sunshine dori


Dory liked this tree. From within its branches, an adventurous individual was offered their pick of fantastic views of the Hogwarts grounds. Dory’s favorite was, of course, the view of the lake. Resting against the trunk of the tree, she could see almost all the way across it and loved to see how the light of the setting sun played on the water.

Letting out a sigh, Dory thought about how soon the end of her time at Hogwarts would be coming. It wouldn’t be long now. Then she’d be headed back home. That wasn’t a sad thing, Dory loved home and she couldn’t wait to return. But she would miss this place. She would miss her friends here and this castle and everything that she had experienced here. It was fitting then, that this preemptive farewell was taking place in the very tree Dory had climbed her first day at Hogwarts.

The peace of the moment was broken as Dory heard a voice call out from down below. Normally, Dory would have been overjoyed to have some company, and she wasn’t exactly against the idea of having it now. The moment had just been bittersweet was all, and Dory wasn’t quite up to her usual cheery standard as she simply looked own toward where the voice had come from.



Uploaded my first Vlog video about my trip in Japan this last January~~~~~~


Dory sat on the steps, resting her chin on her knees as she read the latest email from Naomi on her phone. Though the email was full of good news, Dory couldn’t help but feel a little sad. She missed Naomi. A lot. Sure, she forgot just how much sometimes, but it was always there. Noticing someone’s feet in front of her, Dory looked up from her phone. “Oh, sorry,” she said, “Am I in your way?”

It’s been a shit week, frankly. Leonard knows Jim is stressing (unnecessarily, although he’ll never admit it to his boyfriend) about his grades, this being their last semester at the Academy, and it seems like all his teachers are piling up the work. The other cadets have been making nasty comments about Jim again, too, they’ve picked up a lot since everyone came back from winter break, and even though Leonard defends him whenever he can (and so do the admittedly few other friends he has–Gaila, the Orion Jim’s got a friends-with-benefits thing going with, and Fisher, the cadet who credits Jim with teaching him how to do a tourniquet and thus survive getting his leg ripped off, and Fleming, the kid Jim rescued during that same survival class), Jim hears enough comments that they’re wearing him down. And to top it all off, he comes back from the hand-to-hand course he TA’s with his arm in a sling because an overanxious cadet dislocated his shoulder and it’s still tender.

So Leonard decides that Jim needs a quiet evening at home, and a little bit of harmless fun.

He orders out for Jim’s favorite pizza–extra-large stuffed crust, no sauce, three times the usual amount of cheese, sausage and green peppers and onions–even though it’s a heart attack waiting to happen, and they eat it on the sofa in Leonard’s dorm room and drink soda, not beer, Jim doesn’t need alcohol right now. When he gets in bad moods like this, alcohol just makes it worse. And then they cuddle on the couch to watch a movie.

If Jim was picking, it’d be something action-oriented, he really likes spy thrillers and superhero movies (Leonard has learned over the last three years what the differences are between Marvel and DC, and he agrees with Jim that the only DC movie worth bothering about is Watchmen, which doesn’t even really count). But Leonard’s picking, and he knows that what Jim needs tonight is something lighthearted and fun and fluffy.

He picks a Disney movie.

You’ve got to be careful with them, of course. Leonard avoids The Lion King and Dumbo and Pete’s Dragon–they all have storylines that are too close to Jim’s, and that’s too painful for the poor kid right now. And he doesn’t figure Jim is particularly interested in the princess films, although Leonard secretly loves them. But this one…he figures Jim will enjoy this one. After all, it has adventure. And sarcasm. And fish.

Jim gets excited when the Disney castle comes up, and it turns out he’s seen quite a few Disney movies in his time. He’s even seen all the princess movies, which simultaneously startles and relaxes Leonard. But he’s never seen Finding Nemo, and while he clutches Leonard and whispers “oh no” throughout most of the first five minutes of the film, he relaxes and seems to be enjoying himself thoroughly.

Leonard lets his hand tangle absently in Jim’s blond hair as the film progresses. He tears up a little when Marlin and Dory return to the ocean, believing Nemo to be dead–he always has–but since they both know that Nemo isn’t really dead, it’s not too bad. But then Marlin leaves Dory, and she starts pleading with him to get him to stay, and Leonard feels Jim bury his face in his side, and then he realizes that Jim is quietly sobbing.

“Jim?” he says, worried, pausing the film.

“I know how she feels,” Jim whispers, his voice choked with tears. “I know…”

‘Oh, Jim.“ Leonard tightens his arms around Jim, chiding himself for not having seen this coming. Jim has been abandoned by so many people, naturally he would sympathize with Dory.

Jim raises his tearstained face to Leonard’s, clutching his arm tightly. "Don’t leave me,” he begs. “Please, Bones, don’t ever…because she’s right. That’s–that’s how it is. I look at you and I’m home. Please don’t go away. I don’t want to forget.”

Leonard’s heart clenches. He should have seen this coming, too. Because Jim is like Dory, sunshine and freckles and light and joy and enthusiasm and brilliant ideas and just making friends with everybody (Leonard can picture Jim walking into a Klingon Support Group meeting and acting like he belongs there), but feeling things a lot more deeply than people would ever expect. And Leonard is Marlin. He’s cynicism and fear and grumpiness and stubbornness and he’s lost so many things in his life that he would be the one to walk away, to decide that he couldn’t take any more pain and just leave.

“I won’t, Jim,” Leonard says, quietly but sincerely, leaning over to rest his forehead against Jim’s. “I will never leave you. I won’t walk away. I promise.”

Jim’s eyes search his for a long moment, and then he slowly relaxes, tucking his head under Leonard’s chin and curling into him a little closer.

Leonard will think of this moment two weeks later, when he is told to go and Jim is told to stay and Jim tries to see him off with a brave smile and a be safe. But for now, he simply cuddles his boyfriend, his Jim, a little closer and resumes the movie.

And he realizes that, just like Dory changed Marlin’s life for the better, Jim has changed his.