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I just unfollowed someone who reblogged (with commentary agreeing) a post that claimed that LGBT was the extent of the acronym, that aces shouldn't call themselves LGBT unless they are also one of those letters, and that letting aces use LGBT resources takes them away from "purely" LGBT folks who need them more since aces are not oppressed by the system. Maybe it's less obvious, but as far as i can tell, most of our media landscape contains microagressions against us aces. I still feel sick.

I use the block function liberally and it’s great! Discoursers are completely out of touch with reality. Most LGBT organizations and communities in the real world are starting to welcome ace spectrum people, and all the LGBT people I’ve met IRL are super accepting of aces, aros, nonbinary people, etc. as being under the LGBT umbrella. Discoursers are fighting a very futile and losing battle so just ignore them. 


Butterflies are deep and powerful representations of life. Many cultures associate the butterfly with our souls. The Christian religion sees the butterfly as a symbol of resurrection. Around the world, people view the butterfly as representing endurance, change, and hope. 

Ace outfit day 14: Last day, so I have done my best attempt at an ace superhero outfit. I am SUPER ACE.
My super power is immunity to seduction.
Now if you don’t mind I don’t even have time to go through my dash let alone keep up with anything else why is it always so hectic when parents visit.

Today’s total: 1
Overall total: 26 points
My prize is all these brownies I baked.

Now if you don’t mind I have a two-person recommended flat pack bed to construct by myself. BACK TO WORK!


Okay but this fucking quote right here. “I think I might be nothing.” He just doesn’t have the word for it and oh my god this is the realest shit, and it was all handled so well, and i’m so happy about it i just want to go sit in a corner and cry for a while.

i know that’s really just me, but i never really thought about ace (and aro!) representation a lot? i dunno, it just kinda felt like as long as i could get my hands on books or movies that weren’t filled with romantic subplots from time to time, that was good enough. i totally get why representation matters so much to so many people, and i do think it’s extremely important to have representation so that people feel included and find themselves in fiction, but i never really thought it was something i needed for myself, if that makes sense?

But y’know what, i was wrong. Having a show i already loved do something like this, it just means so much. i’m so happy about this.

@ the ons fandom

helloo friens

this is something i’ve been wanting to say for a lil while, and w/ some anons i’ve gotten and some conversations i’ve seen on other blogs. so:

im ace and i support and acknowledge the fact that the vampires of ons are asexual. i’ve been thinking a lot about this, how its bad representation and acephobic etc,,, and i have made the decision to keep supporting it. its acephobic, and i have to decided to not let that hurt me, to not let it be acephobic or harmful to me. i have reclaimed it as representation that i can use.

that being said, i completely understand if other ace people here don’t want to have this representing us.

and, to all the non-ace people/allosexual people… i would ask you to be,,,,hmmmm,,,,, more aware? of the fact that vampires dont feel sexual attraction? it would be totally awesome to have a dialogue/conversation here about how mika and yuu’s (cuz i know that such a large portion of the fandom is yuumikayuu shippers) relationship would be different if one person wasnt able or willing to have sex.

honestly the term “allosexual” shouldn’t even exist because the only reason that the lgbt labels exist is because they’re oppressed by an outside group (cishets) so with that in mind it would be implied that allosexuals have some sort of privilege for ‘liking sex?’ and that they’re oppressing ace/aro ppl. like if you’re gonna tell a lesbian or gay man that they’re privileged cause they experience sexual attraction then idk what to tell you other than you’re wrong …