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ANYWAYS i reached a really small compared to my other mutuals’ follower goal today and i wanted to share my thanks? so i’m gonna thank all of my mutuals (under the cut) as a way to do that (i guess?) !!! thank you so, so much for 150+ followers !!!

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  • Tomoyo: Sakura-chan, you deserve the best and you found it. Li-kun, don’t you dare hurt her.
  • Syaoran: (Chuckles) I won’t.
  • Eriol: Dont laugh, she means it.
  • Syaoran: (A bit stunned) I-I won’t
  • Yamazaki: Seriously dude, don’t hurt her.
  • Syaoran: Okay, I am not planning on hurting her.
  • Naoko: You better not be.
  • Syaoran: I’m not
  • Chiharu: Li, you best watch yourself.
  • Syaoran: Why would any of you think I would hurt Sakura? You’re all my friends, too.
  • Rika: Meh.
So you don't have a "best" friend...

Working on a project for work and read some interesting research. Humans are typically built for 4-6 closest relationships, 15 next closest, 50 somewhat close but not super close, and 150 active but not close relationships. (Dunbar’s Number)

So if you are sad and discouraged that you don’t one best friend, that’s actually way healthier to have many just really good friends!

It’s not that you need 5ish perfect cliquish best buddies (also, family and partners count too) but that it’s fine and normal and actually optimum NOT to have one person who is your sole other half.

So hopefully this is encouragement to anyone who feels broken or not good enough or left out or whatever. There are complicated reasons people form relationships, but chances are - especially on Tumblr - you’re better off following over 100 active people; interacting with several dozen through likes and reblogs; probably follow the fanworks, know the light personal stuff (name, region, etc) and read most posts of a dozen or less; and probably chat regularly with only a few (likely less than 5).

Of course those numbers differ for all of us and our involvement, but likely, the fewer relationships you have irl, the closer these numbers are in accuracy for Tumblr. So all this to say, know your capacity and don’t worry about not being besties with everyone or having one Favorite Person. A wide variety of people at different levels of friendship is where it’s at! Depth for each of these may vary (especially for introvert/extrovert differences) but if you’re wondering how many people is “enough” or “too much” this might help.


If anyone is interested I’ve decided to put Amonet up for sale. I want to go in a different direction with any ball python projects and she no longer fits into those plans.

2015 female ball python - Cinnamon het for Caramel (poss het ghost) she has some paradox spots too but those aren’t genetic.
Eating f/t weanling r4ts with zero hesitation, she’s a great feeder and super friendly too.

$150 plus shipping - email me at bbcaskin @ gmail . com if you’re interested.


[EPISODE] 150. The Amazoness! Nightmare From Behind the Mirrors.

Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS

Kana: アマゾネス! 鏡の裏から来た悪夢
Romaji: Amazonesu! Kagami no Ura Kara Kita Akumu

Original Air Date: October 28, 1995

Director: Kunihiko Ikuhara
Writer: Yoji Enokido
Animation Director: Masahiro Ando

Plot: As part of their first assignment, the Amazoness Quartet targets Chibiusa’s friend Momoko.


  • The opening animation was altered to include the four guardian Sailor Senshi in their “super” forms, the Stallion Rêve, the Crystal Change Rods, and the Amazoness Quartet. The Amazon Trio was also removed.
  • Starting here, the episodes would no longer have previews narrated by Usagi at the beginning. The previews would return in Sailor Stars, though.


  • This episode marked the first physical appearances of Queen Nehelenia and the Amazoness Quartet. The latter was finally named as well.
  • The Golden Mirror plot was introduced.


  • Fire Soul was seen for the last time in the television series.


  • Cloverway’s English dub (titled “A New Nightmare”):

    VesVes, PallaPalla, and CereCere’s names were respectively changed to BesuBesu, ParaPara, and CeleCele.

    The Amazoness Quartet was renamed the Amazon Quartet.

    In the English version, Zirconia said to Queen Nehelenia that she had trained new Amazons. Yet Nehelenia was the one who discovered the four girls and gave them their powers.

    The Quartet commented that the Amazon Trio told them about the Sailor Scouts. However, the Amazoness and the Trio never actually met.

  • The original Korean dub:

    While all episodes with the Amazon Trio were omitted, some footage from those episodes were edited into this one.


