Update on Sunshine and Besss.
For those of you following the story of our two older cats (16yrs); Yesterday we went back to the vet with Besss as we were concerned that she was in pain. The abcsess is rather large and it will take quite a long time to heal up properly. We are still bathing her a few times a day. The good news is that after doing some blood work, the vet was able to confirm that Besss can take some medication for the pain. We don’t want to give it to her too often, but it may help from time to time. Othar than that, Besss is eating normally. She is still not moving around much and stays lying down on the couch all day, but that is pretty normal in this case.

Sunshine has been getting the fluids since the weekend. I give them to her once a day. She seemed to have a good reaction at first and started eating again. However, yesterday she stopped eating again. She does eat a few bites, but not nearly enough to keep her functional. We still have a few more days of fluids left in the bag and then she will have to return to the vet for a check up. I am thankfull that things with Besss seem to be going in the right direction, however I am sad that Sunshine does not seem to be improving too much. One day at a time.

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