the signs as settings

the empty lawn after a popular, outdoor concert, littered with confetti and a few lingering fans that are trying to savor the energy of the night by dancing carelessly in the field that is still lit by the bright stage lights. they continue even as the lights shut off and the stars gently illuminate the surroundings in replacement. in this moment, it’s as if everything but their heartbeats seems to freeze in time.
a sumptuous hotel located on the outskirts of a quaint town that is too small to be noted on any maps, but its desolation gives it a certain charm. the inn only occasionally books guests– travelers of many different backgrounds who all need a place to relax and refresh their mind; oddly they all feel a sense of familiarity rush over them just as they enter the lobby, almost like they’ve come home.
a prominent outdoor plaza that serves as the main attraction in an anomalous boomtown. the blue sky that hangs above always accompanies fluffy, white clouds. an abundance of fashion shops and ice cream parlors cover the area, surrounding an inventive fountain that citizens often throw pennies into, silently making their wishes. even still, the hectic complex fills with sounds of the chatter of lively visitors enjoying the active scene.
the exquisite pier that stands at the edge of a small, placid beach town where everyone knows each other by name and collectively works together to maintain their hospitable reputation. tourists who stumble across this town fall in love with the tranquil environment and convivial residents. before departing, they carve their initials into the lofty beams of the pier as a promise to return to the lovely community again someday.
the polished deck of a luxury cruise line where young guests congregate to prepare for a sleepless night as they watch the sun set behind the horizon of the surrounding ocean, radiating explosive shades of red. after the red sky fades to a deep blue, loud music erupts from the speakers and an unforgettable party begins. all worries disappeared with the sun and the night is strictly one of untroubled memories.
a narrow, hidden street alley that connects a sophisticated, urban town to a thriving orchard which is a world of its own. the alley turns into a beaten down path that leads to concourses of apple trees that the city children climb for a taste of the succulent fruit, as they look out and gaze upon the perfectly aligned rows of trees that stretch for miles in an unfamiliar direction they never knew they could wander. 
a simple and gorgeous lake house in a neighborhood of pleasantly colorful homes which all surround a quiet, turquoise lake that reflects unique, breathtaking sunset colors every evening. this is a place where summer seems to never end and cordial, lakeside barbecues are a daily tradition, complete with parents’ laughter and young romance.
the open rooftop of a tall skyscraper in a constantly evolving city, simultaneously in the middle of everything yet so far away from it all, scattered with strings of dimmed fairy lights. the only sound to be heard from the building is the distant whisper of traffic and rushed commotion on the streets, which seems to be silenced as two lovers share their first kiss stories above.
a wide meadow of overgrown grass that sways fiercely even at the touch of a soft breeze. bold adventurers excitably prepare their enormous hot air balloons for daring expeditions they’ve only dreamt about their entire life. the vibrant spheres rise out of the field’s heavy morning fog and into the liberating air, loaded with eager drifters who graciously let the wind determine their destination.
a minimally decorated, but enchanting ballroom located in the dull part of a developing metropolis. the room is lit by a singular, luminescent chandelier and is full of strangers masquerading their troubles away, even just for a moment, and becoming completely immersed in the charming music and somewhat special company of people they may never see again.
a retro diner located off of a dark and winding road that wraps deep into the heart of a seasonal forest, operated by a family of carefree misfits whose minds can be compared to the neon “open twenty-four hours” sign that flickers on and off throughout the night, almost synchronized with the thousands of fireflies that populate the enthralling woodland that encompasses the dazzling restaurant.
an intricate, wooden gazebo concealed by a large forest of giant willow trees. the surrounding trees all carry several tire swings dangling off the branches like delicate ornaments beneath the birds who reside in the layer above, belting their melodies. the timeless location is only to be discovered by a few lost souls who will return time and time again to this secret, mystical getaway.


The planets have a big play in who u are as a person!! Basically, these planets were entering the position and degree into a certain sign of the Zodiac wheel at the time of ur birth, which ultimately makes up ur personality and who u are!!

Sun Sign- Your sun sign has probably been pretty well known to u since u were a pubescent teenager reading J14 horoscopes to figure out why ur crush probably hates u. This sign is the degree the sun was at the time of your birth, and provides an outline of ur personality and who u are. Many people think just knowing ur sun sign is good enough to fully understand ur astrological potential but NOPE. Ur moon sign which surprisingly many people do not know is actually the core of ur personality and who u are!! Ur sun sign can be easily found here.

