I had 2 dreams last night.

1st it was like Jennie and I were on a ferry and Drew McIntyre was on it just sitting there chillin’ and we like ran to the other side of the boat letting out all of our fangirl feels and then walked back to the side of the ferry where he was sitting and im like “come on jennie go over to him and say hi..don’t be shy :D” and she’s all like alright.

so i watch her walk over there and she says hi and how she’s a huge fan of his and he smiles at her and gives her a nice hug i was like so jealous so anyway i then go to him and say how im a big fan of his but not as much as jennie and i said how she’s always talking about you and stuff and he laughed and was like you two are awesome and he gave me a nice hug.

i wish that was felt so real lol

anyway 2nd dream was like emily and i went to england and it was a 2 hour plane ride there and for some reason where we were at, we weren’t “officially” in england. We had to go through this passage way to officially be in england but this asshole butler wouldn’t let us go through..

there were signs pointing to the direction of Ireland, Scotland, and Whales and then we come across a sign that said “We don’t speak spanish here so don’t even bother asking..gracias.” and emily and i were like oh okay thank you xD and then we saw the entire weasley family go on boats to head to Ireland and we were all like why can’t we go with them i wanna goooo. 

so THEN we end up on a boat and sabrina is there and she takes me to the lower deck and go to a room where her girlfriend is sleeping in her bed…so then she goes to her bag and was all like “ugh emily has been so annoying borrowing my clothes without asking so i decided there’s going to be an announcement when she does this again” she pulls out like lingerie underwear and put like an unused pad on it and she’s like “she’s gonna be grossed out when she pulls that out” and im like uh ok.

and at some point we were at the orange lake resort but it was still in england so i was confused if we were in england or florida and then the pool kept on draining and filling every 15 minutes… oh and i also texted sophie saying that i don’t know if we’ll be able to visit her this time since we have no idea where we are and she replied back saying that she was crying i felt so bad lol

wow im surprised..i never remember this much from a dream lol