The First Marriage

by Peter Meinke

for Gretchen and Herb: June 15, 1991

imagine the very first marriage a girl
and boy trembling with some inchoate
need for ceremony a desire for witness:
inventing formality like a wheel or a hoe

in a lost language in a clearing too far from here
a prophet or a prophetess intoned to the lovers
who knelt with their hearts cresting
like the unnamed ocean thinking This is true

thinking they will never be alone again
though planets slip their tracks and fish
desert the sea repeating those magic sounds
meaning I do on this stone below
this tree before these friends yes in body
and word my darkdream my sunsong yes I do I do


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Patapos na ako sa CATFK, isusunod ko siguro Goblin, Replay 1988, Great Catsby, tas suggest kayo??? Thank you!!

Heeere she is :)

Name / Nickname: Merkava (pronounced Merk. Uh. Vuh)/ Sunny

Nationality / Ethnicity / Language(s): European / Romanian / English, French, Italian, ASL

Age / Birthday / Sign: Unknown, presumably a young woman / May 25th / Gemini

Date of Death / Date of Res: The Collapse / 3 years before the Battle of the Twilight Gap

Height / Weight: 5'1 / 125 pounds

Species: Human

Light class: Sunsinger (mainly), Stormcaller (ocassionally. She often creates screw ups for herself, resulting in nasty, nasty burns).

Faction alliance: Future War Cult

Ghost: Ike (a lil sarcastic, icy ass)

Orientation / Status: Bisexual / Single as a pringle

Fireteam name: Fireteam Riley (current) Sunsong (ocassional), King’s Song (occasional)

Traits: Bright, amiable, amusing, silly, companionly, talkative, curious, loving, pragmatic, overexaggerating, high spirited, opportunistic, selfless, messy, dependent (but can do fine on her own when the situation calls for it), appreciative, genuine, obvious, emotional af (on the postivie side), honest, sensual.

Quirks: Scribbles in her notebook to herself on her own time to take stress off from duty, absolutely loves snow and will create the craziest of things out of it, has nerve-wreaking panic attacks, does not like being alone but is not super attention seeking, loves sweets, with her gift of substantial control over Solar energy she creates fireballs/glowballs just to observe the beauty (she has great love for the Sun), and finally, she loves to play her ocarina instrument during serene, quiet times. Others around her often take solace in it.

About: One of the younger Guardians, Merkava is a proud Sunsinger and active Thanatonaut of the Last City.

Her Guardian life started 3 years before the Gap, and she’d learned the coming of Guardian resurrection bore no easy consequence. Without the Crucible existing as the required middleground for new Guardians to train, she had to work/train away from the Tower, and out on the arbitrary battlefield. Learning the hard way she wasn’t compatible working alone like other Guardians (specifically Hunters) she was placed on a set Fireteam with experience just around her level, to help her grow in a more efficient way with her Light. The placement proved to be beneficial for her and worked well with her Light in favorable style. All three (two Hunters, one Warlock) had developed a long way, and became one hell of a Fireteam with surprising chemistry.

In the events of the Twilight Gap, Merkava had lived and had given all she could to help the City’s cause. Witnessing the countless bloody deaths of Guardians and civilians alike, along with her close friend Lauren’s, had traumatized her, and only fed into her anxious nature. The agitation only worsened from the frequent seperation of herself and her usual Fireteam out on the battlefield, and in the callous dangers of the Fallen. She’d only learned to cope by taking appreciation into her own hands; succeeding through battle by bonding with other Guardians and taking the role of an active medic on the battlefield (along with fighting when she had to).

Things were brighter after the immense victory for the Tower. A reunion with her teammates and Guardians she knew had been the biggest blessing given to her in the aftermath. With vast improvement sure to be in the Tower’s future, Merkava reverted back to her usual bright, positivity-radiating self, but with more conscious maturity in mind, which in turn earned more love from her teammates and those she bonded with during the battle. 

In the events of the Taken King, Ikora sent Merkava to Mars with full intent on setting her on the path of the Stormcaller. The path was risky, her mentor knew with there being so few of them and Merkava being a young case, but she also had faith her bright student could do it, given her gift of efficient control over Light energy and her general bright composure. The process, as expected, took a long time, but Ikora found Merkava fairly compatible with Arc, and with more training over the years, could become one of the best.

The beginning was balls to the wall rough, the burns she’d received some days were endless. Arc didn’t flow like the Solar energy she was accustomed to, with warmth, growth, and sense of integrity. It instead struck in jagged, relentless pathways, a daunting storm annihilating everything in it’s wake. The destructive nature inspired fear within her of course and concern in her teammates, however, with enough training she’d proven Ikora right. Given time, Merkava was not only a very gifted Sunsinger, but an enlightened Stormcaller, and she used the subclass when times were convenient.

Being the curious lil thing she was, the subject of forgotten memory became of eager interest to her during bouts of her random research as a Warlock, specifically her vague connections to the Ishtar Collective. Who was she back then, her occupation, and her nebulous connection to the Ishtar Collective? These questions not only strode through her mind’s web, but fellow Warlock brethren as well. Giving the subject serious pondering for a long while, Merkava had her mind set on what she was going to do. Exclusively following the prestigious Guardian Pujari, Merkava strode to unravel the advantageous mysteries of her past under his wing, and became an active Thanatonaut.

Merkava may have escaped many of life’s casualties plenty times through her occassional messes, but she’s still got ways to learn.

Chris Å.

Age: 21

Located: Survivors camp

Eye colour: Brown

Hair colour: Brown

Length: 166 cm

Mental capacity: Stable

Body capacity: flexible

Status: Infected (need vaccine)

Unique Item: Adrenaline shot

Starting weapon: Shovel 

Main weapon: Shovel AK4B (G3)

Fire Arms: AK4B (G3).



Skills: Military training

Backpack (+ 4 slots)

Allergic to wasps

When: February 21st, 5pm Server Where: Multiple Locations (Starting Zone: Northrend-Argent Tournament Grounds/More to Come)

What: Jousting, Archery, Hand to Hand, Shield Combat, Wizards Duel and More!

Cross Realm: Yes  Cross Faction: Yes

Music provided by the spectacular crescent-productions

Entertainment to amaze and astound by: thetirisfaltheatretroupe

Contact for Info/to Sign Up and Compete: tyrestrus-sunsong ; InGame: Tyrestrus By Email:

Contestants Needed! Judges Needed! Crafters-Come Ply Your Wares! Transmogers-Show Your Stuff! Entertainers-We Need You! Mages-The Flexing of Your Magic is Needed for Portals!

To the Winner Go the Spoils!  (Gold purse to be announced.)

If you would like to help make this event truly exceptional for WRA, please consider coming out, entering the competition or just being part of the fun!