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Like a stallion mounts his mare

@bloodstained-porcelain-doll requested: Sup. So can I request a Sandor Clegane smut? ;D Where the reader is practicing sword fighting and it turns him on and ends with rough smut outdoors? Maybe from behind, ya know… “Like a stallion mounts his mare” NAH “Like a Hound fucks his bitch”. Thank you Ily
Pairing: Sandor “The Hound” Clegane x Reader
Warnings: Porn with minimal plot; dirty talk; oral sex; shameful smut.

Oh God, it’s my first time trying this. Please, tell me I didn’t suck, guys.

“Stop staring.” You tried to ignore Sandor’s eyes burning your skin as you defended yourself from the man in front of you.

What was his name again? You couldn’t remember. He was hired by your man  – not your husband, your man – to help you practising your sword fight abilities.

“Make me.” He drank his beer.

You and the Hound… You were something Westeros couldn’t quite understand, and you honestly didn’t give a fuck about it.  

“You’re distracting me.” You stated, defending yourself from the man in front of you.

“You’re making me horny.” He stated back.

The other man tried not to look embarrassed by the conversation, and you rolled you eyes. He was supposed to be used to that already. After all, you’ve been training with him for more then a whole month.

“You’re always horny.” You accused.

“You’re always around to make me horny.”

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Ponyboy Imagine - First Meeting

You and Dallas had been best friends for as long as you can remember, you moved from the south side to southeast side. You didn’t see them as much.

But, your parents agreed to let you stay with Dally until they moved back down.

You were so excited, you were surprised that your parents aloud it because Dally is very sexually driven.

Dally took you to the Curtis’ house.
“Now, who’s house is this?” You ask, as Dally opens the fence gate.

“Darrel, Sodapop, and Ponyboy Curtis lives here.” He says letting you enter the gate. “I’ll introduce everybody else when we get in.”
You nodded in agreement.

You walked in slowly, all the eyes fell upon you.

“What’s up Dally?” Darry asked. “Who is this young lady?”

“This is Y/N.” He says. “Hi,” you say.
“Nice to meet you.” He says. “Nice to meet you too.” You reply.

All the boys fall in a line, pushing in shoving to the front.

“This is Ponyboy Curtis, Sodapop, Two-Bit Matthews, Johnny Cade, and Steve.” Dallas announces.

“Hi.” You say. “I call her!!” Two-Bit yells.
“HEY!!” Sodapop yells. “Umm, hello!!” Johnny says, which was weird because according to Dallas he does talk a lot.

“No way!! Me first!!” Steve screams. They all end up in a dog pile fighting right in the middle of the living room.

But, Ponyboy didn’t say anything, Dally said he didn’t talk much either.

You walk over to him, everybody else stops. “Hi.” You say softly. “Hi.” He replies.

All the boys stand up and stare with their mouths open.

You giggle a little. “Sup!! Boys.” You say.
“Nothing much baby.” Two-Bit indicates. “Sup, doll.” Sodapop chimes. “Lucky..” Steve mumbles. Johnny just stands there in ah.

The boys just sit on the couch, Two-Bit grabs the remote and turns it to Mickey Mouse.

“Your really pretty…” Pony mumbles extremely quiet.
“Thanks.” You say with a smile.

“Oh.. uh.. I didn’t think you’d hear that.” He said running is hand over the top of his hair.
“It’s okay,” You say. “Your not so bad your self Ponyboy.”

He turns to you quickly, getting lost in your eyes. “Do.. you.. uh.. maybe… I mean.. you don’t have too…”
“Spit it out Pony.”

“Do you maybe… want to split and… uh.. go with me to the Nightly Double?” He asks.
“Yeah!! Let’s go.” You say with a smile.

You tell Dally where your going a head out the door.

“I didn’t know Pony was such a ladies man.” Sodapop said. “Lucky.” Steve murmurs

anonymous asked:

(I found your blog, like, three days ago and I've been stalking your stuff since then. You're so amazing omggg) How would the 2ps react if they caught the reader playing an 'otome game'?

((bruuuuuuh i play otome games all the time,, they’re my life and yes i know i’m trash haha))

you: *is caught playing an otome game on your phone*

2p!america: ‘sup doll? *slides in* what’s the game you’re playi– uh. uhhhhhh. UH?! ……seriously what the hell is that???!!!!

