RoyalOakstuck Meetup!!

Hi guys! The lovely Brandy and I have decided to plan a meet-up on the 16th (a Saturday) in the always-exciting downtown Royal Oak!  We’ll be meeting at Lil Brothers at 2, eating, then you guys can go wherever you want, but we may end up stopping at Goldfish Tea and a few other places, so it’d be nice if we all stuck together.  We’ll be taking pictures through-out our adventure, but an organized photoshoot will probably take place either at Lil Bros (for all our strider needs) or Goldfish Tea, or just the streets of downtown! 

Remember, downtown Royal Oak is a bunch of different stores, with a bunch of different people, so you have to be wary of what you wear, because the rules are different in every store.  I suggest smaller horns, and no body paint, just in case you want to go into, say, Barnes and Noble and they don’t let you touch any of the books for fear of getting paint on anything.  Remember to be courteous, and make sure you check the weather report!

(This meet-up was planned before the second Lakeside meet-up idea was suggested, and we desperately hope that the other meet-up can be rescheduled to, perhaps, the weekend after this (is that the 23rd?). Many apologies if it can’t, and we understand if you’d prefer going to that one, but…)

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Update: ModPodge’d the horns, but I discovered that I can’t put them up through the wig (I’ve tried, it won’t work, I don’t want to talk about it >:U) so I may either suck it up and just wear them on the band (they definitely look like they’re on a headband, though) or I’ll go out and purchase some extra black hair and glue it onto the headband itself to disguise it and the horns or something. Depends on how much money I have.

The ear fins I am 90% sure I’m going to redo with everything different, but I did a wire body and tinfoil outer-ware, and I need to go buy latex. (Where do I even buy latex, that’s the questions I SHOULD be asking…) Does anybody have any better ear-making ideas? I’m kind of lost on this one, to be honest. I don’t want to buy the ears everyone’s so found of, though, since i don’t have any way of purchasing things on line, whoops.

Now I just need to make the mask and get paint. What kind should I use, do you think? Ben Nye is probably not an option, really, since I don’t know anywhere local that sells it, but I think the craft store sells snazaroo. Does that come in black and white? Hmm. Let’s hope! I’ve also heard a lot of people say PAX is a good one, too? But I’ve only heard that for hands and stuff. I have no idea, so yeah. Also, any good mask-making tutorials that you’d recommend?

(If you’ve got an answer to anything in this post, please drop me an ask or a submission or something, pretty please. c:)