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So… A little thing happened today!

Remy and I managed to hit 200 followers! So yeah! Wow guys!

I kinda wanna start off with some thank yous, because jeeeeeeeeeez! I wouldn’t be where I am today without all you gorgeous lot! So yeah, thank you all for putting up with my crap, I know I’m a pain in the butt! You really don’t know how much this all means to me, I’m glad to of gotten back into the swing of things (with the thanks of a few fellows! You know who you are!). I wanna say thanks to those who’ve put up with me from the start and a thank you to those who’ve just followed and will have to put up with both mine and Remy’s antics (we’re good people, I swear!) You are all so fantastic so just keep doing what you’re doing because it puts a smile on my face! Jeez… I’m all over the place and I’m certain my English has gone out of the window and none of this makes sense, but hey. I’m gonna roll with it.

So, to mark this little milestone, I’m going to do one of those follow forever things! I suck at tech so I hope I’ve tagged you all accordingly!

So, let’s kick things off with the main reason I’m here today;

clxntonbartxn - This lovely lady is the person you’ve gotta go to if you’re annoyed with my antics, because she is the reason I made this blog and have kept roleplaying these past couple of years. So yeah, it’s her fault. But honestly, and I will keep saying it for absolute eternity, she and her muses are the best damn thing since sliced bread. Absolutely on point every time. Nails the mark perfectly. Also, the greatest friend I could ever wish for. Who puts up with my crisis’ (usually about gigs and bands and shit) and is just a message or skype call away. I honestly don’t know how you put up with a friend like me! But I love you lots! 

The X-Men Cronies:

astonishingemmafrost - You have given me so much angst and it is just the best thing! I love the smack our thread gives me, and jeeeeez it’s just perfect. Just the way our characters just bounce off one another is incredible! Also your writing skills, aw I could just bow down to them! They are incredible!

loganweaponx - I don’t think you’ve ever failed to make me laugh! I mean, the shit our two have gotten up to, I love them! You are an absolutely spot on Wolverine! It’s perfect, just the understanding and your writing it fantastic!

thefuzzyblueelf - We’ve just started threading together and you are fantastic! I think you might feel my pain when it comes to characters with accents but you get it so right with Kurt! It’s incredible! I’m really sorry Remys being a grump at the moment but he’ll come around eventually! 

witchgoddesshero - I always loved our threads together and I’m 100% sure Gambit and Storm were drunk most of the time ahaha! But still, they were fantastic and we need to get something going again!

saucysouthernbellerogue - Aw man, you give me feels! Just because woo! A thread in which these brilliant two can touch and jeez! How do you get your writing so good!

Also, let’s welcome to the fold some of my new X-Men Character followers! 

thewindriderororomunroe southernxsassxcharm stillxbeautiful shiftingidentity dontforgetthegloves lornamaxiimoff bluesemblance - Seriously guys, just thanks for following and if you ever fancy plotting or anything just slide into my ask! I’m super up for everything!

The Rest of the Universe!

howlsniperdugan - Brillaint OC who also loves to give me angst, fantastic writer and quick with ideas! I love it! Thanks for giving me the time of day to roleplay with! I love our AU thread and I really hope we can get some more going soon!

supernovaisbad - Oh man, I hella love your Johnny Storm. He has got to be one of my firm favourite characters and you portray him so perfectly! It’s fantastic! I look forward to see where our thread progresses to!

agentfarlow - You are also someone I feel is going to give me a lot of feels! Our thread is great and I think with your idea, it’s going to become greater and more feelsy! I love your character to bits!

lionessofthelord - I swear every time these two meet, Remy is just in a state! I promise that’ll change at some point! I know he’s a drip but not all the time! I love your character and you write fantastically! Keep it up!

thebookofsands - I promise, he’s not a stalker! You have a super character and I really look forward to see where our thread takes us!

glitchexmachina - I love the badass’ery of your character so much, and just the threads in general! Every enjoyable and entertaining to read and reply to! I always find them very clever as well!

