sunshine rolls

  • Adrien, age 5: Maman, what's a friend?
  • Mama Agreste: Well, minou, a friend is someone who cares very much about you. They are someone you enjoy being around, who makes you smile, and feel good about yourself. They know that they are special to you, and you know that you are special to them.
  • *Adrien thinks for a moment*
  • Adrien: I your friend?
  • Mama Agreste: Oh, minou, you are my good friend.
  • *10 years later*
  • Adrien: Marinette? Yeah, she's a good friend.

No, no. No wait. Let me get this straight.

I am in Costlemark Tower, getting my ass handed to me by three Red Giants and a Nagarani. One of my party members has just been turned into a frog. Prompto thinks NOW would be the perfect time to not just snap a pic, but get down on the floor, in the middle of a pitched battle, for a close-up.

….I love this game so much.


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A gift for @magical-mistral! I put sparkles again since you said you liked them in the other gifset I made <3


This is the beginning of a beautiful bromance

Origins, Pt. 2