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Here’s an updated version of how to reserve rooms/venues on campus based on the new Purchase College website layout. This is your first step to holding any kind of event on campus. Any student can do it!

(Note: The Co-Op is not managed by RMS. To book the Co-Op space, e-mail purchasecoop[at]gmail[dot]com.)

1. Go to the Purchase College website.
2. Click on ‘Campus Calendar’ on the bottom bar.
3. Select 'Login to RMS’ (Room Management Services) and enter your student e-mail and e-mail password.
4. Select 'Create a New Event’ on the upper panel.
5. Title your event and try to be clear with your description, because there is a separate manager of each venue who gets all kinds of requests like these. This will also be the information that appears on the master calendar when students go to look at that.
6. On the drop down menu on the next page, select the building and room you would like to rent. For example, if you want to rent the Cinema in the Student Center, you select 'Student Center’ as your building, and to select the Cinema just select '1018 – Cinema.’
7. Go through the rest of the form and do your thing…double check everything to make sure the time slot is correct and whatnot.
8. Click 'create event’. You should get an e-mail confirming that you put in this RMS request. This does not mean that it is confirmed yet– you will get a second e-mail telling you that your event was approved or rejected by whoever manages that space.

It probably will not be rejected, and if it is, it is only because your event might clash with another event booked for the same time slot in the same room. No reason you can’t negotiate that with whoever is in charge of the event, though!

Contact Marianna Grady, Student Activities Coordinator (marianna.grady[at] with any questions as she manages the Student Center calendar.


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