forloveaswellasmoney  asked:

Hello! Have you ever considered using a tinted moisturizer as a "primer" for your foundation and then sheering out the foundation application with a sponge? Please&Thankyou <3

Actually, I have - I’ve applied a tinted moisturizer as my main moisturizer in a pinch, and then applied my regular foundation over top.  I can’t say that it’s the amazing solution to all of your problems, though.

Essentially, tinted moisturizer is just a sheer foundation.  When you apply another product over top, you’re just applying multiple thin layers.  This isn’t a bad thing - it’s better to apply a thin layer of makeup and add to problem areas than to cake on a thick layer all over!  Tinted moisturizers will add hydration to your skin, which is also a good thing.  

But the TM won’t act as a primer - it won’t make your makeup last longer, and it definitely won’t control oil or smooth pores, which primer does.