suntanned skin

Vacation With Him (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

Vacation, that’s what you were currently doing. Soaking up the sun and relaxing beside the private pool area. Sunglasses on, suntan lotion covered skin and most importantly you were here with your boyfriend. He had been so busy filming and more that he was drained. You mentioned a sweet time with no electronics and some sun. He immediately agreed and that’s how you ended up on this perfect little vacation. Closing your eyes you continue to soak up the sun and daydream about your boyfriend. You were happy together, he was one of the upmost sweetest guys you have ever met. The great thing about him is he didn’t let his fame be the reasoning for keeping you around and it was the same for you, you could care less about the fame and money. Seb has an amazing personality and that’s what drew you to him in the first place. You see, the two of you met by accident. You were just a waitress at a small little diner. Not being treated very well by customers and men /always/ hit on you and made nasty comments. Things you dealt with a majority of your life. Sebastian, however, completely took you by surprise. You were working night shift since the diner was open until midnight or so, when he came in. You were dealing with one of your regulars. Always trying to touch your ass, it was annoying but you pushed it off and made your way over to his table.

You could tell right away he was probably some sort of model, he had the right face for it. Shaking your head you introduced yourself and took his order. The rest of the night was a blurr but your cook told you to take a break. He cooked you something and sent you to sit down. You sat in your corner booth and that’s when he cleared his throat. Thinking something was wrong, you go to get up. He told you nothing was wrong and instead asked to join you. Not understanding his motive you agreed a little wary. Expecting him to start flirting or hitting on you, he surprises you when he starts asking about you and what you wanted in life. That’s how you gained a crush on him and were always happy to see him in the diner. Sebastian’s order was simple and you knew it like the back of your hand. Things started changing over the next couple months and you started falling in love with the total sweetheart. Sebastian wasn’t afraid to speak his mind and he always said you needed a better job. The protectiveness coming from him made your heart flutter. Eventually he asked you out and you two had been together ever since.

A smile crosses your lips as you lay there thinking about past memories with the man you have come to love. He was a popular actor and he was always traveling for movies, you enjoyed seeing him do something he loved. You were even more proud of him when he landed the Bucky Barnes role. He was excited and absolutely thrilled to get the role. Supporting him all the way through you fell in love with his movies as well. He turned around and supported you in getting your degree in art and as well as dabbling in acting. Sebastian was excited at the chance of maybe some day doing a movie with you. Only shaking your head you knew you would never get that chance. He was phenomenal and then there was you, sure you could act but never as amazing as he could.

“(Y/N)…” Sebastian whines for the third time. You hadn’t heard him calling your name earlier, far too lost in your thoughts.

“What Sebby?” You speak finally.

“Come in the pool.”

“I quite like the warm feeling of the sun on my body.”

“I can make you warm..” He pouts.

“Sebastian!” You laugh. “I don’t feel like it right now.”

“Come in the pool, (Y/N) please. Don’t be such a fun killer.” He whines again. Sitting up to look at him you push your sunglasses up on the top of your head.

“I am not a fun killer Seb.” You frown and move to the edge of your chair.

“Please prinţesă.” He pleads, knowing damn well that him speaking Romanian would get you.

“Fine Sebby.” You sigh rolling your eyes. A smile crosses his lips and you pad softly over to the edge of the pool. Sitting down on the edge you stick your feet in. It was cold but it felt nice, closing your eyes for a second you push yourself further in the water. Sebastian, thinking you are taking too long picks you up and has you both under water. When you both come up you scream.

“Oh calm down.” He teases.

“Seb! You ass.” You pout.

“I’m sorry prinţesă.” He murmurs wrapping his arms around your waist.

“No.” You frown and continue to pout.

“Aw, C’mon doll!” You only continue to do as before and Sebastian groans. His forehead resting on yours. Without a word he leans forward and kisses you softly. Continuing to press kisses to your lips you finally bust and giggle.

“Sebbyyyy!” You giggle. He only pulls you closer to him and finally kisses you passionately. Melting against him you smile against his lips and kiss him back.

“I love you (Y/N).” He murmurs gentle.

“I love you too Seb.” You smile and kiss him again.