Latin phrases to use as incantations.

This is gonna be a long list.

  • ab intra - from within
  • ab origine - from the source
  • absit iniuria - “let insult be absent”
  • absit invidia - “let envy be absent”
  • absit omen - “let omens be absent”
  • ab uno disce omnes - from one, learn all.
  • abyssus abyssum invocat - deep calleth unto deep
  • a capite ad calcem - from head to heel
  • acta non verba - actions not words
  • ad altiora tendo - “I strive to higher things”
  • ad astra - to the stars
  • ad fontes - to the sources
  • ad meliora - towards better things
  • ad oculos - to the eyes
  • ad undas - to the waves
  • ad victoriam - to victory
  • adsum - I am here
  • a fortiori - from the stronger/from strength
  • a mari usque ad mare - from sea to sea
  • audeamus - let us dare
  • audentes fortuna iuvat - fortune favors the bold
  • audi, vide, tace - hear, see, be silent
  • beatae memoriae - of blessed memory
  • bona fide - in good faith
  • bono malum superate - overcome evil with good
  • capax infiniti - holding the infinite
  • carpe diem - seize the day
  • carpe noctem - seize the night
  • cave - beware
  • ceteris paribus - all other things being equal
  • circa - around
  • citius, altius, fortius - faster, higher, stronger
  • clavis aurea - golden key
  • cogito ergo sum - I think, therefor I am
  • compos mentis - in control of the mind
  • concilio et labore - by wisdom and effort
  • concordia cum veritate - in harmony with truth
  • concordia salus - well-being through harmony
  • coniunctis viribus - with connected strength
  • consummatum est - it is complete
  • corruptus in extremis - corrupt to the extreme
  • crescit eundo - it grows as it goes
  • de novo - from the new
  • de profundis - from the depths
  • dies irae - day of wrath
  • dona nobis pacem - give us peace
  • ego te provoco - I challenge you
  • esse est percipi - to be is to be perceived  
  • esse quam videri - to be, rather than to seem
  • esto quod es - be what you are
  • ex animo - from the soul
  • ex luna scientia - from the moon, knowledge
  • ex scientia tridens - from knowledge, sea power
  • ex silentio - from silence
  • ex undis - from the waves of the sea
  • experientia docet - experience teaches
  • fac et spera - do and hope
  • fac fortia et patere - do brave deed and endure
  • faciam quodlibet quod necesse est - I’ll do whatever it takes
  • faciam ut mei memineris - I’ll make you remember me
  • facta, non verba - deeds, not words
  • fortis et liber - strong and free
  • fortis in arduis - strong in difficulties
  • gloriosus et liber - glorious and free
  • hic abundant leones - here lions abound
  • hic et nunc - here and now
  • hic sunt dracones - here there are dragons
  • hinc illae lacrimae - hence those tears
  • hinc itur ad astra - from here the way leads to the stars
  • igni ferroque - with fire and iron
  • in memoriam - into the memory
  • in nocte consilium - advice comes over night
  • libra - balance
  • littera scripta manet - the written words endure
  • locus standi - a right to stand
  • luceo non uro - I shine, not burn
  • luctor et emergo - I struggle and emerge
  • mare liberum - free sea
  • memento vivere - remember to live
  • more ferarum - like beasts
  • natura non contristatur - nature is not saddened
  • nec spe, nec metu - without hope, without fear
  • noli me tangere - do not touch me
  • ophidia in herba - a snake in the grass
  • pro se - for oneself
  • propria manu - by one’s own hand
  • quaere - to seek
  • quod abundat non obstat - what is abundant does not hinder
  • resurgam - I shall arise
  • semper ad meliora - always towards better things
  • semper anticus - always forward
  • semper apertus - always open
  • semper fortis - always brave
  • semper liber - always free
  • stet - let it stand
  • tuebor - I will protect
  • vera causa - true cause

“He walked the streets of Romania, looking for a Bride. He had been alone for years, watching happy couples be free, full of life, and full of love. He looks along the streets when he spots me, sitting there with tears and blood. He kneels by me and a irony taste fills my lips as I’m soon lifted by him, cradled in his arms…” (Credit to cher)

“De ce blogul tău e aşa depresiv?”
-Pentru că în fiecare zi mă ridic din pat şi ma prefac că sunt bine şi ca totul e în regulă. Fac asta pentru că nu îmi doresc ca lumea să creadă că “vreau atenție”, ca nimeni să nu ştie cum mă simt eu cu adevărat. Îmi e prea frică să spun ceea ce simt, aşa că mă ascund în spatele unui zâmbet: e masca mea.
Los signos como frases en latín.(Parte 2).

Aries: Primero vivir, después filosofar. “Primum vívere, deinde philosophare". 

Tauro: Mejor tarde que nunca. “Potius sero quam númquam”. 

Géminis: Si quieres la paz, prepara [desarrolla] la justicia. “Si vis pacem, para iustitiam”.

Cáncer: ¿Qué hay más placentero que el hogar? “Quae est domestica sede iucundior?”

Leo: Vine, vi, vencí. “Veni, vidi, vici”.

Virgo: Saber es poder. “Scientia est potentia”. 

Libra: Ojo por ojo, diente por diente. “Óculum pro óculo, dentem pro dente”.

Escorpio: Superarse uno mismo y dominar el mundo. Transire suum pectus mundoque potiri”. 

Sagitario: Sean como son, o que no sean. “Sint ut sunt, aut non sint”. 

Capricornio: Hechos, no palabras. “Res non verba". 

Acuario: Enseñas a nadar a un pez. (Se dice sobre el ignorante que pretende enseñar a alguien que sabe más que él). “Piscem natare doces”.

Piscis: El amor todo lo vence. “Amor omnia vincit”.

Manden sus dudas, que les gustaría ver en blog y sugerencias, todo por mensaje. Y también de qué otro escritor, cantante o famoso les gustaría que subiera frases.