sup doc

meet Pluto Junipère! he loves 80s rock n roll and metal! if you insult his favorite bands he will probably pull a knife on you… he’s a rough guy but he’s the sort who would kick the shit out of you then go over and pet a dog (u just gotta get 2 know him)!! he is always on the move on his beloved motorbike! he lost his arm in a motorbike accident but that doesn’t stop him from riding and rockin!!! but he’s mainly known for his infamous guitar playing!! 

he’s about 25 and he says his gender can go fuck its self but he go’s by he/him pronouns! and he likes guys! 


[Lost Weeked Video] has been here for 18 years, and we’ve seen people come and go. We were here for that first [tech boom] and that was a little bit more turbulent. I remember people slashing tires and SUV’s getting their windows smashed. There was a little bit more push back against the revolution than there is now. Now, it’s not uncommon to see a couple of Teslas cruising down Valencia [St.] and then leaving their windows wide open. That’s a call to action, you guys. So easy to piss into a car when the windows are wide open.

Josh: Suzy is like a rich, sheltered piece of shit. And then…
George: She gets better.
Josh: When she gets to 28, by the end, you’re like “aw, she’s the sweetest”. She’s a sweetheart. You love her.
George: She was like, a “bad girl”. Cigarettes.
Josh: So unhappy too, she’s smoking cigarettes.
George: [whispering] My type!

— ‘Sup Doc Podcast. EP 6 The Up Series with comedian/actor Josh Fadem