I Love You My Friend

I love you my friend, you’re beautiful
no truer words could I possibly say

A needed dose of sunshine and sanity
when I can’t seem to get out of my way

I love you my friend, you’re authentic
a well aimed foot when I need a kick

Should I have trouble finding my smile
a visit with you always does the trick

I love you my friend, you’re a blessing
you put love into all the things you do

I thank God each and every morning
for giving me a special friend like you

Thank you!

From Arisha’s Twitter 20 November 2017


Thank you very much for 

It was reeeeeally enjoyable for this first overseas fan meeting performance!
I did my greetings and my call and responses in Korean, but did I say it properly?

It would be nice to perform in Seoul again
코마워요* (Thanks)

*Pronounced as “Gomawoyo”, translate as a more casual thank you than “Gamsahabnida”, however Arisa actually misspelled it as “Komawoyo”. Let’s just take it that the pun was deliberate xD 

(special thanks to @yujachachacha for the Korean translation)