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Title: Sunset

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,190

Warnings: Fluff and a little swearing

A/N: This was based off a dream I had last night. I left an irrelevant part out, but I don’t think you’ll mind (; Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!! I love you all so much!!

I recommend listening to this song as you read it <3 Witchcraft by Bohnes

(I totally had that on repeat as I wrote this)

You weren’t sure why Dean agreed to come back to your hometown with you.  He hardly spoke a single word, but you couldn’t be upset with him.  You hadn’t said a word either.  You could tell Dean wasn’t a fan of your family, or their friends for that matter.  You couldn’t blame him.  They were all terrible and hurtful towards you.

You were sitting at the picnic table with Dean, one of your brothers, and a few of his friends.  Dean was humming Metallica as he sat next to you.  It was no secret that you and Dean were dating.  It only made being around your family more difficult.  They always had questions for Dean that you knew he wasn’t going to be truthful about.

At this point, your brother’s friends were annoyed with your presence.   They started to make crude remarks about your appearance.  It’s why Dean started to hum music in the first place.  Your brother did nothing to stop the onslaught of insults.  Eventually Dean got up from his seat at the picnic table and left to sit under a tree several yards away from you.

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