super abilities

honestly the easiest way to get me into literally anything is to take a bunch of well meaning teenagers and, like, give them weird super abilities. it worked with ninja turtles. it worked with x-men. it worked with bleach. now let it work for you ppl eat that shit up.

Leaked Overwatch Hero: My Mom

Support Type

Main Ability: Makes super good chicken quesadillas

Secondary Ability: Helps me with my finances

Ultimate Ability: Doesn’t tell me why she and my dad got divorced

kajuned  asked:

Hey Scout, do you know the difference between Rob and Rich? They both seem funny, friendly and goofy, but is there anything noticeably different between them? Do you know?


i’ve been watchin them do their thing for like 4 years and have gotten to know them both a little better over that time–these’re the things that’re very loudly distinctive to each that sets them apart from each other, but it might just be to me:

when you have a close friendship with someone you definitely start to mirror them, but their differences are what drove them to that point. they pretty much have the others’ back where their weak areas are!

Let’s Be Honest-- Clint/Hawkeye is Totally Underated

He’s totally badass– with no real “super” human abilities like Captain America and Thor or “super gear” like Falcon and Iron Man

And his sass is undeniablly one of the most entertaining parts of the films.  Its such simple humor but that is what makes it so fantastic

And he is arguably one of the most relatable, loyal, and moral of the characters.

So Sapphires super human abillities include;

- Super strength

- Super scent

- Super hearing

- Incredible sight

- Holding her breath for abnormal amounts of time

- Incredibly strong intuition ability

- The ability to kick “Guile” halfway across a room

- Being able to sense someones presence just by their emotions

- Being crushed by her Aggron and being all good

- Falling from a rocket during takeoff and also being all good

- Comunicating with the equivilent of God through a gem stone

- And seeing dead people

At this point, nothing can suprise me anymore.

Sapphire is OP and I love her for it.

who DOESN’T already know what kind of abilities they’d have if they had super abilities. who ISN’T always ready to instantaneously answer the question. who DOESN’T eagerly await the subject being brought up

Gemini Decans

~ Gemini Decan 1 (May 22nd - May 31st)

I am ruled by the planet Mercury. My personality is characterised by quick wit, super intelligence and an ability to communicate. I am constantly at odds with my mind and emotions. My mind tells me one thing, my heart tells me another. Because of this I seldom know which one to trust. But generally I go with what my mind tells me. I am exceptionally intelligent and articulate. My verbal skills can be utilised by me in any number of career directions including finding great success in the areas of writing, teaching and communicating. I am very quick witted and have a dry sense of humour. Because of this I am always popular in social settings and can number many friends. But I rarely get really close to any of these friends and prefer to keep a little distance between them. I am somewhat of a perfectionist and expect the very best of myself as well as others. I do have a tendency to be overcritical of myself and can be my own worst enemy.

~ Gemini Decan 2 (June 1st - June 10th) 

I am ruled by the planet Venus. My personality is characterised by charm, charisma and creativity. My natural Charm and charisma can get me anything I set my mind to. And as my mind is astute and focused I can create a great success for myself in any number of career paths. Because I have very good communication skills and have a high degree of creativity to my nature, I can become a highly successful writer, actor or entertainer. In fact, any career that combines my charm, charisma and brilliant communication skills will be successful for me. I am very attractive to many and as I am a people person I thrive in social situations. I am the perfect host when throwing parties and can instantly make people feel comfortable and at home in my company. I am very good with crowds but equally good in one to one situations. My only fault may be my scattered thoughts. Being a Gemini I can be extremely focused sometimes and ridiculously scatter brained at others.

~ Gemini Decan 3 (June 11th - June 21st) 

I am ruled by the planet Uranus. My personality is characterised by originality, flexibility and optimism. My unconventional yet brilliant mind allows me to have some very original beliefs, ideas and concepts. I am anything but ordinary. In fact, if I put my mind to it I could lead an extraordinary life. I am a natural leader and because I exude charm, people will want to follow me. I have a very optimistic and positive outlook and view each new day as an exciting new adventure. I love my freedom and like the adventure of exploring new and exciting situations. I can never be tied down. I am also very flexible in my thinking and I am constantly open to new Ideas and new interests. But I can easily become distracted and have too many interests on the go at one time, which dilutes my attention. I can flit from one project, leaving it unfinished and move on to the next, until nothing is seen through and completed.

MBTI Supernatural Abilities

ISTJ-Innate Capability: Ability to know anything about a person or object without studying it. Usually gathers the information through physical contact.

