• Before the after endings:
  • Zen: Clingy
  • Yoosung: A ball of sunshine
  • Jaehee: Mature
  • Jumin: Daddy
  • 707: Precious
  • V: In love
  • After the after endings:
  • Zen: Daddy
  • Yoosung: Mature
  • Jaehee: A ball of sunshine
  • Jumin: Precious
  • 707: Clingy
  • V: In love



You are my sunshine - Daddy!Calum

Word count: 1.2k+
Pairing: Calum & y/n
Warnings: none 

 “Miss y/l/n, could you stay behind please.” You teacher said as everyone was packing away their things in your last class of the day.

You nod your head slightly, putting your notebooks into your bag and wait until everyone has filed out of the large room.
“You are doing very well in this class, and as I am informed by your other teachers, in those subjects also. Because of this, I would like to ask you a favour.” You teacher said, perched on the edge of her table.
You nod, albeit confused.
But before she could answer what the favour was a tall boy falls through the door, out of breath and clothes messy.
Your teacher makes a disapproving noise before continuing to speak, “Y/n, this is Calum. I would like you to tutor him.”

You glance at his dishevelled figure, a small smile gracing his face.
“It will help you greatly for your university application, and Mr. Hood needs help…catching up.” She says, hopping off the table and gathering her things from the desk.
“I hope you two get along well and I expect for your grades to be at least somewhat improved by the end of the term.

You both walk out of the room, and walk towards the main doors, an awkward silence surrounding the both of you.
When you finally reach the doors, you both turn towards each other.
“Uh, so where do you want to meet and when?” he asks, glancing down at you.
“My house is free?” you suggest.
He awkwardly looks at his feet, stumbling over his words as he finally spits out, “I can’t, I’ll message you when I get home where I live and what time to come over, please don’t be late, or early in that case either.”
“Right…sure.” You agree to the odd request.
As soon as you agree he runs out into the car park with a swift ‘bye’ over his shoulder.

You arrive at his house at 7pm on the dot, like he said in his message earlier.
You knock his door lightly, taking a step back while clutching your books in your arms, slightly nervous to how this is going to go.
He opens the door, letting you in and guides you to his kitchen table where he had a desk type area set up.
You set your things down, “So what are you confused about?”
“Everything,” he replied.

You are about an hour into your tutoring, and you both decided to take a break.
You sit in his kitchen, drinks in one hand and a biscuit in the other. You are both chatting generally about things, getting to know each other, when you begin to hear a faint cry from upstairs.
He all but flings his drink onto the counter and he sprints up the flight of stairs.

You hear the soft tones of his voice, a small portion of a song you don’t quite recognise and the cries die down.
You hear him pad down the stairs, however he wasn’t alone this time. He had a tiny baby in his arms, wrapped snugly in a soft purple blanket. She was awake, not crying anymore however she was still sniffling, burrowing her head into Calum’s chest.
“I need to change her diaper and give her a bottle but I’m out of both, I was meant to go after school but the baby sitter couldn’t stay any longer.” He explains, rocking her gently while a large hand rests on her small back.

You nod, offering to go to the shops to get them for him but he doesn’t agree, saying that he knows where everything is and he shouldn’t be any longer than ten minutes. However, he does ask that you look after her while he does so.
You agree, not wanting the poor baby to suffer longer than she needed to.
He kisses her on her head, and passes the bundle over to you. You walk over to the sofa, rearranging her so that you can both be comfortable while Calum was away.

By the time he comes through the door, she’s napping on your chest, cuddled up between the warmth of you and the cosy blanket.
He takes her from you carefully, changing her and giving her a bottle before placing her back into her crib.

He comes back down to you sitting sideways on the sofa, a certain look on your face.
He sits down beside you, putting his hands up in surrender, “I’ll explain.”

And he does. How this was why he was behind in his school work, why he looks so tired and rushed all the time, and why he has missed so much school. Because of the bundle of joy laying in the comparatively massive crib upstairs.
They talked about his parents, how they didn’t support it at all but after they met her they, too, fell in love with her. However, he had moved out of their house and into his own apartment, wanting to look after her by himself, wanting to finally feel independent even if it had become sooner than what he expected.
He talked about his baby’s mother, how they were best friends with a drunken one night stand gone wrong. She had gone through with the pregnancy, waiting until it was born until she decided what to do with her, raise her or put her up for adoption. She told Calum she wasn’t ready, that she couldn’t do it. But he had fallen in love with the tiny girl, her soft chubby cheeks and light baby hair. That although her mother couldn’t do it, he loved her so much he couldn’t just leave her.

After that night, you and him became good friends. You tutor him until his exams, which he passes easily with your help over the months. You also just hang out at his house, looking after the baby that is soon becoming a toddler.
Over the next couple of years, you had become good friends with his friends, and you were now going to his house to hang out with them all.
You walked through the door, at this point in your friendship you no longer needed to knock. You came into the living room, the small child jumping off Michael’s lap and toddles towards you, “Mama.” She babbles, clinging onto your legs, making grabby hands for you to pick her up.

Your head quickly jerks up, looking directly at Calum. He sits with a shocked look on his face, all the boys do.
You crouch down and pick her up, “Hey baby,” you whisper against her hair.
The boys get up and take her out of your arms, taking her up to her play room, leaving you and Calum in the living room together.
He gets up and walks towards you slowly.
You shake your head, “I don’t, I don’t know where that came from. I swear I didn’t teach her that,” you stuttered.
He shook his head, lifting your head with a crooked finger. You look up at his bronzed face.
“It’s okay. You’ve been more of a mother to her than anyone else.” He said.
He leans in slowly, looking between your glistening eyes and your plump lips.
“Can I?” he whispers.
You nod, interlinking your fingers with his.
As you kiss you hear small whoops and cheers. You break away from each other, the small girl wrapping her arms around both of our legs.
“Luv you.” She says.
“Love you too princess,” you both say, pressing a kiss to her head.