I really wish I could just tag every single one of you but I have dinner in the oven and it’s probably burning by the smell of things but trust me! Every single one of you are amazing! You all mean the world to me! And don’t be afraid! Come slip into my ask box and we can plot or even send us a meme! I’d love to get to know you all better!

Thanks again guys and keep doing what you love because it’s amazing!

AH ace!headcanons that non of y’all asked for but you know y’all needed


  • 100% down with PDA. Loves hand holding and cuddles and sometimes kisses
  • Not, like, super into sex but doesn’t really say no too often
  • Holds Ray and Gavin’s hand the most
  • Cuddles Jack super hard
  • will be the first to give someone a hickey and then call it a night


  • Hand holds and wants someone by his side always (to taste his food or to go to the bar with
  • Holds Jack’s hand a lot
  • loves kissing the lad’s foreheads (any of the lads really) 

  • enjoys pleasuring his lover(s) so hardly ever turns down sex


  • Mostly cares about everyone else’s feelings and puts his feelings to the side
  • kinda sometimes cares about video games more than his boyfriends
  • will always hold Geoff’s hand
  • is always available for cuddles. even when he’s busy editing videos
  • is also super into pleasuring his lover(s) so doesn’t turn down sex too often


  • hand holding and chaste kisses like woah
  • also down for cuddles
  • also down for kissing
  • but also feels like he has 100 other things to do so he’s always unsure about “leading anyone on” or stuff like that
  • usually the one to give a hard “no” about sexy stuff


  • Mostly cares about video games (on the outside, inside he 100% loves his boys but he also wants to perfect this game)
  • littlest of all of the spoons
  • enjoys getting/being covered in hickeys
  • very laid back and go with the flow
  • unless that flow involves sex in which case he is definitely out


  • Is super whatever about sexual stuffs
  • doesn’t really care about holding hands, isn’t really the first one to initiate it
  • is, like, kinda upset when any of the others leave hickey’s on him (but doesn’t mind too much)

  • takes his job super seriously and will often turn down sex in order to work on videos

  • but he feels bad afterwards and tries to make it up with date nights and special favors

Ace outfit day 14: Last day, so I have done my best attempt at an ace superhero outfit. I am SUPER ACE.
My super power is immunity to seduction.
Now if you don’t mind I don’t even have time to go through my dash let alone keep up with anything else why is it always so hectic when parents visit.

Today’s total: 1
Overall total: 26 points
My prize is all these brownies I baked.

Now if you don’t mind I have a two-person recommended flat pack bed to construct by myself. BACK TO WORK!

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thewordisweetabix asked:

i hope the mechanic fixes your car soon but in the meantime i've been thinking more about 1d ace fic, esp because of you & di, and i thought i'd be super interesting to explore ace!harry? i'm just thinking of younger harry navigating the line where so many ppl wanted him and of course he loves the attention and the physical contact so it takes him a long time to realize maybe he doesn't like the sex part of it?? and trying to navigate being the "sexy/cute one" while also being ace

*stares off into the distance* *sighs dreamily*

I’m home now, and I’m eating leftover chinese food and drinking a beer and this message is just a LOT right now. 

Did you know that I actually have a whole zarry ace fic plotted out that I was planning on writing before I offered myself up to the neverending fic exchange perpetual motion machine? It was this whole deal where Zayn is getting over a break up and can’t really reconcile his feelings about physical intimacy with his desire for emotional intimacy and Harry lives downstairs and he’s like this charming social butterfly who always has a someone and is basically defined by his sexy cuteness but because he’s ace and hasn’t quite figured out how to navigate that, he has a reputation as a tease and a maneater and an ice queen? DID YOU KNOW? 

Also Harry walks Zayn’s dog a lot. And Niall wrote Fool’s Gold about Harry and Harry DJs at night on the radio and you know…just stuff. Just a lot of stuff. I have almost nothing written but this is a piece of it:

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