supanova ending


MMMMMMM Okay so–

Supanova, a pop culture expo in Australia, is happening in my city in November, and I’ve considered booking an artist table for Undertale, Yugioh, Kingdom Hearts and other miscellaneous fanarts – if I end up going, I’d most likely be selling posters/charms/bookmarks/keychains (I have designs for the charms/keychains already, and the posters (including those for Reapertale!) are in progress! And hopefully, I’ll be able to sell some original illustrations too aaaaa)

The only thing that’s making me nervous is that this will be the first really big convention I’m going to, and all by myself hahahahahahaha. I’ve only been to one other convention before where I sold art, and that was with three other people, two of whom were convention veterans, and the convention place was really very small and intimate. (Plus, it was in a whole other COUNTRY so what do I know of how Aussie conventions are actually like???? What if Undertale isn’t so popular in Australia? SO MANY QUESTIONS) So if I decide to go to Supanova, I really don’t want to go in alone? //nervously sweats

So if another artist out there is willing to come with me, make merchandise/sell them, and split the table costs, we can share the table and idk– support each other through the whole process of being art sellers? BWAHAHAHA – I am a complete noob ;A;;

I can always just bring a non-artist friend with me to help tending, but I’m just afraid that I won’t have enough merchandise to disaplay for the whole table //RIPPP – if this ends up happening, it’s gonna be a lot of work on my own, and really– two artists per table sounds like the ideal for me?

So yes, please contact me through private messaging if you’re interested, and maybe we can work something out?? Otherwise I’m gonna have to muster up some courage/confidence/backbone from somewhere to go diving into the deep end of conventioning BWAHAHAHA