sup addiction

owls are only cute until they eat you

I waited for months
I knew you were falling
that day in the park
when you sneezed
scared the ducks away
the first time you dropped
your hair over your shoulders
with your twin moon dimples
the night on my hood
we watched the leaves fall
you told me you were always
the one to say I love you
you were on a sinking ship
flashing your light
so I shot a flare
then we dove into the night
bad days at work
always had happy
some nights
you were too tired
I never was
You clung to my
laughter echoing
in the darkness
like a fly in the web
you began to believe
the best way
to end an argument
was a creampie
in the middle of it
I never told you
how hard it was to
hide my smile
with every
biten lip
the night you cried while
we touched fingertips
told me how you never
wanted to be someone
I missed
never thinking you
were someone
that actually meant
something to me
in the end
I watched
your eyes turn
from blue
to grey
then green

you fucking knew what
you were getting in to
your mother sang you
songs you never learned
to sing
your friends told you
I was bad news
how is it my fault
you couldn’t help
but continue to
read the same story
I wrote for every
single other
the last night
we finished without
a word
you gave it up like
it would save something

I’m fucked up

there was
never anything
to save
in the first place
now you’re just
another face
I won’t remember
my name will
always leave the taste
of the chase in which
you were the mouse
I was the owl

now you have a song
you’ll always remember
a dick
you’ll never forget