sunshine rolls

Happy Birthday Phil! We wanted to say thank you for:

•almost 11 years of amazingness

•never stop believing in yourself

•never stop believing in us

•never failing to make us smile

•the longest time showcasing our artwork on your channel

•helping Dan find himself

•showing us it’s ok to wear mitch match socks

•having the coolest fringe

•for your smile

•creating the best way to do a Q&A

•and over all inspiring all of us to do what we love

No, no. No wait. Let me get this straight.

I am in Costlemark Tower, getting my ass handed to me by three Red Giants and a Nagarani. One of my party members has just been turned into a frog. Prompto thinks NOW would be the perfect time to not just snap a pic, but get down on the floor, in the middle of a pitched battle, for a close-up.

….I love this game so much.