SUNSTONE by Sjepan Sejic: It’s the BDSM erotica story everyone should be talking about!

And some people already are! Here’s what critics have to say about this comic where trust and consent come FIRST!

“This book handles lesbian sex, domination, submission, bondage and so much more in a fantastic and positive way. This isn’t some uber male fantasy aimed at providing cheap titillation, it is about showing how real people go about exploring interests outside what some would describe as ‘normal’ (whatever that is) and yes, we are going to mention the artwork again. Sejic’s double page spreads are stunning and clever all at the same time.” Need to Consume

“BDSM has a bad image, one that inspires images of suffering and abuse. Sunstone absolutely destroys that image and replaces it with one of pleasure, one of trust and honesty. It shows people that it’s possible to enjoy this in a loving context, and that a relationship between the Dom and Sub is not so much about power and control, but about trust and loyalty.” Fantomzone

“The way BDSM is presented in Sunstone is respectful and for someone who knows nothing of this lifestyle, my eyes were opened. My own preconceptions were thrown away as I saw these two women open themselves up and begin a healthy sexual relationship. As a feminist, a woman, and a comic fan, all I can ask for in sex scenes is that women involved are in control and that’s exactly what we get here in Sunstone.” Geeked Out Nation

“Sejic knows how to render the female form, and render it well. This book is loaded with gorgeous visions of Ally and Lisa in a number of fun and sexy positions as they explore their new-found relationship. It’s the writing, however, that makes this book more than just mere eye-candy. Ally and Lisa have sections devoted to what ignited the fetishes that they have, and talk about the aforementioned reasons for keeping such passions hidden, as well as how much trust comes into play. By the time you close the book on this first chapter, you may see these two not as titillating objects for male fantasy, but as two real people trying to figure out how to make their desires work for them.” Comic Spectrum

Sunstone features something erotica frequently misses out – a real relationship.  It’s also a fantastic LGBT novel.  None of the girls start off the book as lesbians; they’ve both had male partners before.  But what they find together transcends labels like straight, gay or bisexual.  It’s quite simply a matter of you can’t help who you fall for.” The Big Glasgow Comic Page

Sunstone is not your average love story. It’s a beautiful and complex tale about what love and trust are to some people.” Outright Geekery


“Where are you!?” The boy rummaged through the burneddebris. Small fires slowly dying out as time progressed. “Please!” The young gem overturned a piece of broken space craft, searching frantically for the girl. His ‘Twin’.

 “Sunstone!”  He collapsed to his knees, tears rolling down his cheeks as he looked about the small crater the impact had caused. “Please.” With his last plea he cast his gaze to the stars.

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The sunstone is a type of mineral attested in several 13th–14th century written sources in Iceland, one of which describes its use to locate the sun in a completely overcast sky.

Sunstones are also mentioned in the inventories of several churches and one monastery in 14th–15th century Iceland.

A theory exists that the sunstone had polarizing attributes and was used as a navigation instrument by seafarers in the Viking Age.


I’m so happy with my purchases!!
(Starting from the 2nd picture) I got:
-Tangerine Quartz
- Malachite
-Hematite with Quartz
-2 singing crystals

(On my hand from top to bottom):
-1/3 Botswana Agate
-Mangano Calcite
-Blue Tiger Eye
-Orange Calcite
-2/3 Botswana Agate
-3/3 Botswana Agate

The last two pictures are of Moonstone and one of the Botswana Agates. They are so beautiful!


“Different” a 6 page comic for the gemsona PromptGem Aberration

Also a short  Prequel comic to “Fluorite’s Story” comic which can be found either on here, or DA. (My art has improved a lot since the first page)

and I finished this 1 hour before March is over. That’s what happens when you wait until the last 2 days of March to do ALL your inking and coloring.