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  • taylor swift taylor: hey guys it's taylor!
  • fearless taylor: hey guys it's taylor!
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  • red taylor: hey guys it's taylor!
  • 1989 taylor: hey guys it's taylor!
  • reputation taylor: SUP BITCHES IM BACK
'sup Sister? || Taylor&Luke

Luke was sitting in library, reading something in his mathematic book. He was alone and that was good. He hated people who were around him when he was studying. Suddenly, he received a message. He looked on his phone and a small smile placed on his lips. It was Taylor, his sister. She wanted to visit him for a while since both haven’t seen each other in a while. He grabbed his things and his backpack and made his way outside. He walked towards the car park where she was used to wait for him. But she wasn’t there yet. So, he took out his cigarettes and lit one up.


The one time in London, that I got this close to @taylorswift and she didn’t know what to sign when she got to me (bc i had nothing) and she was looking at my phone case as if she wasn’t sure whether to sign it and then she just switched to “HI!” and smiled. Coolest couple of minute of my life so far, minus pit at the Red tour.

p.s. lady bodyguard behind her was the best. Also remember this day as the one where I almost got trampled to death by pre-teen girls.

Never Ending-Taylor Caniff FF-Part 5

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

I woke up to people cheering and laughter.

I look up, dizzy and feeling like I need to throw up.

Oh what a surpise. I’m still at the stupid party. Man, why are the parties here in the lounge instead of the Frat House?

“Because they have wate pipe problems.” Some random guy called out. Okay?

I got up as quick as I could and ran up the steps and ran into my dorm. I walk into my room, finding Taylor and some chick. Irolled my eyes at the site.

“Hey, fuck birds! Get out and get your own room!” I yelled and tapped my foot till they got out. The girl glared at me and he smirked at me.

Before he left he whispered something into my ear. “You’re jealous.” Then he left.

Cocky little prick.

“Fag.” I muttered. Wow I’m a loner. I’m talking to the air…That is till I received a call.

“Y/N!” A voice sung. I laughed.

“Kirstin, calm down.” 

“I can’t! I’m going to Cali for a cheer competition.” I jumped.

“Oh my god! I can’t wait to see you!!” We hung up and I jumped onto my bed-well technically its mine and Taylor’s, but its mine because my butt is parked right here.

“What’s the commotion up in here?” I heard Cameron say in a country accent.

“Hey, stop that you’re copying me.” Taylor competed.

“Where the hell did you come from?” I retorted.

“Hey. It’s MY room too!” He fired back.

“Let the war begin.” I said under my breath.


“Nothing.” I smiled innocently.

Oh it’s on, Caniff.


Hey what’s up ya’ll. So freaking sorry I couldnt update this. This is short cause the next parts will be filled with something i’ve never put in a fanfic, but the next chapters will be better than these first 5 chapters.

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I Love To Hate You

“There! Done!” (Y/F/N) said. I looked in the mirror. My friend had finally finished my hair. She had bleached my hair to a light brown. I smiled. “Thanks (Y/F/N)!!” I yelled getting up. I hugged her tight. “No problem! I’ll be hanging out here! Go hang out with the guys” She said sitting down on the couch. I smiled and grabbed my things. “Bye Bitch!” I called while walking out the door. “Later Slut!” She called back. I laughed and closed the door behind me. I saw the guys’ car pull up. I walked over to the passenger seat. I saw that Taylor was driving. “Sup Babe” Taylor said. I rolled my eyes and smiled. “Sup” I replied. I climbed into the car. We drove back over to the guys’ place where Jack, Jack, Nash, Aaron, and…ugh….Cameron were.

We had arrived a few minutes later. When I got in the guys all looked at the door. “Sup Motherfuckers” I retorted. They laughed. I sat with them. I hadn’t noticed I sat next to the devil til Cameron moved farther from me. “Speaking of a motherfucker…” I mumbled. Cameron stared at me for a bit, then he turned back to his phone. I couldn’t help but stare at his feathery brown hair, the way his muscles tensed when he was angry with me or someone. He licked his lips, driving me even more crazy.

“(Y/N)” I heard. I looked at Aaron who had called me. “What?” I asked. While the guys were talking amongst themselves, Aaron gestured towards Cameron and winked. I rolled my eyes and got on my phone. I saw a flash go up and I looked up. “Ship….Or….Dip?” I saw Nash saying as he was typing. “HAMILTON NASH GRIER” Both Cameron and I yelled. We looked at each other and just looked back at Nash.

Nash smirked at us. “Admit you both love each other, and I won’t post it” He threatened. We both glared at him. We looked at each other. “I don’t….Love him” I said. “I don’t love her” He replied. It hurt me a little to hear those words.

“Fine!” Nash said. “3…” He started. Camerkn and I looked at each other. “2….” Nash continued. Cameron looked like he was about to burst. “1-” Nash said, but got interuppted. “I LOVE YOU OKAY?!” Cameron and I yelled at the same time. We both looked at each other in disgust. “WHAT?!” We yelled. “GROSS?!?!?” We yelled in unison. “Eh! I’m posting it anyways!” Nash said. Cameron and I rolled our eyes.

Later on that night, the guys forced Cameron and I into a room. I sighed. I looked around while Cameron laid back. “Why did they have to do this?” I asked rhetorically. “Because they think we love each other” Cameron said. I groaned. “It was fucking rhetorical” I said obviously annoyed. I sighed and sat on the bed. I felt a pinch on my hip. I shrugged it off, it was Cameron messing with me. I felt him pinch it again. I turned around. “What?!” I yelled. He grabbed me and laid me on the bed. “I wish I could pour my heart out to you, but I know they’re listening right now” He whispered. I smiled. “Date, You, Me, Friday, 10 PM” He whispered. I smiled and nodded. “Now let’s mess with them” He said while getting up. “BED. NOW.” Cameron yelled. I held in a laugh while jumping onto the bed. “STRIP. NOW BEFORE I SLAP YOU” He yelled, obviously not knowing what to say. I silently chuckled. Cameron started making slapping sounds by slapping my thighs. “AWH FUCK” We both screamed out. We felk silent to hear what the guys were saying. “What the hell?” I heard Johnson say. “Why’s it…so…silent?” Taylor asked. I quietly headed towards the door. I opened it with Cameron pretending to put his belt back on. “Thanks guys! I have to go! Cameron, drive me?” I asked. “You’ll be driving me later Baby” He said while winking at me. I laughed and we headed out.

We got in the car laughing our asses off. “Did you see their faces?!” I yelled while laughing. “Damn! We should’ve been recording that!” Cameron replied. I smiled. “Were you serious about the date?” I asked. “…Well…I mean, if you want to…” He replied. I smiled. “Yeah sure” I said. The rest of the ride was silent. When we arrived at my house, I thanked Cameron. “I’ll see you Friday” I said getting out. “I love you” I heard Cameron say. I turned around “I love to hate you” I said. He smiled. “I love to hate you too” he said. I smiled and waved as he drove away.

Hello! This was requested by dreamergirl2727 and yeah! This is verh belated because I have been busy today and yeah. I hope you enjoyed and send in more requests! 😊