2p!china: that’s some pretty music, what are you listening to? *leans in, jaw drops* …otome??? I DIDN’T KNOW YOU WERE INTO THAT KIND OF THING????? *composes self, coughs* but anyway… i can be the perfect real-life dating sim for you…. how would you like that babe? ;DDDD

2p!england: *glances over your shoulder and notices the menu* oh…… that design is absolutely beautiful!~ *coos* those little hearts are so precious and i adore all the pink aaah!! <333333

2p!france: what even–

2p!russia: ……….,, , u have strange interests

2p!italy: what’s that? *snatches your phone* ….the fuck? *phone drops from his hands* …..THE FUCK?????

2p!germany: ooooooh what’s that can i play next

2p!japan: have you played the R-18 ones before?

2p!canada: *sighs* ……… i’ve stopped questioning you and the things you do

2p!romano: *has silently been watching over your shoulder for the past 10 minutes until you hear him screech:* NUH-UH HONEY YOU JUST MADE THE WRONG CHOICE WTF YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO SELECT “HUG HIM” INSTEAD OF “PET HIS HAIR” IT’S MORE INTIMATE LIKE HELLO??????? great ok you’re gonna get the bad ending now smh not my fault hoe

2p!austria: so,, you’re telling me you date them? and there are different ‘routes’? hmmm… i see… interesting *leans into you and smirks* ……. kuro told me there are sadistic ones too can you tell me more about those ohoho–

2p!prussia: *averts eyes, flustered* oh…. um….. uh, th-that’s nice… *blushes* but i mean… you’re pretty, don’t you think you can get a real boy too..? *shyly smiles at you*

Bad Boys

Sammy Wilkinson imagine for Priscilla , i hope you like it!

It was just a normal day and I was sitting in class, listening to the teacher going on and on about a group project that we will start today. We were going to work in pairs to prepare a presentation we would later hold in front of the class. The teacher started reading up the groups and I just focused on hearing my name next to someone in this class I could actually stand.

“Priscilla and Samuel” The teacher said and I let out a slightly too loud sigh.

After class I walked to my locker and started putting my books in as a tall figure showed up on my left side. I didn’t notice him until he spoke up, that being after at least one minute of just standing there.

“Alright baby girl, here’s how it’s gonna go. I don’t really do projects so I’m just gonna let you handle that. You seem smart, get me an A and we’ll talk rewards later” he winked at me and just stared back at him. Who did he think he was?

“I, uh-“ I started but he cut me off, which was kind of good since I had no idea what I was going to say.

“It’s alright, sweetheart. No need to thank me” He said and gave me a pat on my shoulder, then he walked off. Out of all the people in my class I had to be paired up with Sam Wilkinson. Lucky me.

I left school and went straight home to just calm myself down. So not only did I have a group project to do, but I had do to it alone. Damn you, Samuel. Damn you and your perfect brown eyes and perfectly styled hair and perfectly fit body. It’s not that I like him, I really don’t. He’s just that guy that every girl secretly aspires. But I refused to follow the stream, I’m not going to be one of those girls that he sleeps with and then forgets all about. There’s no way in hell I’d do that.

The following morning I woke up by my alarm clock and sleepily turned it off. I got up and had breakfast and got dressed before driving to school again. I really just wanted to go back home.

The day was going slowly and I was trying to kill time in history class as I received a text. It was sent from an unknown number and read:

“Sup baby doll? How’s our project coming together? Meet me behind school at lunch /Sammy”

Wait, hold on for a second. How did he have my number? I never gave it to him. And why meet behind the school when you can meet inside? This guy was killing me.

But as told, I went behind the school building at lunch and sure enough, there he was. Smoking with his friends. As I recall, their names are both Jack, which makes it easier to remember.

“There’s my study partner, how’s the project going?” he smirked as he saw me approach them.

“How did you get my number?” I asked and for just a second he looked a little shocked, as if he had forgotten I could actually speak.

“It wasn’t that hard to find” he winked and I rolled my eyes.

“You want a cig?” One of the Jacks asked and I turned my gaze to him.

“I don’t smoke” I replied and the boys chuckled.