ISTP-Technopath: Ability to manipulate technology. Also has the ability to create things that aren’t put together (i.e. Assemble something without doing anything physically to it).

ISFJ-Empath: Ability to sense/feel the emotions of others and eventually, when mastered, control the emotions of others.

ISFP-Invention/Animation: Ability to create things in one’s mind and bring them into existence. Also has the ability to bring inanimate objects to life.

INFJ-Precognition/Psychometry: Ability to see the past/present/future. Also has the ability to see the past or future of an object, person, place, or anything in specific.

INFP-Tracking/Power Sensor: Ability to follow the whereabouts of a person. Also has the ability to sense other’s powers and what they are.

INTJ-Telekinesis/Astral Projection: Ability too move things with one’s mind. Also has the ability to move their own astral form (gives the impression of cloning) out of themselves and to another place, time, or even dimension.

INTP-Reality Manipulation: Ability to change, distort, or alter reality or create a new reality.

ESTP-Superhuman Speed/Strength: Ability to move at extreme speeds and exert extreme physical strength.

ESTJ-Time Manipulation: Ability to control the flow of time by either reversing it, slowing it down, stopping it, or speeding it up. (This is usually done on a smaller scale to a specific object/person but can eventually, when mastered, be done to the world as a whole.)

ESFP-Materialization: Ability to conjure anything and everything just by thinking and desiring it.

ESFJ-Healing: Ability to heal the wounds or conditions of others and eventually, when mastered, themselves.

ENFP-Muse: Ability to ignite creativity and the ideas of others. Also able to clear minds to help with focus and guidance.

ENFJ-Shielding: Ability to protect them-self and others with the use of a force field or magical shield.

ENTP-Teleportation: Ability to move them-self and/or others to a different location without occupying the space in-between.

ENTJ-Mind Control/Telepathy: Ability to control another’s mind including their thoughts, actions, and decisions. Also has the ability to read minds.

*DISCLAIMER: These are just what I could come up with after researching each type as much as I could. Open to other suggestions and ideas!*

Omg you know what would be funny though. Is for the mercs to end up finding Doc and them having to keep Doc with them

‘About time someone found me! You know how long I’ve been stuck in there. Oh. It’s just you two. So you’re working together now? That’s cool I guess.’

Doc criticizing Locus’ armour. ‘Y’know, that voice filter is pretty intimidating but it’s a little over the top don’t you think. And what’s up with the X on your helmet, I mean, the colour is okay, but eenh.’ 

Locus stares at Doc. ‘Stop talking.’

‘What’s with the temper, jeez, you remind me of Washington. So hostile. You should lighten up! Have you tried yoga?’

Locus looks over to Felix, and Felix just snickers “Hey it was your dumb idea to keep him alive.” Locus sighs and walks away. “Awh come on Locs, he was just joking!”

“Locs? That a nickname?”

“Yeah, he loves it.”


Y/N: Ollie, It’s not that big of a de–

Oliver turns his anger towards you in a flash. 

OLIVER: Don’t even try! You both lied to me!

Y/N: Because we knew you would act like this!

BARRY: Oliver, we–

With one glare from the Arrow, Barry snaps his mouth so its closed tight, hiding his face behind his hand.

FELICITY: Honestly, Oliver you are overreacting!

He raises his eyebrows in defiance ready to argue, but Felicity had a special super power: the ability to make Oliver stop and listen.

FELICITY: Y/n could be dating some drug dealer with a wonky eye and probably some daddy issues but she’s dating Barry! He’s basically a small nerdy puppy!

Felicity quickly glances at a mildly offended Barry.

FELICITY: No offense. I just—what I mean is Barry is a good guy and he obviously cares about Y/N. Sooo, before you start shooting people with scary sharp arrows, stop and think.

Nobody has the courage to speak, and even if they did no one would know what to say. It’s a moment before Oliver finally sighs in reluctant defeat. He mutters under his breath.

OLIVER:(to Felicity) I’m not happy about this.

He looks back to you and Barry.

OLIVER: Don’t lie to me again. 

He sulks out of the room, leaving you with Barry and Felicity.

BARRY: So, that was….eventful.

The Themes of Godzilla vs. Biollante

With @kaijusaurus taking a look at Godzilla vs. Biollante (1989) soon, I think now would be a good time to dig up an old post I wrote up about the themes my favorite Godzilla movie explores (or, at least what interpret those themes to be).

