On Saturday morning, Algy paid a visit to his assistants’ house. He was surprised to see that a large pot in a dark corner of the garden had undergone a sudden transformation… Algy was thrilled to see the little flowers glowing in the February sunshine, and as he gazed at them in wonder, a tiny wren started to sing in the bushes behind him. The ground was hard with frost and there was ice on the puddles, but Algy knew it was the beginning of spring :)

Algy wishes you all a very happy weekend, and - if you live in a cold, northern country - he hopes that spring will reach you very soon xo


Bathing in light par Ben Riley
Via Flickr :
Nikon FE Kodak Portra 400

Let the sunrise inspire you; let it show you that the world is bigger than your being and the best thing you can do is spread your light onto others. Give love, but don’t expect it back. Spread truth, but don’t expect people to listen. Always remember that the universe will reward you for your positive intentions through the process of karma.

Happy morning beautiful people! x