Not another lengthy post, oh no

I’ve been meaning to do this.. It goes over several topics because I have been internalizing all of these and I realized that it wasn’t a good thing because I practically screamed at my classmate on the first day back to school for like 5 minutes straight and this is all just making me mad. Alice in Wonderland mad.

This is actually the edited and shortened version of what has been sitting in my drafts for a long time now. yes shortened.

First of all, I’m not speaking for anyone as I do not know how exactly the others in the fandom are feeling or thinking about pertaining to recent events. 

And secondly, the following topics may or may not be related to each other. I’m horrible at sequencing things when I’m not on my laptop or if it’s not being written on paper. 

I’ve wanted to do this a lot of times, but I didn’t have the courage to because a lot of people who write these posts, or have written them before, have gotten rather negative reactions. But a friend of mine had encouraged me, so here goes what contains probably 96% of what people have been posting (yay something to add to the party haha) ((I’m not funny I know))

I’m just going to give a quick summary of where I stand: 

Do I ship Kaylor? Yes. Please respect that and those who do too. Do I ship Tayvin/Talvin? No. Please respect that too and those who share the same opinion. 

Why do I not ship Tayvin/Talvin? Is it something against him? Do I HATE him? WHY? Is it because he’s a HE? 

Well, first of all, I don’t exactly HATE him as that is a very strong word I only reserve for people who have directly wronged me in a way that can NEVER be taken back or be amended. Which means I don’t use the word lightly. Although I do dislike him. Again, please respect that. It’s not being a hater to dislike someone. We all have different opinions and standards and, frankly, I dislike people who have wronged so much people in so much ways I can’t even, for the life of me, contemplate why people do such things. If it were playful jokes, they were distasteful and just plain wrong. It’s been done in the past, but has he apologized? Also, no it is not because he is, in fact, a HE. Even if Karlie wasn’t a girl, I’d still ship Kaylor. I’m not going to go over about why I think so because I have done this too many times and I’m 92% sure the people who visit my blog are getting bored and annoyed. 

Do I still ship Kaylor? 

My only creative answer to that is a question; Is water still wet? 

Am I a Calvin hater? I have no creative response for this, but no. I just dislike him. 

Do I really believe that this whole thing is a sham or a PR stunt? 

I’m going to give everyone included the benefit of the doubt. So no. Not fully, but there had been and there still is too much circumstantial evidence to just ignore the thought. I’m not on anyone’s side with this, but I AM going to follow my gut. If I’m wrong then I’m wrong. As simple as that. Don’t fight me on this. 

Now that that’s over with, on to the next topic. 

The annihilation of Kaylor shippers

Did y'all really have to push all the Kaylor shippers off rainbow road Mario Kart style? As if the shade that the “like” hadn’t been as bad as a turtle shell to the head already. You HAD to make sure we were all double dead. It wasn’t even a mercy kill. It was more like one shot on each limb slowly inching your way towards the heart. But that’s the thing. You didn’t shoot the main thing that had been keeping us alive this whole time. Barely breathing, but alive. This isn’t about a ship anymore. We’ve become family. The Princess may not want to have anything to do with us (which I find saddening, to say the least, if it indeed proves to be true) but we have become such a tight unit running on solar power. Hurt one of us, it will burn. Not us, you. 

I’m not inviting you to test our strength though. Don’t pick up a goldfish out of water just to see how long it takes until it dies. We’re humans too. We’re not THAT strong. Let’s be realistic here. 

Next on my less than well thought out list; Taylor. 

Now I kind of get the gist of your actions, although I am not, in any way, in the position to say that I understand why you do what you do. But please clear this all up. We just need to understand why you do the things you do. I’m not asking for a 15,000 word essay explaining every single thing. We just need an upfront opinion of yours on what’s happening so we could put this all to rest. Likes are not, in any way, valid statements to show/tell us how you feel about the situations that are unfolding. We need something that comes from your thoughts, written with your own words. You could just tell us to tone it down, you know? But you didn’t. So that’s not going to stop people who are posting things that seem to make you uncomfortable. 

