk Rick

- his love of pancakes, but the pancakes have to be ~just right~

fake dating trope subversion

It’s only six in the evening on a Thursday, but the bar near Stiles’ work is already half full. Not so packed that he wants to find another place to drink, but busy enough that he has to wait a few minutes for the bartender to get to him.

During that waiting period, a guy sidles in close to Stiles and offers to buy his drink for him. The man is taller than Stiles by a few inches, and he uses his height to his advantage by standing so close that he’s almost hovering over Stiles, clearly posturing. It makes Stiles roll his eyes.

“No thanks, man. I’ve got it.”

Apparently the lack of eye contact, the verbal brush-off, and the general fuck-off vibes Stiles is giving off aren’t doing it for the guy because he says, “Come on. It’s a free drink. You can’t say no to that.”

Stiles stops trying to get the bartender’s attention to look the guy straight in the eyes and say, “No.”

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Marksandrec’s Super Dooper Popcorn Party #229

(Most dialogue from Happy New Year, Charlie Brown. Dan’s is from Rent, though, haha.) (Best wishes for 2017, guys!)

Caring | Peter Parker

requested: yes

pairing: peter parker x reader

summary: really short of peter putting you to bed after you go to a party and get drunk

warnings: mention of alcohol? super fluff?

You stumbled back into your room and shit the door behind you. You closed your eyes and leant against it, the world spinning.

“Hey” peter called. Your eyes snapped open. He was sitting at the edge of your bed in his normal jeans and t-shirt. He smiled and looked at you confused.
“Peter, oh my god, what are you doing here?” You said trying to walk over to him but tripping and falling instead. Peter jumped up from your bed immediately and over to you sprawled on the carpet hysterically laughing.
“are you……. drunk?” Peter asked, trying to grab your waist to haul you to your bed. Your heeled boots were not helping him in any way.
“weeeeeeeeeeeeell” you giggled, throwing your arms around peter to make it easier for him to drop you on the bed. You plopped on the bed with a content smile, face forward. Peter sighed and sat next to you. He stared at your sloppy smile looking at him and he felt his heart crack.
“How?” He asked sounding considerably concerned. “Well I finally said I’d go to what’s her faces party annnnnnnnnd she had free drinks annnnnnnd they were really really yummy” you whispered, reaching up and flicking peters nose. He smiled and cocked his head.
“Well, I think you need to sleep this off” he said slowly standing up, as if realizing where he was and who he was with.
“No!” You yelled and pulled his hand and body back down to the bed. “I need you to help me get ready for bed, because I think the walls and floor just switched” you laughed flipping onto your back. peter rolled his eyes and helped you up.

Fast forward through peter taking off your boots and sloppily wiping your makeup for you. When you changed into your pjs you trotted into your bathroom shouting in a drunk goofy way about him not looking through the door with his X-ray vision. He replied with a stupid joke about him not having x ray vision. However without his help you took 15 minutes trying to put on shorts but prevailed eventually.

You slipped into the bed and peter sat next to you, shifting uncomfortably.
“I think I should be going now, aunt may must be freaking out, it’s nearly 2.” He sighed and stood up.
“Peter” you called. He turned around and raised an eyebrow
“Why’d you come?” You whispered, finally sounding sober.
“I had something I wanted you tell you” his voice was quiet and you could see a blush grow on his cheeks.
“What was it?” You asked. He looked down and put both his hands in his pockets. When he looked up again his face was unreadable.
“I’ll tell you some other time” he smiled and disappeared through your door.

Lai Guanlin Mafia AU
wow this got really out of hand, fair warning that it’s SUPER long

warnings: blood, alcohol, shooting, guns, illegal activity, organized crime, the father of reader passes away

