SuNoko Manga Scenes: Chapters 9 - 10

*No Akiras were cut out in the making of this post.

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SuNoko Manga Scenes: Chapter 10 

*No Akiras were cut out in the making of this post.



I actually really enjoyed that series because it’s about dweebs solving SPOOKY (or ARE THEY?) MYSTERIES. Because this is CLAMP there’s a kindergartener in love with a sixth grader.

Other than that it’s a pretty cute series not to mention they essentially founded the detective club to get out of doing any real work and I appreciate that. They also showed up in X/1999, Duklyon: Clamp School Defenders, and Man of Many Faces. All of them take place at the CLAMP campus, school of deus ex machina and “oh my god don’t make me read X”.

I have yet to read very much of Man of Many Faces because they really went in hard about the mutual incredibly deep destiny love between a kindergartener and a fourth grader.

According to wikipedia they actually had a series of light novels with them based on CLAMP’s tabletop roleplaying sessions. CLAMP is living the dream.

MOD A EDIT: when mod b first put this up i thought she got someone’s grade wrong one time but no, there are actually two separate romances involving kindergarteners featured in this universe. what the actual fuck is clamp smoking, holy shit.