Louie Sabatasso Blog: 11.15.2013

Louie Sabatasso Blog:


Today and this week have been about:

Looking for superstars who are very good at what they do, able to stay in that lane, and do that. This company is in its embryonic stage right now. We’re still gestating. We’re just forming in the womb. We don’t even know what sex we are. We don’t know what sex this baby is yet. We don’t know what this company even is right now. We’ve got Western Religion in the can and these other projects in the works, but we have no idea where this company is going to go and ultimately what identity it’s going to take. That’s exciting because we kind of find out as we go and there’s no really forcing that.

The people that we’ve had meetings with so far are the best people we have cherry-picked from Western Religion. The best people off that film definitely seem to be willing to come in and do stuff with us. It’s amazing. That’ll be the process. You do a project, you bond with certain people, and those people become part of what you’re doing. We are just trying to create an atmosphere where we can all do stuff.

The first week officially in the new office on Sunset and Gower has been productive, but you have to understand that this company has been in development for the past eight months. I wanted to start this company, but it’s about forming partnerships. Alethea is my creative partner and is invaluable.

I feel I grow everyday from this process. I get very frustrated and I can be less than graceful in dealing with people in the office especially when I have expectations, those expectations aren’t met, and then letting them know when I’m mildly displeased. We’re trying to build and do something cool. Everything that we’ve imagined we would do, we’ve done. Starting with the western, Sunset/Gower, and all these little things, we just keep doing it and go forward.

I’m always learning. There’s so much that I don’t know. I’ve been in and out of this business for a long time, but there’s so much about this business that I don’t know. I’ve been out more than I’ve been in and I’m constantly learning. I don’t know a lot of things, but I do have great instincts and a basic ability to make decisions and lead. I’ve always had these skills. I try to bring something new to the table every day.

It’s all exciting and what I really need are people who are on board regardless of what position they are in. People have to be pliable and willing if I say, “You were doing this, but now I need you doing this.” I need people who just say, “Ok, let’s do that. Ok, that is my new position. Ok, that’s what’s going on.” That is how this thing is going to be built because there are so many moving parts in this thing.