  • you had always been aware of the presence of 101 in your life
  • your father was a member, and in charge of a fairly large gun dealing operation
  • your mom hated it, but he was so entrenched in the mafia that there was no other option
  • he would leave at night, returning at two or three in the morning
  • your mom always waited up, sitting in the kitchen quietly with a cup of tea that turned cold soon into the night
  • sometimes you would wait up with her, feeling bad that she was spending so much time waiting after your father
  • and the money that he did earn from 101 went right back to the mafia, because he gambled
  • your mom was forced to work two jobs just to support you and your younger brother
  • one night, your dad left and didn’t return that morning
  • your mom was a mess, calling his phone and sobbing
  • at three am, three men showed up, clearly from the 101
  • cutting straight to the chase, they informed you that your father had been shot and passed away
  • “he still had a major debt to be paid to the 101″, they explained, demanding that your younger brother join the 101 in his place
  • your younger brother was still in middle school, only 12, there was no way you were letting that happen
  • “i’ll join” your mom said desperately, “please, leave my kids out of this”
  • “mom, no!” you snapped, shaking your head
  • you took your father’s place, refusing to let your dad’s mistakes ruin your mom’s life even more
  • the first day on the “job” was nerve-wracking to say the least
  • a shipment of ammunition came in from indonesia, and the man working with you briefly showed you how to shoot your father’s gun before telling you to go talk with the people bringing the shipment
  • you had to inspect everything and pay them the correct amount
  • the amount of tensions in the air was palpable, and you wanted to run far, far away from everything, but you knew you couldn’t
  • once you had the ammo, you and the guy you were working with, sam, had to re-sell it to a waiting customer
  • the man was a first-time customer, and sam warned you that you had to sell the product, ensuring him that the 101 was confidential in all aspects
  • you did your best to charm the buyer, and managed to get him to agree to continue to buy ammo/arms from the 101
  • after that night, you become one of the 101′s best arms runners
  • word on the street is that you can sell to anyone, that you could convince someone to shoot themselves if you really tried
  • through all the deal’s you’ve successfully facilitated, they start calling you black widow
  • which is quite possibly the stupidest name you’ve heard in your life but whatever
  • there’s been talk of a super huge arms deal with the russian mafia
  • and sam (your partner) informs you that you need to go to the 101 headquarters because someone wants to talk to you
  • you enter the building nervously, not really sure what’s going on
  • if your mom knew what was happening, she’d probably have a heart attack, but you had to keep telling yourself that you were doing this for your family
  • one of the lower-down members recognizes you and instructs you to go to the back room
  • you do so, but before you enter, your hear a couple of guys arguing
  • “hyung, this is my first deal and you want me to hand over control to some random person?”
  • “she’s not some random person, she’s the best damn arms dealer in this entire city. you know we need her on this deal”
  • you knock on the door a bit nervously
  • “come in!”
  • you enter the room
  • there’s a huge wooden table in the center, a bottle of bourbon out
  • three men were sitting around it, all with one drink
  • a cabinet with a glass front behind them has various machine guns displayed
  • “so this is the famous black widow?”
  • you immediately recognized kang daniel, one of the heirs to 101
  • “i wouldn’t say famous” you stammered out, carefully closing the door behind you
  • “take a seat, dear” daniel gestured to one of the seats 
  • you took a seat, scanning your surroundings quickly
  • “i’m sure you’ve heard of the deal with the Kalashnikovs by now”
  • you nodded, still a bit tense from the nerves
  • “this deal is huge. if we get them to agree, we could be routing billions of dollars in arms from the middle east to russia and europe”
  • and wow you really didn’t expect the deal to be THAT big
  • “this is guanlin here’s first deal”
  • “lai guanlin?” you asked, eyebrows shooting up
  • everyone knew about lai guanlin– the half-son of the current 101 boss
  • he’d been living in taiwan for a while, until he returned to korea to reunite with his father and half-brother, continuing the work of 101
  • guanlin bristled, glaring at daniel
  • “daniel, don’t forget about me!” the last man grinned cheerfully “i’m sungwoon, in charge of the getaways”
  • “and getting shot at” daniel cut in with a grin
  • “welcome to the team!”
  • you’re like ummmm
  • they have you temporarily stay at this hotel where the high-ups of 101 all live, so that you can work more efficiently and easily
  • your mom is upset that you’re getting even more involved in 101, but there’s really no other option
  • as soon as you move in, this young guy who’s obviously new brings you huge files with information on the Kalashnikovs
  • you’re sorting through it, trying to figure out who they’ll send to negotiate when someone knocks on your door
  • it’s guanlin, standing there and looking a bit grumpy
  • “hey, ready to work, partner?”
  • he just glares at you, shoving past you and throwing himself into one of the chairs
  • you miss sam
  • you end up doing most of the work in terms of person-to-person research, but when you look over, guanlin’s going through what kind of arms they use and deal with mostly
  • the boy from earlier shows up with jjajangmyeon, and you two take a break to eat
  • guanlin just eats in silence, but you try to get to know him, since you’ll be working together
  • it starts out with you just asking questions and him grunting out responses, but soon he starts actually responding and you two have an actual conversation
  • granted, it’s a conversation about food, but it’s talking nonetheless
  • once you two are done with your food, the conversation shifts to the deal
  • you show guanlin what you’ve found, the men they’re most likely to send, what deals have been successful and what fell through for them
  • guanlin in turn shows you his projections for what models/makes they’ll likely ask for
  • he’s working and you’re taking a quick break and you realize that he’s actually quite handsome,,,
  • one night you guys are busy working and guanlin disappears for a sec, coming back with two cups of coffee
  • “you looked like you were getting tired”