  • Game Center Crown
  • The Dead Moon Circus
5 Days until my last 1/2 of the season.

I had a great run today. Now I am shifting my focus toward my half on Saturday. Here is my plan to get ready. 

  • Run one more 10k run this week on Tue or Wed. Shoot for 3:15 ½ pace.
  • Walk 5k the other days to help stay loose. 
  • Stretch every day
  • Start super hydrating Wednesday - 150 oz/day

I think I am going to register and run with a pace team for the first time. I unofficially ran with a pace team on the hospital hill 10k and enjoyed it. I was only with them for 20 min as they split off for the ½. 

I think I am going to run with the 3:15 team. If I can hit 3:15, it would be a PR for me. I have not been pacing at PR pace recently, but I know I have it in me. 

The course is beautiful but very hilly, especially between miles 2-4 an 8-10. The course peaks at mile 10.5 and it’s all downhill from there. 

Feeling cautiously optimistic :) 

Alright, I have to talk about the gem of car finds. This is a really rare machine, a Kaiser Henry J. This is one of the most forgotten 1950′s automobiles from one of the most forgotten auto companies, Kaiser-Frazer.

Kaiser-Frazer was two big names in American industrial power coming together. Kaiser was Henry J Kaiser, American ship building giant and icon of World War II. The other was Joseph W. Frazer, a high ranking member of the boards of Chrysler, Willys-Overland and later Graham-Paige. Frazer’s fame included the creation of Plymouth as Chrysler’s low cost offering, developed the Willys Jeep and Americar. Graham-Paige wasn’t in good standing however, running off of modified Cord cars and desperate for new material.

Kaiser and Frazer decided to buy the company, as Frazer had become the President following his leave of Willys. They began working on newer cars such as the Kaiser Deluxe, Frazer Manhattan and the very famous Kaiser Darrin fiberglass sports car. But the issue was that all of these cars were very high end vehicles, and not much was around for the average joe. So they began working on an everyman car, making a Kaiser as cheap as possible.

And I mean cheap too. There was no trunk latch so you could only get to the trunk from the back seat, it only came as a 2 door sedan and the rear windows were fixed and there were no armrests, glove compartments, flow-through ventilation or sunvisors. And the only engine options were eithe a 68 hp 4-cylinder engine or a 80 6-cylinder borrowed straight from the Willys CJ. And it hit the market in 1950 and was a failure.

Now Kaiser-Frazer marketed the hell out of the car, tooting the “low MPG” horn more than modern manufacturers do. Now this was due to the Korean War starting up and fears of WWII gas rationing were beginning to set in, at least until the War Production Board ended it and gas came to a nice 27 cents a gallon. If that wasn’t enough, the new Chevrolet lineup for 1953 meant the super cheap 150 costed a few dollars more than the Henry J, and Nash’s new Rambler line included a similarly priced cheap offering, making the Henry J a moot point.

And the Henry J became a dead weight for Kaiser, making up only 1.5% of the market in 1950 and slowly decreasing until it reached a paltry .02% in it’s final model year 1954. The production line for the Henry J transitioned to the much more efficient cheaper car, the Willys Aero line. By 1953, Kaiser-Frazer had bought the failing Willys company and merged into Kaiser-Willys. By 1956, they dropped passenger car production to focus on utility vehicles like the Jeep and did this until 1970 when they were bought by AMC.

But there’s a somewhat famous twist with the Henry J, it wasn’t just sold by Kaiser.

It was sold by Sears.

Yes, Kaiser actually sold many Henry J’s to Sears-Roebuck for sale. With sales of the base car slipping, Kaiser worked out a deal with Sears to sell a special version of the Henry J as the Sears Allstate. Named after Sears in-house car parts marque, the Allstate was a Henry J with new hood ornament, grille, interior trim and Allstate tires and battery. This was the first time Sears actually sold a car, and at a low price. However this didn’t work out either, and the Sears Allstate was dropped in 1954 as well.

But the little Henry J is a really interesting car just in how rare they are. Only 2,500 Allstates were sold, alongside 131, 702 Henry J’s. This might seem like a large number, until I bring up that in 1953 alone, Chevrolet made 1,346,475 cars, and that’s only one year. Henry J’s are pretty reliable, although the engine’s are woefully inadequate for the car. But there’s still something interesting to the plucky little Henry J, it just looks cool.