sup gear

Someone tagged me in some EDC post on Instagram so I decided to post it here.  I am not one of these people who tries to jam as much shit in my pictures just to be a EDC nerd. Since i have opened my shop i started carrying a bag in my car with stuff to and from my shop and house. 

- Tech408 Bag 

-13″ macbook 

-Ipad mini / OSOE ipad case

-  GoPro ( not fucking sure why this is even in my bag )

- M&P Shield 9mm that i bought a week ago and never took out of my bag ( why do i still have this in my bag? )

- Business cards 

- DMV notice to suspend some shit. ( they fucked it up ) 

Everything else is my Personal carry shit that is always on me. 

-XD9 ( soon to be the shield ) 

- comb 

- Iphone 6

- wallet 

-  ZT auto 

- Rent money

- Keys 

And to be fair I also carry a rifle with me every day with a G17 and a handful of mags.