supacrispy  asked:

if you had one person who you would absolutely, without a doubt spend the rest of your life with without regret, who would it be? can be anyone, celebrity, a tumblr follower, secret crush, whatever

This is actually impossible to answer. I mean, if it was a secret crush, it wouldn’t be secret anymore. Haha. But the reality is, I don’t know that person. I can actually think of probably three or four people I could (and would) spend the rest of my life with, but between knowing what I would regret and NOT knowing yet (or if), I can’t say that there is anyone who I would without a doubt spend the rest of my life with without regret. And yes, there are a couple here on tumblr who are on the list. 

The search continues. One of those on the list may be the one. Maybe I haven’t met her. But I’ll keep searching. 

Also Kate Blanchett. ;)