Hi everybody! how’s your saturday going? mine great!

I did these a few days ago and completely forgot to show you. I made them to the #nailartjul challenge on Instagram, and they’re “Sunshine”

The blue base is from KIKO #340 and the yellow base is from Sally Hansen - Sun Dayhow appropriate right :) - … The sun and the flowers are made with acrylic paints. For the top coat I use Matte about you from Essie

Hope you like them!!! and you know, if somebody has a question or want to ask me for a manicure feel free to ask: here, my blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc (links also on the icons on the left corner on the blog)

Huge weekend kiss!


anonymous asked:

Mom can you post a few baes for me I'm so bored

some silly dork baes for you!

and one perfect sunshine bae.

complete with nail polish.