super man

Imagine walking into a party and these two stopping and looking at you like this when they catch sight of you in your evening wear

  • Damian: hello there, I am here to tell you all that I have started a fundraiser for the Kents/Danver. As you can see they all have glasses which probably means their blind as fuck. And I want to raise money to help them recover their eyesight.
  • Clark:
  • Jon:
  • Kara:
  • Damian: maybe.
  • Clark: *calling Bruce* control your child

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“Good morning.” Clark Kent was the only one who greeted you, a new and inexpierenced employee, with a bright smile on his face on your very first day at work. “You have to be new.” His glance shifted to the coffees in your hands. “And, they’re using you to get coffee.” 

A shy laugh escaped your lips. “Uhm, yeah.”

“Give or take a month or two and they won’t ask anymore. They’re testing you if you can upholf the pressure.” he told you reassuringly. 

“I hope so. I wanted this job so bad. I wanted to write and not fetching coffee for lazy co-workers. ” you said with a smile. “Im [Y/N], by the way. I’d shake your hand but, you know-” 

The man nodded. “Clark Kent. It’s a pleasure to meet you, [Y/N].” 

For a moment you stared. Clark Kent, the only goddamn co-worker who did not treat you like a dog, was what you searched in a friend. “Maybe, he wants to be my friend, too”, a little voice in your head chirped and you shook your head. “I better go before they fire me for whatever reason they think they can fire me.” 

“See you later.” With a smile he sat down at his desk and took off his glasses to clean them and you needed to do a double take. Clark Kent -and you were sure- he was Superman and you had recognized him immediately. Surprised, you looked around, no one seemed to notice him and made your way to your boss. 

Oh what did you just do? You uncovered Superman. Superman. You placed the coffees on your boss’ table and while he and his co-workers grabbed the hot drinks, you looked over your shoulder. Clark was a nice man and he -to your shock- lived a normal life. You would not dare to destroy the peace, the anchor in his life. You smiled. “No one will ever find out. I promise. Your secret will die with me”, you thought. 

(Not my best work.)