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Sunset Atlantic

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Formally known as The Doppler Effect, these guys are still around and currently working on another album! For a little while I thought they broke up or died. I picked up their last EP ’Just Dance’ waaaaay back in the day. They came through Utah as part of their tour. I don’t even remember who they came with ha. The Doppler Effect stopped by a little venue in Provo called, Velour. I want to say sometime in 2008 or 2009. Anyway, I fell in love with their first EP that featured Will Pugh (singer for Cartel) in one of the tracks.  I also liked that they produced and recorded with Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount (who worked with Mayday Parade, Cartel, We Are The In Crowd, etc).  When I first heard these guys, I thought to myself “Damn, that’s a big group of people on stage right there!” But they were very impressive with their energy and stage show. Singers Hussain and John together bring a great dynamic similar to Mayday Parade to catchy tunes and energetic melodies. 

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I still remember the first song I heard from these guys “Mixes and Matches”. I loved their style. It was a little more ‘heavy’ back in those days with some fun break-downs/interludes. I wouldn’t say they now changed their style, but it’s definitely super catchy and fun - whatever they decided to do. Here’s a live clip of “Mixes and Matches” —-Skip to 1:10 so bad ass.

Shortly after they changed their name to Sunset Atlantic, a couple demo songs were posted on their Purevolume/Myspace pages. I was excited to hear that they were working on new material! Excited to hear what these guys release soon.

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I saw a tweet late lastnight from (@SunsetAtlantic) about a little interview and acoustic performance on // Check it out on

Here’s an acoustic performance of their new demo “A Little More” I love this song - Also “Focus and Frames”

Check them out!!




Twitter: @SunsetAtlantic

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Showing love from the West - Come back guys