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Dating Hollywood Would Include...
  • before you two actually got together he would constantly flirt with you
  • he knows where all the best night life is and would be more than happy to take you to the biggest celebrity parties
  • and he’s super flashy when it comes to dates
  • like he’ll invite you to red carpet events and stuff and be like “look at my s/o!!! look at how great they are!!!!”
  • but he does also like more low key dates where you guys watch 80s action movies or some of his stuff
  • he may talk a big game, but he gets super flustered whenever you kiss him
  • like boy turns bright red it’s really cute
  • he comes up with his own ship name for you two
  • he sends you at least one selfie everyday that says how much he loves you
  • those arms aren’t just for show, he’s pretty strong and hugs from him are super great 10/10
  • on every date he’s a total gentleman
  • he’s always making sure that he looks absolutely perfect for your dates so he can look like the prince you deserve
  • also he definitely likes video games, so he would love playing old, two-player games with you!

also minor spoilers for his psych profile under the cut!

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Daisy Johnson Appreciation Week || Day Four: Relationship

↳ Daisy and Coulson

Ugh…You know what we need? We need a musical episode of Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Not for any particular reason. We just need one. WE NEED ONE!

spartanlady16  asked:

Can you share your Peggy/Sousa headcanons?

ok, so i have a few.

obviously, my main one is that sousa is the one that peggy ends up marrying. 

ok, but like before that…

so, he really likes her (who doesn’t?) and like all the other agents are messing around with him like “you really like her? really? she dated captain america, for god’s sake. do you think she’s really gonna step down from super soldier to a guy with a crutch?” and obviously, he's really insecure about his bad leg, so he gets really self-conscious. like he thinks that a girl so amazing and intelligent and smart and beautiful will never go for a guy like him

but then she asks him out

and like, she makes sure she says the word “date” at least 10 times, because he was doing that thing like “oh, as friends. a drink out as coworkers…yeah, that’s it” “oh, so like a friend date, right?” and then she says, “no, a date date” “…im still not getting it”

and then they go out on a date and it’s perfect (except for his self-consciousness which he really needs to get over and she keeps telling him that but alas…) and then after they’ve gone out on like 5 dates, some of the other agents start doing that thing where they’re putting him down and saying that he’s probably lying or something. and of course, daniel tries to stick up for himself, but the guys just dismiss it and think it’s just going to be like every other time.

but peggy overhears it.

so, being the most passive-aggressive human being ever, she shows those agents that daniel was right. so, later that day, all the agents go out for drinks at a bar (except for peggy because they never invite her and she doesn’t mind because she doesn’t want to be around those assholes anyways). but she shows up to the local bar a few minutes behind them, and she shows up in her red dress (the same one she wore in the first cap movie)

and of course everyone stares at her (because, let’s be real, who wouldn’t), and like some random guys at the bar try to flirt with her as she walks over to where the agents are, but she gives them a look that looks innocent but burn with fury and say “i could murder you in a heartbeat” and they all back down.

and then she walks over to the table where all the agents are sitting and then one of the sexist assholes (#3, I believe) says something like “who you dressin’ up for, carter?” and then peggy just replies with, “him” and points to daniel. and all the guys are like “yeah righttttt, sure carter” and just dismisses it and go back to their conversation

but then she just plops down on daniel’s lap and just kisses him in front of everybody

and everyone, including daniel, is just utterly shocked out of their freaking minds. and like no one says anything for like a minute.

and then peggy just stands up, pulls daniel along with her, and just says “gentlemen” before walking out with him hand in hand. 

(this was like super long but i just have a lot of feelings about these two. this was just my longest headcanon about them and i had to get it out)


the saddest word in the whole wide world is the word  a l m o s t. 

Begin Again - (A Skyeward Fanmix)

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