“So, it’s a good girl you’ve found” The same boy who offered me a cigarette stated.

“She’s a doll” Sam said back and I was just astonished how I could be so attracted to this. It was literally disgusting. I didn’t want to be near him, I just wanted to get this project out of my way so I could go back to not having to talk to him. So I turned around and started walking when a hand grabbed my wrist and swung me back around.

“You never answered my question, sweetheart” Sam said, still holding a firm grip around my arm. “How’s the project going?

 “Well, it would be easier if you actually helped” I answered and he smirked again.

“I already told you, I don’t really do projects. Now be the good girl daddy raised you to be and get this thing done” he spoke and I raised my eyebrow.

I couldn’t stand the sight of him right now so I decided to walk away again, and this time he didn’t grab my wrist. He just called after me, thing like “don’t walk away from me” and “that’s not ladylike”. And I swear I just wanted to turn back around and punch him in the face but I knew that violence doesn’t solve anything. Especially not if you’re fighting a fit guy that is way taller than you.

I went back inside the school and just pretended nothing had happened. In class I didn’t as much as glance at Sam even though I could tell he was watching me. I tried to ignore him throughout the day and to my surprise, I managed to do so. I only met his eyes once and was then greeted by a smirk. A smirk that I spent all day trying to forget. Yet it was the very last thing I thought of before falling asleep.

This was repeated for a few days. Me ignoring Sam and writing our project by myself, him smirking or winking at me in the hallways and me catching myself thinking about it. We kept it like that until the end of the week, when he came up to me by my locker.

“What’s up, baby doll?” he asked and I sighed.

“Like you care” I responded and kept putting some books into my bag.

“Well, I do care about that project. So how’s it going?” he said and I turned my head to him.

“You care about it? Then why don’t you just write it yourself?” I spat and he gave me that famous smirk again.

“I don’t do-“ he started but never got to finish.

“Projects? Yeah I got that the first time” I rolled my eyes at him.

“Come on, sweetheart. What bad is it gonna do?” he smirked.

 “So you’re just going to cheat your way through high school?” I asked and he laughed slightly.

“I wouldn’t call it cheating, it’s more like having people do my work for me. I’m planning on building a career on it” he said.

“Well good luck with that” I answered.

“Look, the only reason I’m letting you do this is because I know you can. You’re smart, right? So, just write it down and boom, we get an A. Everyone’s happy” he smiled.

“No, I’m not happy. I get the whole bad boy act you’ve got going on, but I’m not gonna let you take credit for something you didn’t write” I spoke and his smiled dropped.

“You’ll change your mind. Trust me” he said stepping a little closer, intruding my personal space.

“I doubt that” I replied and the smirk appeared again.

And with that he turned around and walked off. At least now he knew where we were standing. I wasn’t okay with him taking credit for the presentation I had made. He would have to participate for that to happen.

I still had more classes to go to since it only was lunch when we had had our talk. Luckily, I didn’t have any of those classes with Sam. So I felt pretty good after all. I had stood up to the school’s bad boy. I was actually kind of proud of myself. I’m not the shy type but I’m definitely not the kind of person who would do that. Confidence felt nice.

After my last class of the day I decided to stay in school to work on the project. It did have to be in on Monday after all, and I had to get an A on this presentation whether or not Sam was going to help. I sat down in the library and got to work. The good thing about writing in here was the silence. It’s so peaceful and quiet that I could hear a needle fall to the floor. At least for a while.

“Well well well, if it isn’t my baby girl” I heard a too familiar voice say and looked up to meet Sam’s eyes. “You working on our project?”

“In fact, I am. So why don’t you take a seat and help me?” I gestured to the empty spot beside me.

“Sweetheart, we already settled this, remember?” he raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Alright bad boy, listen up. I’m sick and tired of this attitude of yours so just drop it, okay? Now you better sit your ass down and get to work” I stood up as I spoke and his smile washed off immediately.

“Don’t think, even for a second, that you can dominate me” he said, taking a step toward me. Now standing so close I can feel his breath against my skin, sending chills down my spine.

“I just did” I replied shortly and his eyes turned into a completely different shade of brown as he bit down on his lip. Making my heart beat faster with every second.


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