Anyway I want to make it clear once and for all that ya’ll are not entitled to know every bit of my financial situation just because I’m a content creator who relies on donations. Just like how employers don’t need to know that about their employee’s financial situation to pay them. I’m trying very hard to keep my channel and my social media alive while having no income for the majority of the year so I appreciate donations but how I spend money is really none of your business. That’s the bottom line, if you don’t feel comfortable with the work I do and me asking to be paid for it, then don’t consume my work

me: hey you don’t have to but if you wanna support the work I do you can donate to my paypal/send me gifts 

ya’ll: on November 3rd 18:33 pm EST you purchased a foundation that costs $30 so stop asking for handouts and go get a job

Currently working on another bigger piece using a character from #d.gray-man #dgrayman called #tevak like the last piece this will tie into a case study… Loosely. I Just generally enjoy drawing characters with strong design but primarily because I like the character herself. I need to draw males. Stat.

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When you realize the extent to which someone you cared deeply about used you and damage your outlook on other ppl because you constantly compare your actions and words to theirs bc you don’t wanna hurt someone like how they hurt you