  • you end up falling asleep and when you wake up, the work that you’d needed to complete is finished and someone (guanlin) lifted you up from the chair you were working in and set you in your bed
  • wow cute
  • the day approaches, and you can’t shake the nerves you’re feeling
  • sungwoon explains that he’ll have a car ready in case anything goes wrong, but guanlin will drive you two to the casino where you’ll be meeting the Kalashnikovs
  • you’re dressed in a fairly tight black velvet slip dress, makeup done up by a dancer from one of the 101 clubs, hair arranged perfectly
  • you have an in-ear disguised as an earring, but you have to stay with guanlin since you’ll be the only one who can hear daniel, who’ll be guiding you
  • guanlin comes to your hotel room to pick you up, holding a tan shoe box
  • its a pair of fucking louboutins
  • he gives you that slow once-over that sets butterflies fluttering in your stomach
  • he looks amazing in the crisp, expensive designer suit
  • “gotta show off, right?” he smirks at you as you shove your feet into the louboutins quickly, not used to the feeling of high heels
  • you normally do your deals in jeans and sneakers, so it’s weird for you to be so dressed up
  • the car guanlin drives to the casino is obviously expensive, though you don’t know much about cars
  • “nervous?” you ask, looking over at him.
  • guanlin looks like he’s about to puke all over the steering wheel, knuckles white
  • “not at all” he lied easily, making you chuckle
  • “my first deal, i almost passed out in fear” you quipped, sending him a smile
  • he grinned half-heartedly, pulling up to the casino entrance
  • one of the workers, wrist with the telltale 101 tattoo, informed you that the men were already in the backroom
  • you walked towards the backroom, doing your best to exude fake confidence
  • looking up at guanlin, it was like he was an entirely different person
  • his face was confident, brooding, and he strode forward like he owned the place
  • actually he did pretty much own the place, so that was accurate
  • you entered the backroom, greeting the two men that the Kalashnikovs had sent
  • “so this is the black widow that they’ve been talking about” one of them said, kissing your hand
  • “lovely dress,” one of the men smirked, eyes slowly raking over your body
  • you smiled, trying to fight the urge to sock him in the face
  • guanlin stiffened next to you, placing a heavy hand on your waist
  • “now, let’s get started gentlemen, shall we?”
  • guanlin unbuttoned his suit jacket and took a seat, while you opted to stand, leaning on his chair easily
  • guanlin pulled out several papers from his briefcase, detailing your offer
  • you explained your offer easily, bending down to grab the duffel bag that had been sitting under the table
  • you walked around the table to the men’s side, heels clacking against the marble floor, setting down the various models of guns that you were willing to deal next to them
  • the two men looked down at the models and traded looks, nodding
  • “you know how to make a good offer” one of them said, picking up one of the guns to inspect it “but how do we know that you’re dealing in authentic models?”
  • you could tell guanlin was panicking, but you knew how to handle the situation
  • you left the room to ask for a bucket of water before returning to the backroom with it
  • “gentlemen, this room is soundproof” you said with a smirk, before grabbing one of the semi-automatics and pointed it at the wall, firing through one clip before replacing it with another, doing this four times
  • once you were done (and the wall was significantly damaged), you shoved the gun into the bucket of water, showing it to them
  • “dense steel alloy,” you replied, clicking the safety back on, “don’t question if our arms are authentic again.” you threw the gun back onto the table, setting your hands on the table and clicking your nails against the surface
  • the two men looked thoroughly scared at that, and guanlin is staring at you intensely
  • “we’ll sign” the man who seemed more in charge said, pulling the “contract” towards him 
  • you managed to get the deal through, even if you wasted four clips doing so !
  • the men are escorted out of the casino and you leave the backroom as well, heading to the office where daniel was waiting
  • he greets the two of you happily, celebrating your obvious success
  • while he’s calling in to the 101 headquarters to let them know to proceed with shipments, guanlin turned to you, obviously still in shock over what happened
  • “how the hell did you do that?” he asked, eyes wide
  • you smirked at him, patting him on the back
  • “when you’re trying to get a deal through, you’ll do the craziest things. they don’t call me black widow for nothing”
  • you and guanlin become permanent partners (rip sam), working on very high profile deals internationally
  • you definitely notice that you have feelings for him, but try to push it away
  • then one night, you two have a deal where only you go to negotiate, because the other party insisted on only dealing with you
  • as you’re leaving, guanlin stops you, pulling you into the hotel maid’s supply closet
  • “w-wha?”
  • “sh,” he said, looking down at you, brushing the hair out of your eyes. “be careful, please (y/n).”
  • “of course i’ll be careful, i’m me”
  • “(y/n), i can’t afford to lose another person who i love” he said quietly, staring down at you intensely
  • you stare up at him, something strange in the air
  • he leans down to kiss you quickly, holding you tight
  • “i’ll be careful, guanlin” you said quietly, kissing him back before leaving the closet
  • the deal ends up folding because they had a hidden person almost shoot you
  • you managed to get away thanks to sungwoo, but you’re bleeding from where the bullet skimmed you and get rushed off to the hospital asap
  • you get knocked out for a quick surgery since you need stitches, and when you come to, guanlin is sitting in your hospital room with a frown
  • “you know how worried about you i was?”
  • he rushed over to you, checking to see where you’d hurt yourself
  • “love you too, guanlin” you teased, making him frown down at you
  • “i was really worried!”
  • “just kiss me, idiot”
  • you two become the power duo, negotiating and making bombass deals for 101
  • the money you earn all goes to supporting your mom and brother, which guanlin knows, so he spoils you all the time and buys you expensive things
  • calls you princess
  • he gets super cuddly and clingy the night before another deal, not wanting to ever lose you
  • not the best lifestyle in the world, but you’re glad that it led you to guanlin
@Young Check, Please! Fans:

I see a lot of y’alls posts floating around that say things about college and party life that 1. worry me because clearly no one’s ever had a proper conversation with you about these things, and 2. just make me sort of cringe because they are wrong… So here are couple things:

  1. People are gonna drink. They’re gonna do drugs. It happens. Shedding negative light or stereotyping  those people/characters is unnecessary
  2. Normal people will never do more than one edible at a time. If you do you’ll probably vomit and also you’ll be fucked for like a full 24hr
  3. While alcohol tolerance is pretty unique to each person, no one is regularly doing 12 shots along side other drinks. In fact, no one is really ever doing 12 shots period. In my experience, most people tap out in the 5-6 zone. Similarly, its pretty unlikely that anyone is going to drink anything in addition to a full bottle of wine. You drink a full bottle of wine and you basically fall asleep. 
  4. One beer will not get you drunk. Beer has a super low alcohol percentage, and once you’re done being an idiot freshman you usually only drink beer because you enjoy it, not cause ur tryna get turnt
  5. Kegs are actually kind of uncommon at parties?? Usually at a college party you’re just gonna find a gatorade cooler of mysterious jungle juice. Unless you know that people at the party pretty well, stay away from that shit. 
  6. Anxiety medication strengthens the affect of alcohol. Just fyi.
  7. People do not normally puke every time they get drunk. 
  8. Hangovers manifest in two primary categories: head and stomach. Head = feeling like someone is doing construction in your skull. Stomach = sea sick feeling. Sometimes you wake up with a zesty blend of both, sometimes you’re not hungover at all. 
  9. I know this might sound dumb, but honestly most college students are smart enough/strategic enough to have a good time without blacking out. Blacking out isn’t really common occurrence unless someone is dealing with some substance abuse problems. 
  10. College has no where near as much partying as some of y’all believe. Do college students party? Hella. What are college students more likely to be doing? Sitting in their shitty houses with their roommates doing homework or having a glass of wine while playing a board game. Don’t let college themed media let you believe unhealthy things about party culture. And as far as I’m concerned, no one is ever going to actually pressure you to drink/smoke/etc. (THE PEOPLE WHO DO ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS. ALSO DON’T TALK TO CREEPY DUDES AT PARTIES AND KEEP YOUR DRINK CLOSE TO YOU) You’re friends want you to have a good time but will most likely not care about your preferences and will probs not want to share anyway because booze is expensive. 

Idk. I hoped this helps? ***This post was not intended to condone underage drinking. Stay safe! Ask questions! I hope you not have a better understanding of kegsters***