I see there as being two major themes to the film:

1.  The Failure of Science

The film has a cynical undertone when it comes to its depiction of science, which ultimately can be summed up as, “Despite the promises, Science creates more problems than it solves.”  This is the driving force and, in my opinion, the primary theme of the film, tying together all the characters and plot points. 

Science and scientists promise many things throughout the film (the super-wheat early on, the ANEB’s power to stop Godzilla, Super-X2’s ability to defeat Godzilla, etc.), nearly all of which either goes horribly wrong or fails outright (the attempt to create the super-wheat results in the terrorist bombing that kills Erika Shiragami, fighting over control of the ANEB leads to countless deaths, and the Super-X2 ultimately fails to meet expectations).  Obviously, there are also Godzilla and Biollante, the monstrous offspring of corrupt science.  Science is depicted as being always at the mercy of powerful forces outside its control, be it politics, money, and even technological limits.  Even when everything aligns perfectly, as it had when the heroes commit the experimental TC System and Maser Tanks in their effort to hasten Godzilla’s ANEB infection before he could attack the nuclear power plant, the plan is ultimately a failure and only Biollante’s intervention prevents a nuclear catastrophe.

Among the characters, the theme is best represented by Kirishima and Dr. Shiragami.  Kirishima is the voice of reason, the scientist who starts off believing in science’s power to do good (he believes ANEB should be used to clean up nuclear waste) but grows critical when forces outside his control (the military, the Okichi Foundation, BioMajor, Saradia) decide they want to use it as a weapon and fight over control of it.  By the end of the film, he’s largely lost his faith in science and rejects going to Massachusetts on the grounds that, “Everywhere things are the same, there’s good and evil in every country.”  He realizes that even if he goes to America, science is no freer to better mankind there than it is in Japan.

Dr. Shiragami strikes a similar but darker tone.  He does leave Japan to pursue his research, because he feels Japan is too conservative (and thus, too controlling) to let him do so.  He goes to Saradia because they promise him money and freedom, only for his research to be perverted for political purposes (the Saradian plan to use Shiragami’s super-wheat to threaten American dominance in the grain market) and his daughter to be killed because of it.  Shiragami lets his emotions over his daughter’s loss and his desire to pursue scientific advancement free from criticism or interference cloud his judgement later, resulting in his engaging in a bit of mad science to accidentally create Biollante.  Horrified by what his unrestricted pursuit of science wrought, by the film’s end he declares Godzilla and Biollante not to be monsters but “the unscrupulous scientists who create them” to be the true monsters as he rejects science entirely.

2.  The Passing of the Torch

There is a theme of shifting generations and a passing of the torch throughout the film, represented by characters having either an older or younger version of themselves:  Kirishima/Dr. Shiragami, Kuroki/Gondo (or Kuroki/Hyoda), and Super X/Super X2 are probably the best examples. The concept of a “new generation” is brought up throughout the film too in various contexts, such as Kirishima’s description of the weapons producing the ANEB would generation and the visual of the psychic children to the elder generation of Miki and Asuka.  Towards the end Shiragami and Kirishima directly discuss this theme, with Shiragami saying he felt it was time for his generation to sit back and let the young handle this, while Kirishima felt that his generation was no better than any other.  The film ends with an actual symbolic passing of the torch, when Hyoda hands Kuroki his hat.

Further, like the previous theme the film seems a bit cynical about what this generational shift actually means.  The torch may be passed to Kuroki, but he’s ultimately no more successful at defeating Godzilla than the previous generation of soldiers.  Super-X2 may be more technologically advanced, but it’s barely able to slow Godzilla down let alone defeat him as advertised.  And Kirishima’s hands are just as tied as Shiragami’s, ultimately coming to a similar conclusion on the merits of science and people as his predecessor.  As Kirishima said, a new generation may be taking over, but they’re no better or more special than any other generation that preceded them.

Kirishima v. SSS-9

Some people have thought the placement of the car chase and fight with SSS-9 at the end of the film to be oddly placed, but in my opinion it makes perfect sense when considering the two previous themes.  In my opinion, the scene symbolizes that despite the more cynical arguments that science was a failure and the younger generation was no better than the previous, there IS a silver lining:  the younger generation (Kirishima and Kuroki) CAN stand up to defeat the ills of the world (SSS-9), if they have the will to do so, and Science, in the right hands and used responsibly, can help do that (Kuroki’s use of the TC System to defeat SSS-9 and avenge Shiragami).

I think it’s an interesting final message for the film to leave on, the ultimate moral of the story.

Thank you for taking the time to read!  ^_^