supah star

what you missed on big hero 6 casting news:

  • everyone in the cast is ‘mildly famous’ at best and i’m into it
  • hiro starred in supah ninjas and fred the show but we’ll forgive him because he was one of the youngest participants in No H8
  • i literally read an anonymous comment like 3 months ago that wasabi was the guy from new girl and it was right. magic
  • gogo is mulan from ouat so i’m ready for some badassery (and ladyshipping)
  • honey is voiced by a gorgeous latina woman so i’m headcanoning her as such, yolo
  • fred is literally the only cast member w/ significant voice acting experience (STILL INTO IT)
  • baymax was in 30 rock that’s all i got
  • tadashi is a hot hot tatter tot
  • prof callaghan was in babe i’m not even paying attention to anything else
  • this is alan tudyk’s (alistair krei) third disney film in a row and i think he might actually be living at the studio
  • aunt cass was in the nut job but we’ll forgive her for that too