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Character images and profiles from Waku Waku 7, Sunsoft’s 1996 fighting game on the Neo Geo. Despite only having seven playable characters (and two non-playable characters, both of which are least kind of silly), this is a surprisingly solid and fun title. Actual combat is easy to pick up, with two punch buttons, two kick buttons, and moves that originate from those, including some easy special moves that simply require pushing both punches or kicks at the same time. Each character has a super-powered unblockable move that will devastate the opponent–if it isn’t dodged while the move is charged up, during which the game provides ample warning in the form of a flashing screen and sirens. It’s a great compromise between providing the kind of ultra attacks which would become common in later fighters like Marvel vs. Capcom, while still ensuring that anyone caught with such a hit has only themselves to blame.

The cast is quite varied. Wikipedia makes the claim that each character is a parody of another character, but that’s a bit of a stretch. Still, it’s easy to see the Indiana Jones/Crocodile Dundee/tough outdoorsman motif in Dandy J, Dominion Tank Police-esque stylings in Politank-Z, and other common influences. There’s no arguing that seven playable characters is a paltry selection, and one of the smallest rosters in fighting game history, but sometimes it’s just about quality instead of quantity.


The end of the Barcode World sprites, as far as I can tell. VS Mode “canonical full color” versions of the scenario player characters, with their official names. One of the eight PCs actually doesn’t seem to appear on any Barcode Battler stuff outside of World and I couldn’t find a code that made it show up in VS, so I included Hebereke, who is an odd deal:

You can only get Hebereke as a soldier-type character option in scenario mode by scanning one of the special Sunsoft game cards. Even though there’s several character cards specifically for the game, the only one represented in sprite seems to be Hebereke. Bit of a rip-off.