sunshine is thug

30 Things To Love About Him

1. Confident
2. Handsome
3. Sensitive
4. Passionate
5. Creative
6. Artistic
7. Talented
8. Goal oriented
9. Big ball of sunshine
10. Is a thug
11. Also straight up boyfriend material
12. Extremely caring
13. Soft
14. Strong Minded
15. Big heart
16. Risk taker
17. Radiates positivity
18. Puts people first
19. Isn’t a push over
20. Loves his family
22. His eyes are intense
23. His cheek bones are prominent
24. His hands and arms are big but welcoming
25. His smile is warm
26. His skin is so perfect and milky
27. His feet are cute
28. His tattoos are his expression, his art, his body a painted canvas that each smoke like piece of art screams it’s its own story
29. His hair although has gone through stages is still strong and thick (like his………… thighs)
30. His ears are my favorite though because they’re just the best thing about him. When he smiles the tilt up just a bit. When he frowns they seem wider. When he is expressionless they stand out and it’s honestly amazing.


I would mention his abs, torso, and what not, But even without that he is amazing his body doesn’t make him his personality does and that’s why I love him.

Happy birthday Jay 💕💕💕

Things I've Commonly Seen People Tag Pictures of Noel Fisher With
  • baby angel
  • cutie patootie
  • muffin
  • literal ray of sunshine
  • precious baby thug
  • little bunny
  • poor drunk child
  • noelforpresident2k14
  • fucking cutie
  • sass king
  • dang boy
  • noel your collar bones are beautiful
  • quick your eyebrows are escaping your forehead
  • my heart and soul
  • small child
  • hes such a little power bottom i just
  • scruffy munchkin
  • i want ten of you
  • brb gonna go vomit joy
  • *throws self out window*
  • you are why i cry myself to sleep at night
  • no but guys the sun literally shines out of noels ass
  • noel fisher with clothing on should not be allowed actually
  • im looking at this and it feels like all of my internal organs were like nope and they collectively passed out all at once help

anonymous asked:

I know you posted one awhile back but can you rec some good smutty IXM fics??

i haven’t been marking all my fav fics lately i keep forgetting but off the top of my head 

check out Mellow_Yellow i love all their stuff (some smut but not all their stuff has it)

also check out top!mickey and my fics page