sunshine street

the things i LOVE about the BTS members


eat jin,his dad jokes,his love for pink,mom of the group,a real princess,voice of an angel,his windshield laugh,his obsesion with mario,how he calls himself handsome,his lips,his kisses,his friendship with VIXX`s ken

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the definition of  talented&swag,his gummy smile,raps like a god,agust d,the grandpa of the group,his passion for basketball,his white skin,his straightforward personality,how he composes songs,motionless min,min yoonji,holly

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a sunshine,hope on the streets,his rapping, a dance god,his beautiful smile,his green jacket and choker in run,1 verse,the selfies with his sister,his past as an underground dancer,

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rap moster:

dance monster,his english,his dancing,his dimples,how tall he is,the dad of the group,great leader,his support for LGBT,his rapping,how smart he is,his friendship with GOT7`s jackson,how he breaks everything

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mochi,his dancing,his voice,his hands,his eyes,how small he is,an angel,himself with or without his abs,his love for jungkook,his thighs,how much he loves his members,his cheeks,his laugh,is the nicest person ever,

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his smile,his face,his voice,his uniq sense of style,his personality,his laugh,how much he loves his family,how much he loves gucci,literally a cute little puppy,his dance,blank tae,how his dad is his role model,his love for anything uniq,hois love for children,how he looks in bandanas,his dark skin

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his bunny smile, golden maknae,his thighs,his voice,his song covers,his friendship with other 97 line idols,his love for IU,his dance,his face,how he joined bighit after seeing rap monster,

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i made this because i love ALL of them and we should appreciate every single member. lots of love

As the weather gets warmer, and clothing becomes less layered, many women are reminded of an unpleasant side effect of spring sunshine: street harassment. Cat calls, car honks, states, jeers, even unwanted touching. All women have experienced this. I caught myself last week suggesting that “street harassment is something men just don’t have to consider when getting dressed in the morning,” but that’s incorrect.
Not all men have the privilege of not considering whether or not they will be harassed based on their clothing. LGBTQ+ men often have to consider what homophobic slurs may be yelled at them from across the street if they wear certain outfits that are don’t align with traditionally masculine clothing. They may also have to consider whether or not they will be bombarded with unwanted sexual comments from other men in the LGBTQ+ community. Trans and non binary men are especially vulnerable to street harassment and violence. Men of colour, especially black men, are subject to a long list of clothing based stereotypes that often lead to harassment, violence and even murdered for wearing the wrong hoodie. So a more accurate assertion would have been to say that “cis straight white men don’t have to consider street harassment when getting dressed in the morning” but if I did, the cis straight white men would say “why is feminism all about vilifying cis straight white dudes?” as if somehow, in their heads, having the privilege of not considering street harassment is worse than having men three times your age mutter under their breath what they want to do to your body, just loud enough that only you can hear.