Moon Sign- Your moon sign is the true ruler of ur personality. Dont get me wrong, the sun will still outline u but the moon and the sun intertwine to create a medley of ur exact personality. Knowing just one will not give u a clear insight of who u truly are. Ur moon sign is the degree of the moon as it enters a point in the Zodiac wheel and can only be found on a special chart or program like this one here. (ur welcome)

Rising Sign- Ur rising sign is the mask or face u put on to the world, and the way u come off to other people as. This is also called your ascendant which is the zodiacal sign and degree that was ascending on the eastern horizon at the time of ur birth. Cafeastrology is my favourite website for easy and readable birth charts!! Also refer to this for the other planets Im about to mention!!

Mercury Sign- The way u handle situations and communicate with others!! Ur sun and Mercury sign can be VERY different so even though u may be a fire sign, ur mercury sign could be water and U could have a very different way of communicating!!!

Jupiter Sign- This planet is all about luck, and taking initiative (or not) to better our lives!!!

Mars Sign-  This planet displays ur animal instincts such as aggressiveness and sexuality!!! (ou girl u get that dick)

Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune- All three of these planets interchange depending on ur birth chart. Uranus represents change and innovative ideas, Pluto is about self-empowerment and change. Neptune represents illusion, fantasy, and all of that.

Saturn- Your saturn sign offers the more negative things in life, such as ur perception on limitations, roadblocks, things like that!! Saturn loves challenges

Venus- Definitely my fav planet of all. Venus is the planet that spices up the romance in ur life. Depending on ur sign in Venus, it will show the way u handle all things luuuvvv (relationships, intimacy, breakups, and everything inbetween)

So that is all for the planets and signs!! I hope u learned somethin newwww

sings and who they hangout with most (based on experience)

Aries: Sagittarius//Libra// everyone lmao 

Taurus: Cancer// Leo// Gemini 

Gemini: Leo// Libra// Aquarius 

Cancer: Taurus// Scorpio// Leo    

Leo: Libra// Leo// Gemini  

Virgo: Scorpio// Sagittarius// Cancer   

Libra: Leo// Aquarius // Gemini 

Scorpio: Virgo// Cancer// Capricorn 

Sagittarius: Aquarius// Virgo// Leo 

Capricorn: Libra// Leo// Gemini 

Aquarius: They’re chill with everyone TBH but mostly Libra and Gemini    

Pisces: Scorpio// Taurus// Cancer 


My favourite traits of the signs (based on people I know)

Aries: passionate/creative/strong-minded

Taurus: loyal/supportive/lovable

Gemini: tells you how much you mean to them/enthusiastic/sociable

Cancer: kind/hardworking/sensitive

Leo: proud/loyal/non-judgemental

Virgo: helpful/observant/nice

Libra: caring/friendly/lighthearted

Scorpio: funny/always seems to know what’s on your mind or the right thing to say in a situation

Sagittarius: confident/honest/self-assured

Capricorn: understanding/determined/witty

Aquarius: original/independent/calm

Pisces: thoughtful/caring/forgiving

Why I Fell in Love With Your Sign

Aries: Your wildness is intoxicating. Your aggressiveness and passion makes me want to spend every second riding on your high. I fell in love with you, because you raised the stakes and made life exciting again. 

Taurus: You are adorable and your charm never fails to woo me. Your love sends me falling for everything that you do; your cute laugh, your delightful hugs, and your darling chivalry. You remind me of an old school love. I fell in love with you, because I need to protect you.

 Gemini: Your flirtatious and competitive nature makes me learn to let go and not take myself so seriously. I’m infatuated with your carefree persona, but allured by your intellectual and darker side. I fell in love with you, because you keep me fascinated by you. 

 Cancer: Your gentleness and warm heart wrapped its arms around me right away. Your feelings were so raw. You felt pain, happiness, and wishfulness making me want to share my every waking thought with you. I fell in love with you, because you made me human. 

 Leo: Your confidence invigorates me and your energy gives me euphoria. Your touch is like magnetism and I can’t help myself when I’m with you. Your everlasting smirk and your thrilling drama complete me. I fell in love with you, because you electrify me.

 Virgo: Your ambition and determination leaves me in constant admiration. You ooze dominance and are incredibly compelling. I’m mesmerized by your will, strength, and intelligence. I fell in love with you, because your power consumes me with desire.

