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Bucky X Reader

- Fire and Ice:

Summary: You have been recruited by Fury to help Tony with some work in the compound. At first you’re closed of from the group, especially with your secret powers. But as time goes by you feel yourself being attracted to the mysterious man called Bucky Barnes. Will you let Bucky in and show him your true self or will you push everything away you come to love?

 part one part two I part three part four I part five I part six I part seven

 part eight I part nine

- Worth Fighting For (Finished):

Summary: You have been through a lot these past 70 years. From loosing the love of your life to watching SHIELD get destroyed from the inside out. When you finally think it’s all over you receive some surprising news from Steve. It’s time to suite up again and this time it’s for a cause worth fighting for.

part one I part two I part three part four I part five part six I part seven part eight I part nine I part ten (final)

- Heavy Metal:

Summary: You have been HYDRA’s secret weapon since you were a little girl. You were injected with Vibranium and were given a chip to control the metal flowing through your body, making you invincible. When The Avengers attack your base you fight back, believing that The Avengers are the bad guys. When they defeat you, they take you back to the compound. They try to convince you that HYDRA is bad, and with the help of Bucky Barnes they might be able to do so.

part one I part two I part three

- Devine:

Summary: As a young child you came in contact with an entity. It possessed your body and gave you unthinkable powers. You managed to keep your power hidden for the most of your life, but one day everything goes wrong and you get on the radar of The Avengers.

part one I part two I part three I part four I part five

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One Shots:

Morning in Paris (Bucky x reader)

You are the one I want (Bucky x reader)

Fun In The Sun (Bucky x reader)

Take a Risk (Steve x reader)

Sweet Christmas (Bucky x reader)


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