The Signs as My Favorite Songs
  • Aries:Fire || PVRIS
  • Taurus:Better Off Dead || Sleeping With Sirens
  • Gemini:American Beauty / American Psycho || Fall Out Boy
  • Cancer:Don't You Go || All Time Low
  • Leo:The Reckless and the Brave || All Time Low
  • Virgo:A Match Into Water || Pierce the Veil
  • Libra:Don't Threaten Me With a Good Time || Panic! at the Disco
  • Scorpio:Death Valley || Fall Out Boy
  • Sagittarius:Lost in Stereo || All Time Low
  • Capricorn:Nightmare || NateWantsToBattle
  • Aquarius:Kids in the Dark || All Time Low
  • Pisces:Props & Mayhem || Pierce the Veil
Real quick rule for compability

Fire signs is compabtible with Air signs

Air signs and Water signs may irritate one another

Air signs and Earth signs also may irritate each other

Earth signs and Water signs are compatible,but it is more a soulmate love 

Fire signs and Water signs are compatible,but their love is more on depending on each other.

Fire signs and Earth sign are real problematic.

and last: fire x fire, earth x earth,water x water and air x air are great too!

(also works with the venus sign)



Green Aventurine is said to benefit one in all areas of creativity, and imagination, as well as intellect and mental clarity. Lore says that it enhances prosperity and brings career success. It is a gentle stone energetically that gives a sense of calm and balance and enhances happiness. It also helps one to see alternatives and potentials in all situations, giving a positive outlook, courage and inner strength. It is also said to bring luck, especially in games of chance. Green Aventurine is also a mystical stone of prosperity. Aventurine bring friendship to one’s life. It is also a stone of protection energies.

Associated sun sign: Aries, Virgo, Libra

The signs after an argument

Aries: Feel like ripping your head off

Taurus: Hold a grudge for about a week

Gemini: act like nothing happened

Cancer: they forgive you but they won’t forget what you have said

Leo: Feel really guilty

Virgo: Wait for you to say sorry and then give up and say sorry to you

Libra: Give you the silent treatment for like 5 mins

Scorpio: Feel powerful bc their insults were amazing

Saggitarius: Ask if you are still friends and say sorry

Capricorn: ignore you and act like you are a stranger

Aquarius: They want to forget about it

Pisces: Don’t regret what they have said

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What the signs crave (check sun and moon)

Aries - excitement and success
Taurus - security and possession
Gemini - independence and experiences
Cancer - support and approval
Leo - admiration and action
Virgo - purpose and appreciation
Libra - harmony and luxury
Scorpio - control and meaning
Sagittarius - adventure and freedom
Capricorn - victory and recognition
Aquarius - knowledge and importance
Pisces - balance and exploration

What the signs do when they wake up 🐾

Aries: is an early riser and goes for a run

Taurus: is eating everything they can for breakfast

Gemini: checks and updates their social media

Cancer: looks at the time and goes back to sleep

Leo: takes a selfie and captions it “I woke up like this”

Virgo: takes a shower

Libra: has 9284 messages on their phone and texts their friends

Scorpio: has morning sex with whoever they hooked up with the night before

Sagittarius: probably pulled an all nighter and hasn’t even slept

Capricorn: blasts music while they’re getting ready for the day

Aquarius: picks up right where they left off in a show and watches netflix

Pisces: reads a book

My Take On Each Of The Signs-

( When reading you may want to read your Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Venus Sign, Mars Sign, and Rising Sign to get a clear picture of your true self)

Aries: Adventurous, energetic, passionate, kind. Aries are great friends and are great listeners. They tend to be a bit impatient at times, and can often come off as selfish. But they are far from such.

Taurus: ^_^ Cuddly bears! Taurus is kind, patient, and has that laid back mindset. They are into luxurious things and do not prefer a fast paced environment. They love food! They are great friends, and have very many deep emotions.

Gemini: They love to talk! They are fun loving people, they love to joke around, they are major flirts intil they find that special someone.

Cancer: They are the most mother like. They care for everyone and form strong bonds with everyone they meet. They are caring, passionate and nurturing.

Leo: They are bold, and protective. Many see them as attention whores, but they obviously do not know Leo. Leo’s appear that way often, but they are quite sensitive. They are great friends, and always try and cheer you up when you’re down.

Virgo: They can be a bit selfish without even realizing it. They are NOT innocent. They are caring, and quite protective of loved ones. With them family comes first. They are neat freaks, but that shouldn’t bother anyone being neat and organized helps you out a lot down the road

Libra: They are bright, bubbly people. They do get quite loud when angered. They are typically patient, unless they are stressed out. They are funny, but can be put down easily causing them to fall into a depression quite easily.