Libra:  Your calmness surrounds me like a rain coating an umbrella. Your intelligence and wit keeps me smiling. Your love is sweet and pure as if I don’t need to be anything but myself. I fell in love with you, because you make me feel like I can be myself.

Scorpio: Your mysteriousness intrigues me. Your intensity keeps me living on the edge and you consume with your love. You make me want to yell and scream, but you make me want to kiss you and hold your hand to wherever we escape to. I fell in love with you, because you defy everything I’ve ever known. 

Sagittarius: Your love for the world is exhilarating. You make me feel every breath I breathe, even when we are on the ends of the earth together. Your laugh fills the room and your warmth envelopes my heart. I fell in love with you, because you won’t ever let me let go.

Capricorn: Your wisdom continues to captivate my soul. You know everything to say, everything to do. You shift the perspective of the world; all my doubts, all my anxieties, all my sadness feels like nothing when you’re there. You shield me from the demons of life and guide me to angels. I fell in love with you, because you protect me.

Aquarius: You are everything I’m not. You always finish my every thought, my every sentence, and my every desire. Our romance is reveting. You’re the one that entices my fire but keeps my flame cool. I teach you how to love yourself, and you teach me how to love others. I fell in love with you, because you complete me.

Pisces: Your deep soul enchants me like a beautiful dream. I’m hypnotized by your mind and the way you think differently from anyone else. Your creativity takes me to a place of child like wonder, but your intelligence takes me to a place of great knowledge. I live to feel the way you feel and long to see what you see. I fell in love with you, because you amaze me. 

😃The School Horoscope Signs characteristics when they’re in classs together… (#funny😂 #Zodiac⭐ #Characteristic👤 #Horoscopes🌟 #Astrologysigns #Zodiacfun😃 #Zodiacsigns🌠 #Sunsign🌞 #Moonsign🌛 #Aries♈ #Taurus♉ #Gemini♊ #Cancer♋ #Leo♌ #Virgo♍ #Libra♎ #Scorpio♏ #Sagittarius♐ #Capricorn♑ #Aquarius♒ #Pisces♓)

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the signs get a note from a secret admirer

aries: “wtf just tell me who you are”
taurus: “does this not come with chocolates”
gemini: “i wish i knew who it was so i could write back”
cancer: “lol i think this was given to the wrong person”
leo: “put it next to my other ones”
virgo: “oh my god this is so sweet i want to frame it”
libra: “aw whoever did this is my new favorite person”
scorpio: “i need to find who did this so i can either kiss them or kill them”
sagittarius: “i smile bigger and bigger every time i read this.”
capricorn: “this small thing literally just made my life a lot brighter thank you admirer”
aquarius: “kinda cliche but i’m all about cute gestures”
pisces: “is it you is it you is it you is it you is it you is it you”

Key Things To Know About Your Sun & Moon Sign | TheZodiacCity

In astrology, everything is based on planets in correlation to the date, time and place you were born. The grand synopsis of things is that the positioning of the planets at the date and time of your birth depict your character traits. This is why it is broken up into twelve (12) zodiac signs or “houses”. We all can’t be the same right? 

There’s always that huge debate that it’s impossible to know how a person will be simply because they were born at 4:02am on March 15, 1990. And while we can continue to debate these theories, there’s no denying that tons and tons of people actually relate to the stigma(s) of their zodiac sign. How many times have you been around someone and asked “What’s your zodiac sign?” or thought to yourself “hmmm, you must be a Gemini”. There’s something about astrology that many find intriguing.

With all that said, your Sun sign can best be described as the active or “dominant” part(s) of your personality. In other words, the way we come off to others (our outermost character traits) is shown through our Sun sign. Just like the sun shines bold and bright, so does our Sun sign attributes. It’s the girl that can be social  with everyone with a dash of charm and wit or the guy who comes off a little bossy but works hard and shows respect to everyone. These things are recognized by others. Your Sun sign is a reflection of the strong and unique qualities you’re comfortable showing to people – good or bad. This is usually what people identify with first when it comes to astrology. We also have a Venus sign, a Jupiter Sign, a Mars sign and so on. I’ll dig into that on another post.

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Real quick rule for compability

Fire signs is compabtible with Air signs

Air signs and Water signs may irritate one another

Air signs and Earth signs also may irritate each other

Earth signs and Water signs are compatible,but it is more a soulmate love 

Fire signs and Water signs are compatible,but their love is more on depending on each other.

