Out now in paperback: “The Door Into Fire”

So it’s out now at Amazon, for those of you who might have been waiting.

Back in print at last – the first novel in the groundbreaking fantasy series.  

Herewiss is the only man in centuries to possess the Power of the blue Flame, but he can’t use or control it—not even to help his friend and lover Prince Freelorn, exiled from his native land of Arlen and pursued across the Middle Kingdoms by the usurpers and their allies.  

Invoking perilous sorceries and the even more dangerous assistance of the fire elemental Sunspark, Herewiss manages to rout the armies besieging Freelorn and his little band of followers. Together they flee eastward to seek temporary refuge in the mysterious lands near the edge of the world they know.  

But now Herewiss faces a devastating choice. His time to master the blue Fire is running out. Should he abandon his fruitless search and join Freelorn in his fight to regain his kingdom? Or should he seek out the ancient keep in the Waste where doors lead into other worlds—perhaps even the door whose use will teach him to control the Power that he must master or die?… 

The Door Into Fire, on the strength of which Diane Duane was twice nominated for the John W. Campbell Award for best new writer in the SF/fantasy field, is the first volume in a critically acclaimed series that has been hailed as a cult classic of fantasy for its unique take on sword and sorcery and its unforgettable characters.

 "Good strong stuff with the right light touch.“ – Terry Pratchett 

"Expands the limits of the swords and sorcery genre. Exciting, magical, intelligent.” – Publishers Weekly

…Something to mention in passing: that blurb from Terry made me prouder than any number of award nominations. He did not hand out blurbs lightly no matter how friendly you were.

(And also: yes, I know that in the Amazon listing there’s a typo in the name of the series. “The Talle of the Five.” EYEROLL. …I think they can fix that. I’ve asked, anyway.)

Anyway: The Door Into Shadow and The Door Into Sunset will be along in their paperback editions over the next couple/few weeks. Want the ebook version of the omnibus edition instead? You can get it here at Ebooks Direct or here from the Kindle Store at Amazon.

Verdict of the Highborne,

You are invited to attend a lesson on the Light, its three virtues and the way it effects us all. Followed by discussion, healing for those in need of it, and confession for those who wish to cleanse their mind and soul of burdens.

 - Cleric Silevremes Sunspark, Lieutenant of the 62nd battalion of the High Kingdom.

Where: Blood Knight Pavilion, Quel’Thalas.

Time: June 30th - 7 p.m. WRA Server time 

[ Please PST Silevremes in game with any questions or for event invite! ]

valgen-reisen  asked:

Quick random question: Have Sig and Leon named their most-used mounts? What mounts do they even use?

Indeed they have!  

Sunspark “Sparky” is Sig’s fire hawk mount/pet.  I made a little picture story about how he got a giant fire elemental.

Most travelers paid enormous fees to take their steeds along with them on the airship flight to Pandaria.  This didn’t mean much to Leon who didn’t technically have a personal mount. He just assumed he’d be walking most of the time anyway.  

But upon arrival he realized it would be unreasonable (and dangerous!!) to travel far by foot lol.  Pandaria was just too vast. He didn’t even know which direction he should go in.  All he knew for sure was he needed a mount, and thankfully the Horde’s pandaren hosts generously offered what they had.  Quickly intimidated by the dragonturtles, he was shown a large white crane instead.  Apparently her name was Zua.  Leon knew how to ride a hawkstrider so a crane shouldn’t be much different, right? 

For Zua he traded an outdated elvish-to-orcish dictionary, a standard edition All About Azeroth encyclopedia (he thought he’d read up on Pandaria on the flight over, turns out Pandaria wasn’t covered lol), 2 uhhh novels, his personal set of ink and pens (hard to part with those but..), and a big bag of Felo’roros (elvish equivalent of Atomic Fireballs lol).  

And so, Leon struck out into the wilds of Pandaria with Zua.  Adventures ensued!  

He never intended to keep her (he’s not one for pets, or most animals tbh) but in all his travels Xua’s always proven herself reliable, not to mention very smart and very swift.  Like Leon she is cautious, and he quickly learned to trust her judgement when it came to traveling off the roads.  

Zua can actually fly but the cranes in-game can’t obviously lol.  That’s just fine cuz Leon is MUCH happier on the ground than in the sky. 

He trained Zua to never take flight while he was in the saddle.  It took some patience.. and the occasional emergency Levitate lol.