Help SupaDupaFlyGirl from YouTube...

Please help the wickedly awesome SupaDupaFlyGirl from YouTube win this dream photography contest

She’s currently in 2nd place!!!!  

She’s one of the most inspirational YouTubers I’ve ever discovered.  She’s a sweet chick and takes stunning photos.  

if anyone in the NYC/NY area would like to adopt a 7 year old cat-

supadupaflygirl is desperately looking for a new home for her!!!!!

@reply her on twitter- @supadupaflygirl

please, she’s desperate! :(

she’s only giving her away because she developed bad cat allergies and loves Mandy to death and doesn’t want to see her baby be put down because no one wants to adopt her!

So one of my favorite YouTubers, SupaDupaFlyGirl, is looking to travel the world in the upcoming months (she’s accepting donations for her adventure here). 

Every time I watch one of her videos it really inspires me to pursue my dreams–cheesy I know, but true! Anyway, this recent video made me realize that the only things I want to do in life are to travel and take in as many new experiences as I can, as well as aspire to creative greatness. I really want to get back into writing fiction–not just nonfiction–everyday. I also know I want to move out of Boston when I graduate, and I’m no longer considering NYC as my be-all-end-all goal place to live. I’m really going to work hard to figure all this out in the next few months, because I believe with a combination of great effort and the right frame of mind I can really accomplish and mature a lot as a person (see my “overcoming Generalized Anxiety Disorder” phase of my life). I can’t go on without having a clear, overarching purpose in life to back up my everyday decisions. I need a foundation to stand on, and I know now it’s not going to fall in my lap. I used to think it was far too assuming to think I can work out my life like this, but I believe now that I’ve accepted the philosophy of “living in the present, because yesterdays gone and tomorrow is not promised” I’ll be able to do this in a way that I won’t compromise any of my past progress. I can do this.