Hmm, what if they don’t stop even if you ask? Well there is always the option of just ignoring them. As simple as that. They aren’t wearing neon signs saying LOOK!! AT!! THIS BLOG!! READ EVERYTHING!! c'mon. There is a use for that unfollow button. It’s not just there for aesthetic reasons. 

Let me ask you this; would you sit beside a person who is chewing loudly and slurping like a vacuum cleaner and then tell him or her to stop what they’re doing and eat “properly” or would you just let the woman/man be and mind your own business? I mean, there are other unoccupied seats in the room. And you could sit beside people who eat their food in peace or whatever you deem more comfortable so why sit with the loud eater that would irritate you? 

Tell me, why. 

Also, is all this really worth it? Is alienating an already minuscule portion of your fan base really worth whatever is going on behind the scenes? Has everything that had happened have an actual purpose in a bigger scheme of things? 

People’s feelings are being tugged on by opposing sides right now and it’s exhausting. PEOPLE’S FEELINGS. FEELINGS. I had so much more to say on this topic, but I’ve moved on. I don’t want to have to rehash all those emotions again. 

Taylor, please. We need answers. I’m asking politely. I’m not pressuring you to give us that. But hey, I might as well try asking so I could say that I really tried. 

Moving on; Kaylor/ Karlie/ Speculations/ Miscellaneous ramblings of a teenage girl

Best friends. Normal American Girls. Yup. Honestly, it’s not that I don’t believe you guys. I do. I do believe you’re just normal American girls who are the BEST of friends. But that doesn’t mean I also think you’re soul mates. Who ever made the rule that soul mates had to be partners or lovers? If friendships can be romantic, friends CAN be soul mates. Seriously, with the way you two are acting together, it’s just as clear as a glass. Even when the glass breaks, it’s still clear. 

Now why bother with all the hiding. Why not just SAY like actually SAY you and Karlie aren’t together and just carry on with whatever you two normally do? It’s just a little suspicious. That’s all. Because most people would just shake it off and act the same. Although I do understand that everyone’s essentially not the same. It’s just all really, for a lack of a better word, useless. 

If it’s about work and time differences, that’s understandable. But you both had had so much opportunities. So much free time. Maybe you wanted to spend time with other friends, alright then. Just don’t make it look like Karlie never even existed EVEN THOUGH she was there before, during, AND after your (Taylor’s) image became more respected by people then fell to pieces again. 

I don’t know if Karlie is all good with everything that has been happening. Or if she’s even in cahoots with whatever’s going on. And I won’t say what I would do if I were in her shoes because I have no idea what it’s like to be in her shoes nor do I know what EXACTLY is going on behind the scenes, but we’ve had so much evidence that gave us theories. Theories a lot of people disagree with. I’m not saying these theories are 100% true either. But unless we get an honest and clear reply to all our questions and clarity on what is happening, the speculation is just going to continue. Until. Questions. Are. Answered. 

Some things I just want to put out there in no specific order 

We won’t know if Karlie is uncomfortable unless she tells us herself. With her own words. 

We won’t know Tayvin/Talvin is a PR stunt unless we work in that department and actually know what in the world is going on. 

We won’t know what Taylor is actually thinking or feeling unless we are animated talking emotions who live inside her brain. 

We won’t know whether Karlie/Taylor are straight or not unless they explicitly tell us. 

We’re not telling other people to stop shipping what they want to ship. So are we going to stop shipping Kaylor? No. 

Am I going to go to an opposing ship’s blog to send an anonymous message that wouldn’t affect me AT ALL in 10 years or so? 

That’s just really idiotic, really. It’s not paying your bills, nor is it making you any younger. 

That is all. Okay, most of it anyway.

This post is horribly sequenced but I just kept jotting down things. I didn’t even have to think. It’s just all floating around my brain and I needed to let it out before I start to drag people I know in real life because my mind is unstable due to the millions of different emotions pertaining to different events that have been happening. 

I hope that the read wasn’t stressful. I have missed a few points, feel free to add. 

Have a good day/afternoon/night everyone 😁☀️