sunshine boulevard

Barbra Streisand

Each morning when I wake up, I have a so going on and on in my brain. I was thinking of writing down the songs which become these morning ear worms.

Everyone has morning ear worms. Just like the dreams we have at night, we ultimately forget about these after a while.

Today, my morning ear worm was Barbra Streisand’s “As if we never said goodbye”. It was basically a song from the musical “Sunset Boulevard”.

What was your morning ear worm? Do note it today.

(Oh yeaasss!!! I now know what I should write about)

Barbra Streisand.

Thanks to Glee, I heard another song which I got to know was super crazy famous on the radio. It was called “Barbra Streisand” by Duck Sauce. Have you heard it?

Anyway. I’ve not seen Gessle mention Barbra. Not even Marie.

Barbra Streisand seems like an artist who Marie would appreciate more than Per. Maybe she is basically a legendary performer, with the notes so perfectly composed that many singers are totally inspired by her talent.

Barbra may also attract Per with a song or two, but she has not been rock n’ roll and psychedelic enough for his music choice, when he was growing up I guess.

He may also have a record or two of Barbra as well, but see, can you imagine Per listening to her? Sure he has a musical ear for the best, the mediocre, the worst and the more underrated songs, but still - Barbra Streisand? (Oooo wu ooo wu….).

I can imagine him listening to Barbra’s “Woman in Love”. Yup!

I even googled if Barbra has been mentioned wrt Roxette. Nope!

Anyway, have a beautiful Sunday dear all.

Love and Peace