Class is in session❗️ I never thought I’d be going to college❗️ ready to give the kids of SUNY Purchase their education on body modification, including an extra special strip tease💄 #SUNYpurchase #amandalepore #glamourgirl #collegeconfidential @kylefarmery #BRAINS #readingisfundamental #Pussypower #letmeentertainyou 💋💄❗️❤️ (at SUNY Purchase)

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Who doesn’t love John Delate?


Seasons of SUNY Purchase

A timelaspse video of all four seasons at State University of New York at Purchase from the same library window.
Music by Skeletonbreath.
Video filmed and edited by Jon Stogner with the assistance of Alyce Pellegrino.


Every Wednesday we will be announcing//featuring an artist that’s going to be vending at Zine Feast Vol. II. For our first installment we want you to feast your eyes on the magnificent and wondrous G. W. Duncanson. If you don’t know his work already go check it out and follow his artblog at 

and if you love it buy it at

kisses, smell you later, nerds.



Back at it #callofdutystyle #nerfwars #sunypurchase (at SUNY Purchase)

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