Fire signs and Earth sign are real problematic.

and last: fire x fire, earth x earth,water x water and air x air are great too!

(also works with the venus sign)


Zodiac pairings based on characteristics and attitudes… (#Starsigns🌐 #Zodiac⭐ #Horoscope🌟 #Astrologysigns⚠ #Characteristics #Zodiacfun😃 #Zodiacsigns🌠 #Sunsign🌞 #Moonsign🌛 #Aries♈🔥 #Taurus♉🍀 #Gemini♊💨 #Cancer♋💧 #Leo♌🔥 #Virgo♍🍀 #Libra♎💨 #Scorpio♏💧 #Sagittarius♐🔥 #Capricorn♑🍀 #Aquarius♒💨 #Pisces♓💧)

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the signs as superstitions
  • aries:friday the thirteenth
  • taurus:knocking on wood
  • gemini:breaking a wishbone
  • cancer:spotting a black cat
  • leo:shattering a mirror
  • virgo:spilling salt
  • libra:crossing your fingers
  • scorpio:holding your breath as you pass a cemetery
  • sagittarius:walking under a ladder
  • capricorn:opening an umbrella inside
  • aquarius:finding a four-leaf clover
  • pisces:throwing coins into fountains
Different Personalities of the Zodiac Signs!

Aries: likes peace, are extremely thorough, responsible, dependable, and hard-working, has lots of will-power, and can accomplish any tasks they set their mind to and usually does.

Taurus: Are quiet. analytical and introspective, has excellent skills with mechanical things, are risk-takers who live for the moment, are usually interested in

and talented at extreme sports. They are loyal to others, are strong in their values, but not overly concerned with respecting laws and rules if they get in the way of getting something done.

Gemini: Are generally kind and caring of others. They usually put the needs of others above their own. Are stable and practical and they value security and traditions.

Cancer: Are sensitive to details, do not like conflict, has extremely well-developed senses, and aesthetic appreciation for beauty. Are not interested in leading or controlling others. Are original, creative and open-minded.

Leo: Are generally stubborn, tend to stick to things until they are done. Are well-respected for their perseverence and independence.

Virgo: Are highly intelligent, quick at finding solutions,  understanding of people, adaptable and laid back unless a strongly held-value is threatened, and very caring of others.

Libra: Tend to reason with logic, are creative problem solvers, are easily excited by ideas and theories, driven to turn theories to facts. They too have no interest in leading or following others, and prefer just working together on equal ground.

Scorpio: Enjoy interacting and making things fun for others, live for the moment and love new experiences.  

Sagittarius:tend to inspire ideas, are warm-hearted, and conscientious. They have a strong sense of responsibility and duty.

Capricorn: Assertive, outspoken, and are driven to lead. Excellent at solving difficult organizational problems. Excel at public speaking.

Aquarius: Has an adventuresome spirit, thrive on action, and are usually fearless.

Pisces: They can’t bear to miss out on what is going on around them; they must experience, first hand, all the significant social events that affect our lives.


Telling these Zodiac Signs any of these phrases will not end well!.. (#WhatNottoSay🚫 #Starsigns🌐 #Zodiac⭐ #Horoscope🌟 #ThinkBeforeYouTalk🙊 Astrologysigns #Zodiacfun😃 #Zodiacsigns🌠 #Sunsign🌞 #Moonsign🌛 #Aries♈🔥 #Taurus♉🍀 #Gemini♊💨 #Cancer♋💧 #Leo♌🔥 #Virgo♍🍀 #Libra♎💨 #Scorpio♏💧 #Sagittarius♐🔥 #Capricorn♑🍀 #Aquarius♒💨 #Pisces♓💧)

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the signs have a secret
  • aries:feels better after telling someone and getting it off their chest
  • taurus:tries to neglect and forget about it
  • gemini:accidentally lets it out at a bad time
  • cancer:writes it down in a diary or journal
  • leo:their hair is full of secrets
  • virgo:often trusts the wrong people with their secrets
  • libra:pretends they don't have any secrets
  • scorpio:hides it in the deepest depths of their soul
  • sagittarius:probably tells their secrets to a pet
  • capricorn:stores them in the back of their head where it haunts them
  • aquarius:usually tries not to have any secrets and it's hard to tell if they're hiding one or not
  • pisces:shares their secrets with anyone that cares enough