in honor of his 31st birthday, i made some patrick stump icons from through out the years- enjoy! 

((if ur using maybe credit?? idk nbd, all are 300x300 so strictly icon size lmao))



Two posts in one day?! What has happened to me… 

So, although revision is constantly on the brain, exam term makes me more conscious of what I am doing with my own time, and weirdly I am finding it easier to schedule in social time/breaks in-between my revision sessions. So, as the weather is getting better (and hotter) here by the second, my friend & I decided to take advantage of the sun and sit by the River Cam in St John’s College with a picnic this week. We amused ourselves by watching the tourists on punts, and had a great catch-up after the Easter holiday. 

It was an idyllic afternoon, so I thought I’d share pictures on how wonderful Cambridge looks (and is). Cambridge usually looks beautiful in the dismal rain, but the sun just amplifies this beauty ten-fold, and it takes my breath away. 

I feel lucky to be here to appreciate this place. So lucky.