the view from sunset house

New Underwater Themed Rooms at Sunset House Feature Photographs by Some of the Dive Industry’s Best

Four rooms available now, 22 by the end of 2015 – the goal is to enhance the visitor’s dive vacation experience by showing them the underwater world through the eyes of experts

Sunset House, the hotel for divers by divers, has completed four of what will ultimately be 22 themed guest rooms decorated with the work of some of the dive industry’s elite underwater photographers. The design upgrade is part of a continuing makeover plan by the popular dive resort, to enhance the dive experience for guests who travel here to enjoy Cayman’s famed underwater world. Customers can now book one of these signature oceanfront rooms, or suites, and walk into the beauty of the undersea world as seen through the lenses of photographers Courtney Platt, Ellen Cuylaerts, Cathy Church and Jim Hellemn.


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About 8 years ago we met Jaxx. She was one of the workers at Sunset House , and was our “babysitter” while my parents went for a dive that day. The following year that we came back to Cayman she had left, gone to Alaska for a change in weather. The year after that we saw her again and it was an absolute pleasure. The last few times we’ve been back she hasn’t been here, and it was really disappointing, but today as we arrived I had a funny feeling she would be here. Sure enough as we got ready to swim out to the mermaid statue in the ocean, there she was, with the biggest smile on her face. Loved seeing her, it totally made my day, & can’t wait to see her again next year and have her teach me how to dive finally 👏🌊☀ #caymanislands #jaxx #sunsethouse

Dive Legend helps Cayman spread the Word on Watersports Safety and Marine Conservation

Dan Orr stars in “Share Our Seas” Public Service Announcements to be televised in the Cayman Islands

This fall the Cayman Islands Tourism Association (CITA) will launch a campaign called “Share Our Seas” featuring a series of televised public service announcements aimed at raising awareness of diver safety and marine conservation among residents and visitors. The on-camera star of the PSAs is dive industry legend Dan Orr who until recently was the driving force behind the Divers Alert Network (DAN) for decades, until forming Dan Orr Consulting. Videotaped on location at Sunset House in early September, the recognized industry ambassador for diver safety will be reminding locals and visitors to the Cayman Islands about basic safety in the ocean. 

“The PSA’s are important because you have to continually remind divers about safety,” said Orr. “It’s importance to have a regular physical, especially after 35, or any time there is a health related change in your life.” 

In addition to staying physically fit for diving, Orr will be reminding divers to observe other safety measures such as having proper scuba certifications, refreshing their dive skills, getting a proper medical clearance, ensuring their dive gear is in proper condition and doing complete buddy checks.

“There’s no one even close that walks the walk that Dan does on diver safety,” said Sunset House General Manager Keith Sahm who has been Orr’s dive buddy and knows first-hand how safety conscious he is.  “Dan looked at me eye to eye, and we did a complete check list – he’s a true, true buddy.”

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