Scorpio: Intense, and passionate. They are deep people, they can see straight through bullshit. They are loving and have a great sense of humor if they trust you. It takes a lot to break their shell. They do get protective of loved ones often.
They often loving getting involved in danger, it just thrills them

Sagittarius: Adventurous, outspoken, freedom lovers. They are bright and bubbly, kind eyes. And warm hearted. They get jealous rather easily, and get angered rather quickly, though messing with them is not the best idea. They love traveling.

Capricorn: OMG, they are literally the quietest sign until you get to know them. They are loving, patient, and rather punctual for everything. They are quite serious, but funny. They are very very protective of loved ones.

Aquarius: They are fun, and adventurous as well. They don’t like to be tied down to anything. They are quite wild. They are quite emotional at times and have a hard time understanding their own emotions along with others, they tend to hang around the wrong people and put themselves in a dark depression. (Find Some Light My Darling. You’ll feel so good) they also are very creative .

Pisces: Such little loves. They are quiet, very emotional. Cuddle buddies. They have a unique bond with music, they are the type to spend an eternity in a dream world. They enjoy being alone. They are also very creative

Unlucky shit that would happen to the signs

Aries- Aries people are sustainable to harm from fire and sharp instruments. They are also prone to accidents involving high speed, and tend to get into violent and dangerous situations.

Taurus- Taurus people have q tendency to get involved in violent situations that have to do with love or money. They often antagonize others and incite the passions of lovers because of their stubbornness and possessiveness.

Gemini- Gemini people are prone towards accidents while traveling, especially by air. Their fickle natures also tend to arouse unexpected anger in others, the depth of which Geminis often misjudge.

Cancer- Cancer people are susceptible to accidents in the home. They are also prone toward becoming victims of theft.

Leo- Leo people tend to be bombastic and challenging, and often unknowingly provoke others into impulsive violence. They are also prone toward being victims of slander.

Virgo- Virgo people sometimes arouse anger and violence in others because of their tendency to interfere, their critical tongues, and unemotional attitudes.

Libra- Libra people tend to stir up ill feelings from others in situations having to do with love. Because they are indecisive and sometimes make a declaration of love too easily, Librans both anger and disappoint lovers. They also have a tendency to be fickle and faithless.

Scorpio- Scorpio people evoke anger in others by their secretiveness and jealousy. Their sharp, stinging tempers can also enrage others to the point of violence.

Sagittarius- Sagittarian people are subject to accidents of fire and explosion, especially while traveling. Their strong desire for freedom may also incite jealousy and possessiveness on the part of a lover.

Capricorn- Other people may harbor hidden grudges and resentments because of Capricorn’s coldness and reserve. Secrets from the past are often used against Capricorns.

Aquarius- Aquarians are innovative, unconventional, and sometimes eccentric, and are therefore often targets for attack by narrow-minded people. Aquarians also have a tendency to get into unusual situations and take up with oddball individuals.

Pisces- Pisceans have a high susceptibility to alcohol and drugs. They are also easily drawn into unpredictable situations and to unbalanced people

After being hurt by a close friend

If a Gemini is hurt by someone really close to them they don’t scream or yell. They don’t run crying to them or anything like that either. They tend to hide it and cover up their feelings. After the person apologizes they will probably go back to hanging out with them again but they never forget. In reality things will never be the same between the two. A Gemini wound runs deep.

Things That Make The Signs Happy

Aries- when someone tells them they’re really cool

Taurus- when someone sacrifices something for them or shares with them

Gemini- when someone compliments how amazing they are or being supportive towards their rare mood swings.

Cancer- giving them hugs and telling them you care about them.

Leo- hugs and proclaiming your love for them. giving them compliments for looks

Virgo- listening to them and understand. keeping things neat for them

Libra- proving that you care about them and giving them compliments on both their personality and looks

Scorpio- proving that they can trust you

Sagittarius- supporting them and liking their favorite music

Capricorn- understanding why they have the hard outer layer of their onion skin and slowly peeling away to see other layers of their personality.

Aquarius- proclaiming your love for them and bringing up good debate topics

Pisces- being reliable and supportive

Favourite astrology couples (part 1)

Virgo and Pisces - The best friends
Truly make each other happy, safe and dependable, passionate, they like and value each other as much as they love each other. This relationship feels like home. 

Cancer and Scorpio - The soul mates
Intimate and passionate, devoted and secure, this relationship is intense and answers their deepest needs. This relationship is like poetry. 

Gemini and Libra - The social butterflies
Fun, exciting, agreeable, this couple will share social lives, good times and a lot of laughs. This relationship is like the happiness and playfulness of being a child.

Aquarius and Sagittarius - The free spirits 
Adventurous and have the most interesting conversations, share an exciting, positive and outgoing life together. This relationship is like an exhilarating trip around the world.