In the hazy celebratory aftermath of one of the most fun nights of my life I totally forgot to post pictures from The GLOAT, the Super Bowl 51 victory party thrown by ZUDY @ Gillette last week. Holy dreams do come true kinda night, Batman!

“But Fitzy, how did a mouthy hump like you get to host a party for the Pats and interview Gronk, Dola, White and Harmon?”

WELL, thanks for asking, Foxboro friend. And I appreciate the mouthy hump compliment. As it were…the nice folks over at Zudy (presenting sponsor of the Pats, you see their name on banners behind Belichick and Brady in postgame interviews and such) threw a big ol’ bash to celebrate the team and the greatest Super Bowl comeback and win of all-time. And when considering MCs for the evening, they thought, “For such an insane night, why not get someone who’s as insane as that comeback?” And thus a quick email turned into a Bucket List night for yours truly. Zudy’s CEO, Trish Kennedy, is a magnificent woman and, in addition to having “Build A Colony On The Moon” money, might be one of the only Pats pals as passionate and bananas for Brady and Co. as you and me. She’s seriously like the Willy WOnka of Pats parties. She’s so good to the team, and welcomed me with open arms to a night that was every bit as fun, and then some, as you can imagine. I interviewed Dola, Gronk, Sweet Feet and Harmon for 45 minutes, getting some insight and behind-the-scenes on what went down heading into and at Super Bowl 51. It was…yeah. It was that.

Anyhoo…just wanted to share. “Nice humblebrag, ya hump!” Well, you would, too. Also, it’s worth mentioning that these four guys are cooler than you could possibly imagine. Affable, engaging, funny and forthright, they shared stories, laughed it up, and all had the proud looks of guys who staged the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history, yet now there’s still work to do. #nodaysoff And yes, I gave them all LET’S PARTY hoodies. Least I could do. Gronk laughed when I handed it to him and said, “Wouldn’t this be aweosme if I wore it to a party?” Gronk is…Gronk. He’s just the best.

Thank you, Zudy, for the night of a lifetime. Thank you, Patriots, for being so cool and letting a supahfan partake in a night like this. And, yes, thank you, for watching the videos and sharing them and supporting a knucklehead like me for all these years. Because that’s how I ended up there, thanks to you. See kids! You too can start a YouTube channel and rant and rave and burp and swear about your favorite team and one day meet them and host a party celebrating their epic championship. Dreams do come true.