There’s such a difference between being called ‘hot’ and being called 'beautiful’. A difference between forehead kisses and kisses on the cheek. Between a call and a text. Cuddles in the morning and cuddles at night. Making breakfast for him and him making breakfast for you. Compliments about your smile and compliments about your eyes. There’s such a difference between a sunrise walk together and a sunset walk together. But I’ll walk every sunrise and every sunset with you.
—  DIFFERENCE by @thinkingtown

We arrived in Berkeley after dark and woke up to the most beautiful landscape outside. Nirit invited us to stay in their amazing guesthouse where we felt so at home. It was foggy when we got up and we started the day by walking with Nadav to school. Breakfast followed with Nirit and Amir, we had amazing coffee and avocado toast at their usual neighborhood coffee shop. Cricket and I spent the afternoon wandering around the botanical gardens, in and out of the greenhouses, dodging the sun and hiding in the shade of the redwood grove. We ended up back at the house watching the sunset over the bay from Nirit and Amir’s livingroom. The dreamy day was finished off with the most delicious ramen. Both Cricket and I are not looking forward to leaving, wishing that we could stay for at least a few more days. → Peter Schweitzer

Sunset Walk • Ollie & Kale • Sept. 20, 7pm

This camping trip had gone better then Kale could have ever imagined. He had spent most of his time on the north side of the island exploring the hidden trails, either with others or on his own – besides with the accompaniment of a guid of course – and he loved it. The only thing missing from his trip would be time spent with two men; one he was going to see in the morning and the other was waiting for him by the campfire. Kale didn’t understand what exactly drew him to Ollie, but he did know that he liked spending time with the man and he hoped that they could start to make it more of a frequent occurrence. Making his way out of his tent, it didn’t take long for Kale to spot the Dominant sitting by the fire. “Hi, Sir,” he greeted as he took a seat on a vacant log next to the man, “Are you, ready to go?”